No Journey Too Far


A family long divided, a mysterious trunk, and a desperate journey across the ocean—all in the name of love. The epic saga of the McAlisters continues in this riveting sequel to No Ocean Too Wide.

In 1909, Grace McAlister set sail for Canada as one of the thousands of British Home Children taken from their families and their homeland. Though she is fortunate enough to be adopted by wealthy parents, the secrets of her past are kept hidden for ten years until someone from her long-buried childhood arrives on her doorstep. With this new connection to her birth family, will she be brave enough to leave her sheltered life in Toronto and uncover the truth?

After enduring hardship as an indentured British Home Child, Garth McAlister left Canada to serve in World War I. His sweetheart, Emma Lafferty, promised to wait for his return, but after three long years apart, her letters suddenly stopped. When Garth arrives home from the war to unexpected news, he is determined to return to Canada once more on a daunting mission to find the two women he refuses to abandon—his long-lost sister and his mysteriously missing sweetheart.

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Author: Carrie Turansky
Series: A McAllister Family Novel, Book 2
Genre: Historical Romance
Tags: British Home Children, Christian Fiction, English historical novel, WW1
Publisher: WaterBook Multnomah – Penguin Random House
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9780525652953

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A sweet and gentle tale at heart, No Journey Too Far features endearing characters who live out their faith in difficult circumstances. The story also casts light on the prejudices faced by the British Home Children in Canada, even as they entered adulthood. Carrie Turansky’s writing pulls the heartstrings in all the right ways!"

– Sarah Sundin

bestselling and Carol Award-winning author of When Twilight Breaks

A delightful story that explores the fascinating history of the British Home Children, No Journey Too Far is a touching tale filled with excitement, drama, mystery, romance, and faith. Through the McAlister family, Carrie Turansky weaves the hopeful message that God does not let us go, that His grace and acceptance defy all stigmas and prejudices, and that He always keeps His promises. A beautiful novel that historical fans are sure to appreciate."

– Heidi Chiavaroli

Carol award-winning author of Freedom’s Ring and The Orchard House

No Journey Too Far is a formidable story that is genuinely touching. A story told of a desperate fight to reunite a family and the extreme difficulties encountered along the way. This book touches upon the shame, abuse and stigmatization felt by many home children mixed with the love of a family bond on both sides of the ocean. Carrie brings the continuing story of the McAllister family to life in a compelling way that descendants will appreciate and all readers are sure to be moved. Heartfelt, real and poignant.

– Lori Oschefski

CEO of the British Home Children Advocacy and Research Association

Cruelly separated and spread across Canada as British Home Children, the McAllister Family have never given up their determination to be reunited. Following WWI, Carrie Turansky continues their heart-wrenching search through a riveting plot and well drawn characters we've come to dearly love. No Journey Too Far reminds me of the extent our Lord goes to seek us out, win our hearts, and draw us safely Home. A beautiful and satisfying conclusion by a wonderful author.

– Cathy Gohlke

Christy Award-winning author of Night Bird Calling and The Medallion

No distance is too great for love, a truth beautifully laced into No Journey Too Far. Bringing to life the little known story of the British children sent to Canada, Turansky creates a tale of love, loss, and reunion for the continuing saga of the McAlister family as they search for one another after years of separation. Heart warming and full of grace, readers will not want to miss this gem.

– J'nell Ciesielski

the author of Beauty Among the Ruins and The Socialite

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