Mother’s Day Giveaway 2020

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Mother's Day GiveawayHi Friends, May is the month to celebrate moms and show our love and appreciation for all they have done for us. Read on for a special Mother’s Day Giveaway!

My mom Dorothy Swain was a wonderful artist, quilter, seamstress, and writer. She enjoyed decorating our home and making it a special place. We used to joke about never trying to walk through the living room in the dark because Mom might have rearranged the furniture since we’d last looked. From the time I was a young child, she put a paintbrush in my hands and encouraged my creativity. I’m very grateful for that. Mom used to sew most of my clothes. I remember seeing her bending over the sewing machine when I went to bed and then waking up to find a new dress finished and ready to wear. Mom passed away before my books were published, but I know she’d be happy to have another writer in the family. Photos below: My Mom Dorothy Swain, and a quilt she made.

My Mother-in-law, Shirley Turansky, is a treasure. She continues what my mom started, encouraging me to use my gifts and talents and love my family well. She is a huge supporter of my writing and often tells her friends about my books. I am very blessed to have these wonderful women in my life as my examples.

Now I hope to pass on that blessing and encouragement to my daughters Melissa, Lizzy, and Megan, my daughters-in-law Melinda and Galan, and my granddaughters Hanalei, Sahlor, and Lenna. In the photos above: My mother-in-law Shirley and I, and my daughter Melissa and her daughter Lenna. In the photos below: My daughter-in-law Melinda and her daughter Hanalei, My granddaughter Shalor and my daughter-in-law Galan, and my daughters Lizzy and Megan at Megan’s wedding.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m giving away the winner’s choice of a paperback copy of any of my English historical novels. To enter the giveaway leave a comment and tell us one thing you appreciate about your mother. This giveaway is for US residents only and ends Monday May 11th, 9:00 pm Eastern time.

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Reading!







  1. Diana Arausa

    I too am a quilter. My mom never quilted but she taught me to sew at 7yr . Still seeing crocheting embroidering quilting. My Mom passed 13yr ago so she never even saw much if my work. This Mother’s Day is special fir me. May 10th is also my birthday. 71yr. Thank you for your wonderful books.

  2. charlene capodice

    my mom was always there for me no matter what the situation, and she always had a solution for any problem I might have. I appreciated that she took the time for me, and I do that with my children also. She was a great role model for me. Thank you for the chance to win! Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Jackie Wisherd

    I appreciate that my mom never showed preferences for either myself or my sister. She always treated us as equals.

    • Connie Porter Saunders

      My mom died in February 2017 so this will be the fourth Mother’s Day without her. She was a wonderful homemaker: she loved to cook, she loved to clean, and she wouldn’t let you leave without taking food with you! Most of all, she loved her husband, her two children, three grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. She is greatly missed!
      Carrie, I wish you a Happy Mothers Day!

  4. Susan Heim

    I appreciate that my mother has impeccable taste. We always go shopping together when she’s here because she’s such a big help in picking out clothes and furnishings. I wish she lived closer so we could go more often!

  5. Danielle Hammelef

    One thing I appreciate about my mom is how she always supports me no matter what.

  6. Cynthia Roemer

    Hi Carrie! Thanks for the giveaway! I’m thankful for my mom’s selfless love in taking care of my dad while he is dealing with cancer and failing health. I’ve loved watching how she willingly does the little things he needs. I also appreciate her friendship and support through the years.

  7. Crystal Blackburn

    One of the things about my mom is no matter what she has always welcomed all of us 5 kids, grandkids and great grandchildren with her arms opened wide. She may not like what we’ve said or done in the past but she has always loved us no matter how far we went. She had her moments and still does since losing our dad 5 yrs ago, but she’s our tower when we’re having a rough time. She puts herself at the very bottom and everyone above herself.
    I could go on and on about her but that would take hours or days.

  8. Sharon Boland

    My mother passed away two years ago, but my siblings and myself have beautiful quilts that she made for us. She made clothing, pillows and Christmas stockings for each grandchild and their spouses. For each great grandchild, she quilted small crib quilts. In addition, she crocheted afghans for me and my girls while we were in college. All those things are treasures, but her sense of humor is what sustained all during difficult times.

  9. Holly

    My mom loves me no matter what and is always there for me when I need her. I am really grateful for her loving heart.

  10. Joy Tucker

    My Mom was always sharing with others, a meal, or a quilt, or a word of encouragement. She always had the kettle on and when folks would drop by she has a sweet and a cup of coffee or tea for them.

    A friend from those years told me just a week ago how much he appreciated mom and could always count on getting something to warm up with, when winter was at its worst.

  11. Debbie

    My mom is super creative also. She passed it on to me. If I need to think, or just go to my quiet place I crochet. Which is something my mom taught me. She also worked very hard and sacrificed in order for me to take piano lessons when I was little. To this day I use everything I learned from playing piano.

  12. Lila Diller

    I appreciate that my mom worked so hard to keep us clothed and fed — she also sewed a lot of our clothes, and she canned the peaches from our peach tree (when we left her any).

  13. Lori Smanski

    wonderful post. our moms are all so special and loved. thank you for this generous give a way. I would choose: Across the Blue. My mom was a special woman of many talents. I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. I wanted a large family, to stay at home with them, to sew, to quilt, to cook wonderful meals (ok that one not so much) to be crafty and generous and loving to everyone and to pass it all along to our children. My mom taught me so much on how to live right. She is the one that inspired me to follow Jesus and than later to make my faith between Him and me, just ours. I was so blessed to have a mom who really cared and loved her family and others who came into our path. I will see her again in Heaven someday.

  14. Betsy T.

    What a lovely post! My mother sewed many dresses for my sister and me when we were young. I love her dearly and among her many fine qualities is that she has always been my siblings and my biggest champion (along with my Dad?).

  15. Sam

    My mom never knew a stranger. As a result she had friends all over the world. And because of her now I do too! She taught by example that everyone has value and a story to tell.

  16. Julie B

    I appreciate her Christian example. Her faith in God is lived out daily.

  17. Lynn Brown

    My mother always tries to put other peoples feelings first and to always think the best of people.

  18. Connie Hendryx

    My mom was a trooper, raising 4 kids while my Dad was one of the first doctors in South Lake Tahoe and gone a lot!

    Thanks for the giveaway–I lost my mom way too young in 1999….

  19. Trudy

    My Mom has always been there for me, and has been my best friend for years!! Her 96th birthday was yesterday, and I’ve been home with her for 8 years as her caregiver. I could always talk to Mom about anything and everything.

  20. Abigail Harris

    My mom’s love. <3 And how she is always there for us kids.

  21. Susan Sloan

    My mother has been gone for 15 years, but she will always be remembered for her compassionate nature. She was everyone’s friend because she listened and empathized with people.

    I would choose Across the Blue because I’m currently reading No Ocean Too Wide.

  22. bn100

    She’s caring and supportive

  23. Sonnetta Jones

    My mom always made sure to attend our school functions and all parent/teacher meetings. She was a school teacher so we learned early to make education a priority and not to waste it. She was one of the people that foster my love of reading. She scarified a lot for us to be where we are right now.

  24. Joan

    My mom would sit in bed on a cold night and read with me while my dad worked nights. She taught me the love of reading.

  25. Megan

    I love that my Mom is so understanding and kind. She always makes you feel good about yourself.

  26. Gay Martin

    My mom has been gone for 16 years….she was a talented knitter and seamstress and a lover of family history. I’m thankful she kept records of family genealogy that she made copies of for me, my brother and sister. She loved doing crafts and doing that with my children. She is missed by her 3 children, 11 grandchildren, 28 great-grandchildren and 5 great-great-grandchildren.

    • Carol Alscheff

      My mom stayed home and raised me and my siblings while my father worked long hours as a pharmacist in the family drugstore. She was loving and kind and taught me how to be a mom. She also taught me to cook, bake, knit and many other things. She also shared her love of reading with me. She passed away in 2011 at age 86.

  27. Joy Hannabass

    My mom was always there for us no matter what. I didn’t realize her sacrifices until I was a mother myself. Mama always put everyone else’s needs above. I saw her many times do without, just so she could give to one if her children or grandchildren. She would always give. After she passed away, several people came to me telling how she had given to them. One guy at our church said she gave his son a good little amount of money for a missions trip because she couldn’t go, so she wanted to help this young teen go. What a blessing. She had saved the money from her small retirement she rec’d. And she never told any of us. And there are many other stories, and I am sure theres some we won’t find out until we see here again in Heaven.
    I miss her so very much. She was my mama, and my best friend. Mothers day is always so hard. But I know shes will spend it with daddy and many family members already in Heaven.
    Thank you Carrie for allowing us to share this!

    • Joy Hannabass

      Oh and I can’t believe I forgot to mention, mama was an avid seamstress. She loved sewing clothes for us, doing alterations for people everywhere. She was an avid cook. She would cook huge meals and call us and say I’ve cooked a table full of food, come and get it!! Sorry this is so long, so many things to say.

  28. Lynn Hammond

    Throughout my childhood my mother worked at a department store full time. I was the youngest of four children and very close to my mother. I missed her a lot because she worked Monday through Thursday from 8 to 5 as well as Saturdays. Evenings were spent busy with cooking cleaning homework and getting ready for the next day. I always felt a little lonely because of the routine. We could all be in the same room but at times I still felt very alone. As I got into my teen years I still had the same feelings but I came up with an idea to get the one on one time with my mom. Since her day off was on fridays, I would periodically fake sickness always on a Friday to be with my mom. We enjoyed a quite day at home. After lunch she always napped and I would watch her read and doze with soft oldies music quietly playing on the headboard of her bed. She never said anything about my faking being sick. She must have known, but I think she knew I needed more time with her and this was ok with her too. This did me wonders and I always felt strengthened and reconnected with her. I have always remembered this and I thank God for this memory and that special time alone with her. She is a gem and we are still blessed to have her here with us.

  29. Marion

    As a child I had severe Asthma. Mom would sit with me at night as dad and my sisters slept when I had an attack and could not sleep.

  30. Anne Galya

    Regretfully, my mother and I didn’t have an ideal relationship, but I was honored to best the last human touch she felt before passing from her tumultuous life. I’ve grown to realize the value in some of life’s lessons she imparted to me: never let others see you defeated, be faithful to your family, and rely on God, always.

  31. Sylvia

    My mom is always willing to talk to me about anything. I started college last fall, and while I liked the independence that comes with being away from home, I found I missed my talks with my mom. I called her a couple times a week when I was walking to class or to work on campus, so we still got to have great conversations even when I was away from home. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  32. Connie Scruggs

    You and Melissa both look like your mother!
    I appreciate my mother because she made my brother and I a priority when we were growing up. My father was not around much during my childhood-he was not living the family lifestyle. My parents divorced when I was 14 because my father had been having an affair for many years. My mother worked full-time, but on weekends and evenings during the week, she stayed home with us instead of going out. She didn’t miss out on the “party” life my father was enjoying, she wanted to be with us when she wasn’t working.

  33. Alicia Haney

    My mom taught me how to cook and everything that has to do about what needs to be done at the home. My mom always made sure that our birthdays and all the holidays were extra special for her 6 children. She was funny and very loving and a lot of fun. My mom was there for me whenever I had my 2 children and whenever I had surgeries . My mom passed away a year ago in March and I miss her so very much,and I always will. Her memories are forever engraved in my heart. May you have a Blessed Mothers Day Carrie. Thank you for the chance. <3

  34. Abby Breuklander

    My Mom has been right by my side through all of my health issues the last 23+ years, I’d be lost without her!

  35. Karen Rumba

    Mom’s been gone since 2003 but there are still times where I start to pick up the phone to call her. She was always there for me! Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there.

  36. Marilyn

    When I was a teenager, I would participate in bowling tournaments. My Dad had to work so my Mom would travel with me. She did not drive so we had to take public transportation.

  37. Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds

    I appreciate that my mom remains strong in her Faith in God no matter what she faces. Happy Mother’s Day dear CARRIE.

  38. Pam K.

    My mom has been gone for four years. I appreciated so many things about her, including her kindness and love of the Lord.

  39. jackie morris

    my mother is gone-my mother-in-law is gone-but they both taught me-canning-cooking-quilting-planting-taking care of your family-today my friend Judy still has her mother Nina whom is 92 yrs old-so I spend time with her-she is also a treasure-mothers are un paid warriors

  40. Mrs Brent Magers

    She is unselfish always putting others first before herself.

  41. Colleen Hudson

    I appreciate so much about my mother. One thing I appreciated was that she didn’t have to work when I was growing up, so whenever we were home, she was there. She taught me to be the person I am today.

  42. Keren Herrera

    Is hard to mention one thing I appreciate about my mom. Her kindness, her Faith and Trust in God and most of all her strength. Diagnosed early in her life with arthritis rheumatoid osteoporosis and told she would die 40 yrs ago She didn’t let her spirit down. She has always maintained a smile in her face and she is still with us strong God fearing lady. Always going beyond in helping others and being my Strength and Rock. She is the most amazing person and a blessing gift to our family. I can go on and on. But her Strength is what I admire and appreciate.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you Carrie and all the Moms out there. God’s Blessings.

  43. Judi Imperato

    My mother taught all of us girls to knit and crochet. I don’t do that anymore but I quilt and so I made a quilt for her.
    Happy Mother’s Day Carrie.

  44. Suzanne Sellner

    My mother loved me with an unconditional love; I never doubted her love. She was in the habit of telling each of us three daughters that we were her favorite whatever age each of us was at the time! So, when I was 13, I was my mother’s favorite 13-year-old. When I was 20, I was my mother’s favorite 20-year-old. We never saw that as favoritism because we three were all her favorites. It made us feel loved and special!

  45. Linda McFarland

    I appreciate my 93-year-old’s unwavering support and her dedication to being a prayer warrior for family and friends. She is a blessing in my life!

  46. Cheryl Hart

    My mom died when I was a teen, but she created many memories that are stored in my heart.

  47. Kristina Emmons

    I appreciate my mother’s ability to roll with the punches. She’s a bit of a gypsy, always moving somewhere new, but it also means she is quick to adapt to change more than anyone I’ve ever met.

  48. Patricia Barraclough

    There was much to appreciate about my mom. Most of all she encouraged me to become the first from either side of our family to graduate from college and to follow my dream of joining the Peace Corps. While I was in college, we became friends on an adult level. I spent 3 years in the Peace Corps and 2 weeks after I finished, I got word she was dying. I got home as fast as I could but there was so little time left. She died 4 weeks to the day after they found her cancer. They decided not to tell her, so we never got a chance to say goodbye. She was only 47 and I, the oldest of 6, was 24. She never got to see her children we or any of her grandchildren. She deserved so much more of a life than she was able to have. That was back in 1971 and I still miss her terribly.

  49. Vivian Furbay

    I appreciated the comfort and friendship with my Mom when going through my divorce in 1981-82. When my son was on trial and I under went deep depression, she gave me a little silk rose in a glass bowl. My Mom went to be with Jesus in April, 2006.

  50. Kimberly Linaburg

    My mom is the “rock” of our family. She is always there for everyone and puts herself in second place so she can put others first. I am so thankful for a godly Mom like her.

  51. Alison Boss

    I really appreciate my mother teaching me about Jesus! She helped me to pray to ask Jesus to be my Savior when I was a child. She has continued to be a support, a good listener, and a prayer warrior. Thanks, Mom!!!

  52. Debbie CLATTERBUCK

    The one thing I appreciate most about my mom, who passed away this past December before Christmas, is that she was able to raise myself and my two rambunctious brothers from a very young age up into our teen years all by herself until my stepfather came along and rescued her. She was an amazing mom and an amazing woman. I love and miss you very much Mom!

  53. Robin in NC

    My mom was able to be a stay at home mom. It was always wonderful to be able to come home to her, have a snack while chatting about our day, then doing homework at the kitchen table while she was fixing dinner. I miss her so much & am very thankful for all our memories.

  54. Veronica Boudreau

    My Mom loved all creative endeavors, she sewed, drew portraits of people and scenes of statues or characters from books. I miss her, passed 10 years ago. I love to read mainly, and I used to be at Crewel kits for pillows cover. I think it’s time for me to get back into it. If my eyesight will allow me.

  55. Erika Luther

    I appreciate my mom’s support, teaching me about Jesus, and teaching me how to cook.

  56. Terry

    The thing I appreciate the most about my mom is that she’s always there for me, whenever I need her, no matter what I need.

  57. Jane Squires

    My Mother provider no matter how little money we have. I learned from her. Today my oldest told me she learned from me.

  58. Anna joy

    My mom was 38 when my dad died at 44. My mom Anita was dedicated to her 7 children, 3 boys and 4 girls. I was the 3rd oldest.. Mom still had personal time for all of us and when I married in 65 and left Prince Edward Island , Canada to begin a new life in USA my mom was never far from my thoughts or my letter writing…
    My mom found her Savior in the early 70’s in the charismatic renewal and began to write and send me books, I was encouraged by mom to receive Jesus and I did in 1974. My beautiful mother went to be with Jesus in 2008. And I thank God for the Gift of Life she gave me and today she is in that great cloud of witnesses…

  59. Lori Byrd

    I love that my mom is a really good listener. She’s such a giving soul who would give you the shirt off her back for you. She is the greatest role model for her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

  60. Sandy Arnold

    My mom had me in her mid-40s, had her first stroke when I was only 4 and she passed when I was 21. Sadly I do not have many memories of my childhood as my much older sisters were married with families of their own. Probably the fondest memory was an outing in the days between her strokes that we rode the trolley car (in Pittsburgh, PA) to our local movie theater to see Ben Hur-I thought Charlton Heston was so handsome! She’s been gone 49 yrs and honestly I miss getting to have my mom as an adult, especially after the Lord found me.

  61. Carolyn

    My mother loved the Lord. There were times as I was growing up that were trying financially, and she always said, “God will provide,” and He always did!

  62. Elma Mclucas

    Happy Mother’s Day to all .Lost my mom Last year after Thankgiving.This is my first mother’s day without her.But she was a praying lady. Just wish i could her her pray again.Thanks for the giveaway.

  63. Hayley Gudgin

    When my father lost his job in the 80’s my mum who is an introvert and anxious had the courage to move us with him to west Africa where he got a job. While there she was lonely and homesick but made the best of it for her two daughters. When my husband’s job brought us to America I knew my mum would support me and had had the same feelings I did. If she’d coped and been so brave I could learn to do it too. The worst part is being so far from my parents


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