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It’s been exciting to see my two latest books translated into Dutch and made available to readers in The Netherlands.

This week a blogger who reviews books and helps promote new titles in The Netherlands contacted me and asked me to write a post about the story behind The Daughter of Highland Hall, which comes out in The Netherlands on August 25th.

I thought my friends here in the US and Canada might like to know more about that story as well.

When I did research for The Governess of Highland Hall, I was surprised to learn that wealthy young women went to London with their family for a few months in the spring and summer to hopefully meet their future husband. It was called the Season, and also jokingly called “The Marriage Market.” I decided that would be an interesting focus and setting for The Daughter of Highland Hall, Book Two in the Edwardian Brides Series. So I set off to learn more about the Season, debutantes, and presentation at court, so I could write Kate’s story.

But I didn’t want to make it an easy journey for her or her family. In The Governess of Highland Hall Kate proved to be quite a challenge for her governess and guardian. In the Daughter of Highland Hall I had to find ways for her to mature and change so she would become a heroine readers would love. The greatest influence on Kate was Jon Foster, who is the hero of the story.

But I also wanted to find other people and situations that would inspire Kate and help her along on her faith journey. I researched prominent Christians in London in the Edwardian era, and I read about the Salvation Army’s work among the poor. After looking into their history and the lives of their leaders, I found the inspiration Kate would need to change.

Helping those who are poor or disadvantaged, especially children, is an important cause that is close to my heart. We have been foster and adoptive parents, and our family also spent a year in Kenya, Africa, as missionaries. My daughter and her husband currently work for an international foundation with relief and community building projects in Africa. They have hearts much like Jon and Kate’s, and The Daughter of Highland Hall is dedicated to them.

I’ve spent some time in The Netherlands on our travels through Europe and found it to be a lovely country. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have my books available there!

Have you every traveled to The Netherlands?


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