Surrendered Hearts

Winner of the International Digital Award, Inspirational Novel Category. This heartwarming romance explores the healing power of love and acceptance and the true meaning of beauty.

Jennifer Evan’s life is changed forever when a gas pipeline explodes and causes a fire at her apartment. Losing her home and beloved dog are terrible blows, but the ugly scars that cover her arm, neck and shoulder steal her confidence and cause her fiancé to desert her. With her funds depleted and her job on hold, she heads for Vermont where she hopes to reconnect with her brother and find a way to rebuild her shattered life.

Bill Morgan, her brother’s roommate and the head naturalist at the Wild River Nature Center, is a strong, quiet man whose faith runs deep. His efforts to share his faith with Jenn seem to push her farther away. But caring actions sometimes speak louder than words, and Jenn’s heart is drawn to Bill in spite of the spiritual gulf that separates them. Will she hold on to her pain of her past, or will she surrender her heart and find the faith and love she seeks?


Author: Carrie Turansky
Series: Vermont Blessings, Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tag: Inspirational Romance
Publisher: Flowing Stream Books
Publication Year: April 2011
ISBN: 9781733529280

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“This is a book every mother should give her young teenage daughters to show them what to look for in a man. It’s a romance that shows the power of God when hearts are yielded to Him. It’s a story of God’s grace and healing. Carrie Turansky reminds me of a modern day Grace Livingston Hill, whose love stories enthralled an entire generation. The characters are so real, with hurts and preconceived notions about people … in other words, just like us. You’ll want the story to go on and not end. Novel Journey and I give it a high recommendation. It’s a must read.”

– Ane Mullegan

editor, Novel Journey

“Fire stole Jenn’s career, possessions, beloved dog, the affections of a fiancé who couldn’t see past her scars, and any remnant of faith she possessed. But struggling through her fears leads Jenn to an amazing God who cherishes her just as she is, and to embrace a love and life she could not have imagined. Surrendered Hearts is one more example of Turansky’s ability to draw a reader’s heart toward its Heavenly home, filling it with determination, hope, and romance for the journey.”

– Cathy Gohlke

Christy award-winning author of Night Bird Calling and Secrets She Kept

“Carrie Turansky’s newest novel, Surrendered Hearts is an inspiring story of how life’s pain and suffering can be turned to peace and joy as we open our hearts to God’s amazing love. The main characters in this story are so real and you find yourself relating to each of their struggles along the way. There are just enough plot twists to keep you guessing and the ending leaves you happy you invested the time! (I hate finishing a book and wondering how I could have better spent those precious hours. Not so with this read….)”

– Melody

“This was my first book by Carrie Turansky and i am hooked. Loved the book. Just when you think you know what is going to happen there is a nice twist waiting in the next chapter!! I highly recommend this book!”

– Pier Shea, NJ

“I downloaded this book when it was free on Kindle and it was the best download I have made this year! I could really feel God’s influence in this heart warming story which I devoured in a couple of days. I loved Jenn’s transformation not only on a spiritual level but also dealing with the scars she had from the gas fire. As a “new to me” author, Carrie has won me over with her story and very believable characters. I plan on reading more of her books.”

– Kate, Utah

Inspiration for the Setting:

Surrendered Hearts is set in the fictional town of Tipton, Vermont, and includes the some of the same characters who were featured in my first novel, Along Came Love. An article in Real Simple Magazine about the town Ripton, Vermont first inspired me to consider this lovely location as a setting for these books. I also drew on the true story of missionary Dan Bauman, author of Imprisoned in Iran, to create the character Wes Evans, the hero in Along Came Love, and Jenn’s brother in Surrendered Hearts.

My husband and I visited Vermont on a research trip and found a lovely art and antique gallery housed in a converted barn, and I knew we had found the inspiration for Lauren’s home, Long Meadow, and her gallery. Here are some photos of Country House Gifts and Antiques in Wallingford, Vermont. If you are headed to Vermont I encourage you to stop in and tell them you read these books!

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