Snowflake Sweethearts

For these two searching hearts, it will take the love of a community to help heal painful memories and bring them together.

Annie Romano has her heart set on starting her own business as a personal chef when she returns to Fairhaven, Washington, with her young daughter Emma. But her business gets off to a slow start, and she visits Jameson’s Bakery to see her former employer, Irene, hoping to find a part-time job there. When Irene collapses, Annie calls 911 and contacts her grandson, Alex, in San Francisco. Annie and Alex worked together in the bakery when they were teenagers, but Annie never had the courage to tell Alex how much she cared for him.

Alex flies home to Fairhaven and soon realizes he will need to hire a live-in caregiver for his ailing grandmother when she comes home from the hospital. After spending time with Annie, he thinks she would be perfect, and he offers her the job. Motivated by her love for Irene, Annie puts aside her plans and accepts the job. Consumed by his work as marking director and painful memories from the past, Alex only plans to stay in Fairhaven until issues with his grandmother’s care and the future of her struggling bakery are settled. He doesn’t seem to realize how much he needs faith, family–or love. But the deeper meaning of the holiday season, his grandmother’s matchmaking friends, and one fatherless little girl start pulling at both Annie’s and Alex’s heartstrings . . . just in time for them to enjoy a very special Christmas.



Author: Carrie Turansky
Series: Bayside Treasures, Book 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Flowing Stream Books
Publication Year: November 2019
ISBN: 9781733529235

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More about the Series

Snowflake Sweethearts is the third and final book in the Bayside Treasure Series set in Fairhaven, the unique historical section of Bellingham, Washington. The first book in the series is Seeking His Love (October 2012). The second is A Man To Trust (March 2012). Each book includes four senior-age friends, Marian, Hannah, Irene, and Barb, know around Fairhaven as the Bayside Treasures. They are life-long friends, faithful prayer warriors, avid Scrabble players, and softhearted matchmakers. I hope you’ll enjoy watching as they unfold their plans to help younger friends and family members find lasting love.

In each book I’ve included some special events and sites in Fairhaven. In Snowflake Sweethearts you can look for mentions of St. Joseph’s Hospital, The Chrsitmas Tree Lighting on the Village Green, and The Holiday Gift Show at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal. I enjoyed researching the lovely town of Fairhaven. If you travel to North West Washington, I hope you will stop in and visit our friends there. Click here to find out what’s happening in Fairhaven.

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