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Hi Friends, Only about one month until the February 20th release of Across the Blue! I’m very excited to share this new story with you, and I thought you might enjoy seeing what was involved in creating the beautiful cover.

In December 2016 I filled out an author questionnaire and sent cover ideas to the team at WaterBrook. At that time I’d only written about 1/3 of the book! I created a Pinterest board for my book and saved images of the setting, characters, and clothing. These images helped me picture the story as I was writing, and they were a great resource for the cover design team. 

In April  2017 Kristopher Orr, the designer at WaterBrook who has created all my lovely covers, started corresponding with me via email. We wanted the cover to truly reflect the time period and the story, and that takes time and research as well as great design skills. They planned to rent a costume for the photo shoot, so they showed me these three outfits and asked me which one I thought would look the best. I chose the ivory suit in the middle. The story takes place in the spring and summer, so the light color and Edwardian style looked like something Bella Grayson would wear.

We needed a different hat than the one pictured, so we contacted our friend Darna as East Angel Harbor Hats. She has designed special hats for my last three book cover shoots. And once again, she rose to the challenge in record time and sent us this lovely hat.

Sophia Alessi, from the Donna Baldwin Agency, was chosen as the model for the photo shoot, and she did a great job portraying Bella!



A few more months passed, and I eagerly waited to see the final cover design. They sent me these four mock ups and asked for my input. I liked them all, but I felt the fourth design was the strongest. The color, the type, and the photos all worked together to create a stunning design. The team at WaterBrook agreed, and they moved ahead to finalize the cover for Across the Blue.


Adding the back cover copy and the spine is the final step in the cover design process. Here’s a peek at those elements.

So, what do you think? Did you realize all that went into designing a cover? I’m grateful to Kristopher and the team at Waterbrook for “dressing” Across the Blue so beautifully!

I hope you’ll pre-order your copy of Across the Blue so you can have it in your hands the day it releases!

Happy Reading,



  1. Daphne Woodall

    The process is very impressive. So much thought and I imagine expense to get the final product. In my mind a quality cover is a window into the quality of the story. If I don’t find the cover appealing many times I don’t look any further. The only exception would be if I know the writer personally, have read previous books by the author or it’s a favorite publishing house.

    And your choice of the four is the best!

    • Carrie Turansky

      Hi Daphne, I agree! An attractive cover is an important way to help readers connect with the story and understand what it’s about. I’m excited to share this new story with you!

  2. Susan Mason

    Wow, Carrie. I can’t believe how much input you get for your hovers!! Bethany doesn’t give us that kind of access I really love the outfit and the end cover!

    • Carrie Turansky

      Hi Susan, I am grateful to be able to give input on the covers. It’s important to me that they fit the time period and are attractive. I have an art background, so giving input on the covers is rewarding. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Susan Mason

    Sorry – covers! Lol

  4. Brenda Murphree

    I did not know what a process it was until I started following authors on FB. I had read a little about it in magazines but learned so much more on FB. Your cover is beautiful!


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