Visiting Highclere Castle Gardens

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Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle, the home of the Count and Countess of Carnarvon.

Hi Friends,

One of the highlights of our visit to England was touring Highclere Castle and gardens where Downton Abbey is filmed. What a beautiful spot! There are several sections to the gardens…so come along with me on a tour.

Just a short walk from the house we passed under the arched entrance where birck walls surround that first section of the garden. Climbing roses gave off a lovely fragrance, as did the lavender under the arches.

Walled garden at Highclere Castle

Climbing roses on the walled garden at Highclere Castle.


Arched wall surrounding Highclere Castle Garden.

Several scenes in The Governess of Highland Hall take place in a garden and greenhouse like the one at Highclere, so I could almost imagine Sarah Ramsey and Clark Dalton stepping through the greenhouse doorway or Andrew or Millie Ramsey running down the garden path.

The Highclere Greenhouse

> Roses growing in the Highclere Castle greenhouse.

The next area we visited was the lovely all white border garden. I especially enjoyed seeing the large white hydrangeas.

All white garden

The all white border garden at Highclere Castle.

White hydrangea bushes.

Then we saw the sign for the secret garden and followed the pathway into another delightful garden with curving borders of unique flowers.  Lovely!

The Secret Garden

Entrance to the Secret Garden

Entrance to Highclere’s Secret Garden.

highclere castle garden

The Secret Garden at Highclere.

Roses in Highclere garden

Roses in Highclere Gardens.

Butterfly Bush

Carrie and Scott at Highclere Castle where Downton Abbey is filmed

 It was a very special day for us, and one we will long remember. Do you enjoy touring gardens? Would you like to visit Highclere? Even if you can’t fly off to England, you can experience life in Edwardian England by reading The Governess of Highland Hall…and next October, The Daughter of Highland Hall!

Until next time…Happy Reading!






  1. Mary Hicks

    Carrie, thank you for sharing your wonderful photos, I’ll never get there in person so I especially enjoyed the photo tour. 🙂

    • Carrie Turansky

      Hi Mary, so glad you enjoyed the garden tour with us!

      • Jillaine Rabine

        Thank you for posting the fantastic photos of Highclere Castle and its grounds. They are stunning!

        I was there in September of last year but did not tour the grounds. This brought the outside areas alive to me.

  2. Elyse Casimir

    What a lovely tour of Highclere. I especially enjoyed the secret garden. Thanks for including me on this tour by sharing your pictures!

    • Carrie Turansky

      Hi Elyse, the Secret Garden was really beautiful. There were a lot of butterflies and bees enjoying all the flowers with us. I was glad to see a few scenes shot there in this last season of Downton Abbey. i think Edith and her grandmother have a conversation there. Enjoy your day!

  3. Joanne Bischof

    What beautiful pictures, Carrie! And what a lovely time for you both!

    • Carrie Turansky

      Hi Joanne, it was a wonderful trip for us! My husband was such a trooper. He drove over 400 miles on the wrong side of the rode from the wrong side of the car and did great. I’m glad we were able to share that experience together.

  4. Karla Akins

    What a dreamy experience that must have been. Imagine living amongst so much beauty! It’s the stuff of fairy tales to be sure. Thanks for the lovely pictures!

    • Carrie Turansky

      Hi Karla, I’m glad you enjoyed the tour. It was lovely and an experience we will never forget! Thanks for stopping by!


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