Ahhh . . . it’s Almost Summer

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Hi Friends,

The weather has turned warm and lovely here in New Jersey, and I’ve enjoyed spending a good amount of time in my flower gardens. Digging in the dirt and seeing my flowers bloom always lifts my spirit and brings me joy!

Backyard flowerpots

Our backyardAre you making plans to enjoy your summer? If your traveling far, enjoying a “staycation”, or just a lazy Saturday on the patio, I hope you’ll be refreshed and blessed by this new season.

I’ve been working on the final revisions for A Refuge at Highland Hall. Copy edits are coming back soon. I’ll be reading through the story again to make those last changes. I’m excited to share that final book in the Edwardian Brides Series with you in October!

Until then . . . I’ve been working on a proposal for a new series and just sent that off to my agent and editor this week. The working title of the first book in Shine Like the Dawn. The story is set in England in the early 1900s and follows the Harcourt Family of Morningside Manor in Northumberland, England. I can’t wait to get started! For a sneak peek at the heroine and Morningside Manor just click on the title above.

Summer is a great time to catch up on reading! June 11 – 15 you can download the ebook version of Where Two Hearts Meet for just .99 Cents!

Two Sisters . . . Two Heartwarming Novellas. There’s no better place for forgiveness, romance, and second chances than the Sweet Something Teashop!

Kindle books make a great gift and can be shared with friends. You can read them on an iPad, smart phone, or your computer with the free Kindle Ap. Already read Where Two Hearts Meet? No worries, just visit my book page to find a new book to enjoy!

Happy Reading this Summer!


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  1. Linda Finn

    I have missed so much. I new and third book in the series… Iget my internet back this week, new one. have had no internet since mid april and just finally getting it now that were in a new place here in TN and its almost the end of June …. Missed you alot
    Linda Finn


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