Mother’s Day Giveaway

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Hi Friends,  Do you have plans to celebrate and honor the special women in your life this weekend? I’ll be enjoying Mother’s Day morning with my Calvary Chapel Living Hope family, and then in the afternoon I’ll get together with family and a few friends for a picnic lunch, hopefully outside on the patio. It’s a beautiful time of the year in New Jersey, and I often plant annual flowers in my yard on Mothers Day weekend. Geraniums, marigolds, and snapdragons are some of my favorites.

May is the month to celebrate moms and show our love and appreciation for all they have done for us. Read on for a special Mother’s Day Giveaway!

My mom, Dorothy Swain, was a wonderful artist, quilter, seamstress, and writer. She enjoyed decorating our home and making it a special place. From the time I was a young child, she put a paintbrush in my hands and encouraged my creativity. I’m very grateful for that. Mom used to sew most of my clothes. I remember seeing her bending over the sewing machine when I went to bed and then waking up to find a new dress finished and ready to wear. Mom passed away before my books were published, but I know she’d be happy to have another writer in the family. That’s Mom and me at my cousins wedding when I was 21.

My Mother-in-law, Shirley Turansky, is a treasure. She continues what my mom started, encouraging me to use my gifts and talents. She is a huge supporter of my writing and often tells her friends about my books. I am very blessed to have these wonderful women in my life. She’s in the center between me and Melissa.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m giving away an audio-book copy of Shine Like the Dawn, which is a finalist for the HOLT Medallion. To enter the giveaway choose one word from the illustration below that describes your mom and tell me why you appreciate her in the comments below. This giveaway is for US residents only and ends Monday May 14th, 9:00 pm Eastern time. 
 Blessings and Happy Mother’s Day!



  1. bn100

    talented because of her baking

  2. Claudia Thompson

    My mom was Supportive of whatever I wanted to try.

  3. Dalyn

    Talented. My mom can sew, create artwork in so many mediums and she is a great cook.

  4. Danielle Hammelef

    Compassionate–she can’t turn away the chance to help human or animal.

  5. Karen Surprenant

    Out of the words you wrote above I would have to pick generous. Although the word I would use is ‘teacher’. Not only was she generous with her heart and soul, she was my teacher in all things in life. As with your mother, she encouraged me in all I did. She taught me art, music, sewing and the ability to be strong no matter what came my way. I miss her dearly.

  6. Judi Imperato

    My Mother was supportive in every thing I wanted to do.

  7. Julie B

    My mom is a devoted wife and mother. She was/is a wonderful Christian example to me and my siblings. She continues to be an loving example to her grandchildren. She prays daily for them.

  8. Nancy Griggs

    My mom was very loving. Everyone enjoyed being with her.

  9. Carla Moore

    My mama did the best she could with what life dealt her. A widow at 20 with 3 babies under 4. She has 4 children and 8 grands and 12 greatgrands. She’s an amazing Mams

  10. Destiny Alex

    I would choose the word “kind” to describe my mom. I have never known anyone with as good a heart as my mom’s. It is easy to appreciate a lady who always spreads kindness. I aspire to be as wonderful as she is.

  11. Paula Shreckhise

    There are a lot of words that would describe my Mother. Smart, determined, generous, loyal, teacher, loving, firm, talented. She published a book at 99. She passed away at 101 earlier this year.

  12. Jennifer K

    Helpful. My Mom is always willing to help out

  13. Michelle VP

    Selfless- because of all the hours she spent on things for her children instead of for herself.

    • Nancy Brown

      Very rare in people nowadays. What a lovely example.

  14. Jessica

    Witty. I appreciate her because she is very courageous and would do anything for us (my siblings and I) as well as for our grandchildren.

  15. Liilii Bishop

    I don’t think that I could choose only one of those words because my mom is the perfect example for each of them. She is devoted to her family, she has the most generous heart, and she is one of the silliest people I know. I appreciate everything about my mom.

  16. Winnie Thomas

    I would choose compassionate. My mother was always sending one of us to the homes of widows, widowers, neighbors in need, etc. with food. Even in her 80s she had us take dinner in often to “her old people.” She once sewed new dresses for some neighbor girls to wear to the funeral of their brother who had died.

  17. Joan Kurth

    Strong—my mother was strong physically; I always said she was my dad’s best hired man on the farm. She could do almost everything he could. She was also a strong Christian, never failing in her love for God.

  18. Lucy Reynolds

    Amazing. My mom was put in an orphanage at age five and wasn’t shown love till she married my dad. She lavishly us with love and showed us how to love Jesus, others, and ourselves.

  19. Holly

    My mom is incredible be cause she has overcome so much. She had a rough childhood and teen years. Married my dad young. They learned what marriage was together and by examples of other people. My dad had her going to church. She got saved and baptized. She had me five years later and four years later my brother. She had migraine headaches all her life. Still does. My brother and I got them too. They stop her in her tracks and make her miss things. In 2002 she lost my brother in a car accident. It nearly broke her but she over came it. She has been though a lot in her life. She has helped me though a lot too. When my brother passed I was to be married in August and he passed in June. We still got married with help of family and my mom. She has helped me though the adoption of my kids. Many surgeries. She is a great friend also. So many words could describe my mom. She has watched my kids helped me overcome my cousins death. She is a rock when times are hard. I appreciate her greatly for all she has overcome and where she is going. Love you Mom

  20. Tina Rice

    Happy Mother’s Day Carrie!

    I could pick more than one word from the list to describe my mom, but I will pick supportive. She has always been supportive of me in whatever I wanted to do throughout my life and still is. I can always count on my Mom.

    Blessings, Tina

  21. Nancy Brown

    Talented, she could sew and bake, and taught an oil painting class. My mom died November 15th, 2006.
    I miss talking to her.

  22. Lily

    AMAZING—She’s like no one else. She’s the kind of mother everyone should have. She loves God with all her heart and she loves her family. As my mother she makes sure to show me how much she cares for me; she smiles at me and she really listens to me. She’s always there and whenever I feel like I need to just talk to someone, she drops what she’s doing to be with me. And even more than all of this, she tells me about that special love that God has for me. She shows what it is to be a mother, and that is the kind of mother I want to grow to be. <3

    Happy belated Mothers Day and thank you for giving me a chance to share!

  23. Perrianne Askew

    I would use the word generous for my Mom. She helped a lot with the boys when they were little and likes to give you things.

  24. Sam (Doreen)

    I miss my mom. She was many of the words on that poster but the one that stands out to me was considerate. Everywhere she went, she would engage total strangers in conversations asking them about their lives and showing great interest in their stories. When I was a teenager, that embarrassed me to no end but as I got older I realized how much people appreciated being noticed. Even in the most humble circumstances like someone cleaning a bathroom, she would take time to say a kind word. As a result, she has friends all over the world no doubt miss her as well.

  25. Melanie Backus

    Amazing. My mother suffers from dementia and can’t walk now but she still has a smile on her face and never complains. She is truly amazing.

  26. Suzanne Sellner

    My mother was most of those words, but I’ll pick “supportive” since I always felt that she loved me even when I sometimes doubted that others did. She thought ahead and made sure I had nourishing meals, clean clothes, and everything else I needed. She provided spiritual and emotional support in addition to my physical needs. She was a dear!

  27. Polly

    Home because my Mom loved to be at home. She was definitely a home body! I’m that way too.

  28. Suzannah Clark

    When my mother was well, she was an extremely witty person. She is now suffering from dementia. But I remember lots of enjoyable funny times with her.

  29. Connie Scruggs

    Supportive. When I got pregnant at 17, she was there for me and helped me as a new mom. I lived with her through the pregnancy and until my son was six months old. She was with me for the delivery and was a wonderful birth coach. She was also the one with me in the delivery room when my daughter was born. I was living with her again for the last two months of my pregnancy and until my daughter was three months old. She helped me take care of a toddler and newborn. (The father of my children was a marine and it didn’t work out for him to be with me for either birth).
    My mom was very involved in my children’s lives as they grew up, and now she is a doting great grandmother

  30. Amber Kuehn

    Talented-growing up I can rememer my mom always eing involved ith some kind of crafts. she quilted, she learned to make woven baskets she learned cake decorating and for awhle made extra money baking cakes-for weddings, bbaptisms, birthdays, graduations, confirmations,,, teachers atsschool always asked her to help with field trips and other activities at school. She wasn’t even phased when my brothers teacher was asking all the kids whqat animals they had (we went to Lutheran School in a rural farming community) and my brother raised his hand moret than anyone else, sothe whole first grade came to our farm for a field trip tosee all the animals we had. If it was sewing acostume for a class play or helping come up with ideas for school projects, she always came up with great ideas and heled us pulll them off.

  31. MJSH

    Talented. My mom was a fantastic teacher back in our home country and taught herself to be a fantastic seamstress when we came to this country. Her ingenuity, persistence, and talent are unsurpassed.

  32. Jackie Wisherd

    Loving would be the word I picked to describe my mom. A lot of the other words in the illustration describe her as well.

  33. Bev Knudsen

    Helpful…my Mom has helped over 1000 brides celebrate their big day. She would set up pictures for a photographer…and later she helped brides plan their wedding. Before she had to quit she was helping plan the wedding of daughters of some of her brides. Today she is not able to walk anymore. She needs help doing basic things and we just signed up with Hospice for her.

  34. Arletta

    Dedicated is the word I will choose. My mother was dedicated to her Lord, her husband and to her family of 7 children. It was not always easy for her to clothe and feed us but she persevered. Mom died in 2015 so all I have now is memories and pictures.

  35. Sharon Musil Foust

    Strong. That describes my mother. Strong in her faith. Strong in her values. Strong in her opinions. Strong in her support and love. She was one of a kind, and everyone she knew treasured their friendship with her. I miss her.

  36. Debora Wilder

    Creative – She sewed most of my clothes growing up. She also made hats for her, my sisters, and I to wear when I was young. I learned to both sew and knit from her. One of my fondest memories was watching her sew something for me and then making an outfit for my Barbie dolls from the scraps left over. I had some of the best dressed dolls around. She also made clothes and blankets for my baby dolls.

  37. Brenda Murphree

    I would say my Mother is very TALENTED. She is also a lot of the other words but I will explain the talented. My Mom also made our clothes when I was growing up. She even made my wedding dress. I picked out the pattern and she made it.
    We moved quite often when I was really young but I remember my Mom would paint the rooms and put new rugs down in the rooms. Now these rugs back in the day were like linoleum we have today only they were thinner. But she had to “spruce up” each house we lived in because she wanted everything clean. My Dad worked but my Mom did too inside of our home. After she got older and they lived in the same house for 40 yrs she still did the painting and hung wall paper and changed curtains so things would look new. She is now 82 and has finally quit “redoing” so much. I love my Mom!
    Happy Mother’s Day to you and your Mother in law. Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. Erika

    Supportive. She helps in so many ways

  39. Jennifer Hibdon

    My Mom was dedicated to our family and supportive of all our endeavors…even when she wished we had chosen better options. This is our first Mother’s Day without her. Thanx for letting me honor her.

  40. Vivian Furbay

    I miss my Mom. She’s been gone for 12 years. She was helpful to me quite often, especially when i was a single Mom.

  41. Jennifer Tipton

    Amazing! My mom does so much for my siblings and me, especially for her grandkids. She always seems to know what to do, she can sew and make one feel better in a heartbeat. She lead me to Christ and showed me how I should live. I love my mom!
    Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!
    jennydtipton at gmail dot com

  42. Sally Schouten

    Selfless…. my mom always pout her families’ needs above her own.

  43. Cherie Gravette

    My Mom is best described as self less. She has always put my Dad, her daughters and her faith above everything.

  44. Deanna Sallee

    Selfless – she is always giving of her time and self to anyone who needs anything. Family, friends, strangers, people at church, she is always willing to help.

  45. Sabrina Templin

    Kind. That’s one thing my mom taught me. ….to be kind to everyone and everything.

  46. Faith Creech

    My mom was so many things but one of the many was she was selfless. She always though of her family and others before herself. I love her so much. She has Alzheimer’s now but she still knows me PTL.

  47. tammy codery

    generous would be my mom.

  48. Melissa Andres

    My mom is my Encorager. She’s always telling me what an amazing job I’m doing.

  49. Natalya Lakhno

    Supportive-my mom is always there for me, no matter what she is ready to help. She supported me through every child birth and after, through cancer diagnosis and shared all the good moments with us! Love you mom!

  50. Paty Hinojosa

    Friend! My mom is always there when I need her: good times, but especially bad times. I can also confide anything to her!

  51. Andrea Cox

    My mom is amazing. (She’s really all of the above, but you know, you said to pick only one.)

    I appreciate my mom for always loving me, always being there when I need her, and sharing laughs and road trips.


  52. Carol Alscheff

    Kind. My mother always tried to be kind to our family and others.


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