No Journey Too Far Launch Team Application


I’m excited to gather a team of reading friends who would like to help me spread the word about my next release, No Journey Too Far.  Release Day is June 8, and the promotion period will be from May 8 – July 8. Before you apply to join the team, please consider your schedule and decide if you have time to read the book, post a review online by the release date, and also commit to do at least two other things to help promote No Journey Too Far.

Please note that even though I would love to be able to accept all who apply, I have limited space available. Each application will be reviewed and considered carefully as we compile our team.

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement. I’m looking forward to connecting with you through Carrie’s Reading Friends Facebook Group and letting everyone know about No Journey too Far.



***No Journey Too Far is the sequel to No Ocean Too Wide, so you’ll want to read that one first if you haven’t yet.

About the Book: 

A family long divided, a mysterious trunk, and a desperate journey across the ocean—all in the name of love. The epic saga of the McAlisters continues in this riveting sequel to No Ocean Too Wide.
In 1909, Grace McAlister set sail for Canada as one of the thousands of British Home Children taken from their families and their homeland. Though she is fortunate enough to be adopted by wealthy parents, the secrets of her past are kept hidden for ten years until someone from her long-buried childhood arrives on her doorstep. With this new connection to her birth family, will she be brave enough to leave her sheltered life in Toronto and uncover the truth?

After enduring hardship as an indentured British Home Child, Garth McAlister left Canada to serve in World War I. His sweetheart, Emma Lafferty, promised to wait for his return, but after three long years apart, her letters suddenly stopped. When Garth arrives home from the war to unexpected news, he is determined to return to Canada once more on a daunting mission to find the two women he refuses to abandon—his long-lost sister and his mysteriously missing sweetheart.

Promotion ideas include:

  • Posting the cover or special image along with your thoughts about the book on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Asking your library to buy a copy.
  • Buying copies as gifts for friends and family.
  • Posting a review on your blog.
  • Inviting me to Zoom with your book club.
  • Posting your review on Amazon, GoodReads, BookBub, CBD, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers.
  • Sharing the Launch Giveaway info on social media.
  • Attend the online launch event and share it with friends.
  • Forward my author newsletter to a friend.
  • Any other fun and creative idea you come up with to promote the book.

I have a limited number of spots on the launch team. Advanced reader copies of the book will be made available through NetGalley. This will be a downloadable file. No paperback ARCs will be printed this time.

If you’d like to join the launch please answer the questions below in a message to me via my website connect form.  You must include all this information to be considered. 

You Name

You email address

Your mailing address

Have you read No Ocean Too Wide? If not, do you plan to read it before you read No Journey Too Far?

What do you plan to do to help promote the book?

I will post the influencer team list in Carrie’s Reading Friends as soon as all the slots are filled. Please visit Carrie’s Reading Friends Facebook Group and request to join if you are not a member yet.

Thanks very much!


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