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The final cover design

Hi Friends,

Did you know it takes a team of people to create a beautiful book cover? I never realized how many people were involved, but I am grateful for each one who contributed to the process of designing the lovely cover for The Governess of Highland Hall.

I was an art major in college, and book covers are important to me, especially my book covers! So I was pleased when the team at WaterBrook Multnomah asked for my input. They allowed me to choose the model to represent the heroine from a group of three. Then they invited to give input about her clothing, hairstyle and hat. I sent in photos of the manor house that I had in mind as I wrote the book, and the designer was able to use that exact house on the cover!




Photographer Mike Heath of Magnus Creative did the photo shoot of the heroine last January, and he sent all those photos to WaterBrook Multnomah designer Kristopher Orr who did an awesome job pulling all the elements together in the final design.

The design on the left looked great, but I asked for a few changes, and they were kind enough to consider those ideas in the final version on the right.

Can you spot the changes that were made to the final design?  There are at least eight. Some are quite small, so click on the cover to enlarge it and look closely. The first two people who correctly list those changes in their comment will receive an Advanced Reader Copy of The Governess of Highland Hall. US addresses only. Good luck!

The final cover design


  1. Sally

    Carrie, I am so excited to read your new novel…can’t wait!

    • Carrie Turansky

      Hi Sally, Thanks!! I am excited to share it with you. : )

  2. Nannette Elkins

    Her hat is tilted, the sky is different, the logo is different color, white around in the right , yellow on the left. Looks like you took ribbons off the hat in the right. She is looking a different direction and her dress does not have the bright light or soft focus on it in the final. Those are my “guesses”! Love the cover Carrie!

  3. Lisa

    Darkened Sky, Her Hat, Your name is higher, the circle is all gold, the circle is higher, the lace on her collar, the dress is brighter, the red spot on the home is gone. 🙂

  4. Juliana

    Carrie, I totally can’t wait to read your new novel!!!!

  5. Tonja Saylor

    1. The clouds in the sky are different
    2. The hat is placed differently
    3. The title is higher in one than the other
    4. The letter spacingof the title is different on each
    5. The authors name is placed differently
    6. The sky is darker in one
    7. The coloring of the scroll work is not the same
    8. There is something on the back of her neck in one picture that’s not in the other

  6. Rachel Muller

    The cover looks great, Carrie!
    Let’s see I spy with my little eye…

    The clouds are darker in the final
    the design around the title is all gold
    The light behind her has been lessened
    The Tulle from her had has been tucked up
    The font in the title looks larger
    Her hat is tilted differently
    There’s small red spot on the manor in the first that’s gone in the 2nd
    Lace on the back of the collar is missing.

    This was fun! Whether I win or don’t a win a copy I can’t wait to read it!! Best wishes, Carrie!

    • Rachel Muller

      Meant to say *hat* in one of the guesses not had. 🙂

  7. Carrie Turansky

    Please continue to leave your comments! I have one more ARC copy to give away, and I will pick one person at random from all who leave a comment and leave the list of changes they see between the two covers. Thanks!

  8. Amanda Trumbull

    Love the cover! It is so appealing and definitely makes me want to read this book!
    Differences that I see…
    1. Hat is sitting more flat on her head.
    2. Red dot on the building is gone.
    3. The sun isn’t as bright.
    4. The tulle from the hat is off of her neck.
    5. Title font is larger
    6. Circle/Title is moved up
    7. Scrolling around the circle is changed from white to cream.
    8. Cloud background is actually changed.

  9. Tonja

    Who were the winners of this contest?


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