Happy Mother’s Day 2021

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Hi Friends, May is the month to celebrate moms and show our love and appreciation for all they have done for us. Read on for a special Mother’s Day Giveaway!

My mom Dorothy Swain was a wonderful artist, quilter, seamstress, and writer. She enjoyed decorating our home and making it a special place. She loved to collect family stories and illustrate them. From the time I was a young child, she put a paintbrush in my hands and encouraged my creativity.  Mom used to sew most of my clothes. I remember seeing her bending over the sewing machine when I went to bed, and then waking up to find a new dress finished and ready to wear. Mom passed away several years ago, before my books were published, but I know she’d be happy to have another writer in the family. Photos below: My Mom, Dorothy Swain, and one of the beautiful quilts she made.


My Mother-in-law, Shirley Turansky, is a treasure. She is pictured below with me and my daughter Melissa. Shirley continues what my mom started, encouraging me to use my gifts and talents and love my family well. She is a huge supporter of my writing, and she often tells her friends about my books. Her faith in the Lord is strong, and I admire the way she continues to love and serve others every day. I am very blessed to have these wonderful women in my life as my examples. 

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m giving away a tin of Harney & Sons Mother’s Day Tea – A caffeine-free floral tea and a hard back copy of Vintage Tea Party.

To enter the giveaway leave a comment on this blog post and tell us one character quality you appreciate about your mom.  I hope you’ll share it with her too, if you’re blessed to still have her with you. This giveaway is for US residents only and ends Monday May 10th, 9:00 pm Eastern time. I will contact the winner by email. 


Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Reading!



  1. Suzanne Sellner

    My mother was my best cheerleader–always loving and supportive. There were times during my growing-up years that I wasn’t sure anyone else loved me, but I NEVER doubted my mother’s love for me. Other than Jesus, she was my anchor!

  2. Debra J Pruss

    I am blessed to have a mother who has always encouraged me. She always told me I could do anything.

  3. Jana Van

    My mom was so excited about anything I was excited about! She constantly exuded JOY!! I miss her and look forward to seeing her in Heaven!

  4. Jana Van

    Thank you, Carrie, for the chance to talk about my mom. It helps when we miss them so very much!!!

  5. Lisa Brown

    My Mom is my greatest friend! She grew up in the war as a child and has suffered physical pain for many years. We had several hardships in our family and her heart has been broken way too much. But my amazing Mom taught me to meet each new day with hope and thankfulness. She didn’t let the hardships in her life keep her from loving her family faithfully!

  6. Paula Shreckhise

    I lost my mother in 2018. She was 101 years old and had published her memoirs at aged 99. She was a missionary kid born in China. She saw a lot of things and changes. She was a writer, editor, scout leader, nurses aid, teacher of EMH and an Antique Dealer and collector. She taught me a love for books and respect for history and antiques. She never got her driver’s license but Daddy took her to lots of estate sales and auctions. She took us on the bus to lots of places like the library and thrift shops. She could stretch a dollar. I don’t remember wanting for much. I miss her.

  7. Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds

    My mom has always been so loving and kind not just to us kids but to everyone she meets. Her devotion to the Lord was always an example to follow. I am blessed to still have her at age 91 and have been her full time caregiver since August. Sadly she is in the latter stages of passing to her heavenly home.

  8. Marion

    My mom would always sit with me and play games at night when I would have an Asthma attack while the rest of the family slept.

  9. Erika Luther

    My mom has always taken care of me. Now I am very busy taking care of both of my parents. Taking them for chemo and to doctor appointments.

  10. Tina Rice

    My mom and I share a love for helping others, especially those who are ill. She was a CNA and worked at our local hospital for many years. I worked at the same hospital as a CNA while attending nursing school. When I graduated and received my RN license my mom was almost excited as I was. She is now 89 years old and has medical problems, including dementia, and requires 24/7 care which my sister and I are doing in 2-day/2-night shifts.

    Blessings, Tina

  11. bn100


  12. Marilyn

    My Mom always made time to take my twin sister and I to our First Holy Communion and Confirmation classes.

  13. Joan

    My mom gave me the incentive to love reading. While my father worked nights my mom and I would sit in bed together and read every night.

  14. Pam K

    My mom had a very positive personality and a deep faith in God. When we’d complain about a problem with something, her usual reply was “it will all work out.” Now my kids and I remind each other of that, saying, “you know what Grandma would say about it. It will all work out.” She was also instrumental in my love of reading since she loved to read too. We always had books available at home.

  15. Keren

    My MOM. Were to start. My strength, my best friend, my Rock. We laugh together, we talk and listen to each other. We have this communication that with just a look from her I know everything will be ok. She has shown me how to be a multitasker, and her Faith and Trust in God is beyond words. Sometimes it seems we can read each other thoughts without saying anything to each other. I love her always and forever.

  16. Sharron

    Loyalty. My mom is extremely loyal to her family and friends.

  17. Terri L Gillespie

    What a sweet story about your mom, Carrie. The quilt is beautiful.

  18. Connie Hendryx

    My Mom was a rock in our family–my Dad was a busy doctor, so Mom really held the fort down. She started quilting later in life and my twin sister and I have continued that tradition!

  19. Diana Wyman

    My mom Donna has been in heaven now now for 14years. Hard to believe. She was a old school mom staying home to take if the family. Always gad a birthday party with all the neighborhood kids. It was a good life. Miss you Mom and Gappy Heavenly Mother’s Say

  20. Brenda

    My mom had a great sense of humor! I miss her.

  21. Bethany

    My mom has also been my biggest supporter and encourager. She is also a faithful prayer warrior for me and for my family.

  22. Kati Mills

    I have always admired my mother’s strength. She has lived through some harrowing post-WW II times, losing her own mom and every sibling too soon. And though all the challenges and heartaches, she is the most loving and caring person I know. ❤️


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