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Hi Friends, We LOVE our readers . . . and that means you! We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special six-book giveaway! These wonderful books are filled with drama, romance, history, and inspiration! Scroll down and take a look, then fill out the Rafflecopter form between February 10 – 15 to enter! This giveaway is open to US and international reading friends. Happy Valentine’s Day! You are loved!

Eighty years apart, two women from the same manor aid soldiers and fight for justice. As North Carolina secedes in 1861, Minnie tries to help her brothers—on opposing sides—and free the family’s slaves. In 1944, a storm rips the attic apart, exposing a hidden room and secret-filled trunk, fueling estate worker Celia’s determination to expose the truth. 432 pages, softcover from Tyndale.

The McAlister siblings have been searching for their missing sister since they were taken to Canada as British Home Children in 1909. After serving in WWI, Garth returns to Canada to his sweetheart, Emma, and to look for Grace. When Emma is accused of a crime, can Garth prove her innocence—and find his sister? 320 pages, softcover from Multnomah.

After a deadly explosion at her munitions factory kills her best friend, Rosalind longs to escape and begin a new life. Armed with a false ID card, she flees to another factory in Scotland. But when RAF captain Alex Baird arrives to investigate and prevent a second blast, things get complicated. Should Rosalind risk telling him everything? 400 pages, softcover from Bethany.

As the French and Indian War threatens York, Virginia, Esmee grieves a decade-old failed relationship. Meanwhile, Captain Henri Lennox returns to complete the lighthouse guarding Chesapeake Bay—until the colonial government orders him on a secret mission. Will the conflict drive him and Esmee further apart, or will their shared vision bring them together again? 416 pages, softcover from Revell.

Beth Tremayne has always been drawn to adventure. During her childhood, she fed that desire by exploring every inch of the Isles of Scilly. Now, after stumbling across an old collection of letters and a map buried on her family’s property, she’s found more adventure than she ever anticipated in the hunt for pirate treasure. But in order to discover where the clues lead, she must search alongside Lord Sheridan, a man she finds insufferable. 384 pages, softcover from Bethany House.

American Grace Tonquin works tirelessly to rescue French Jewish children from the Nazis. When she returns to Oregon with two orphans, trauma from the Holocaust threatens her family. Fifty years later, Addie Hoult searches for the missing Tonquin family to save her friend Charlie from a genetic disease. Can she find them—and heal his broken past? 384 pages, softcover from Tyndale.

We wish you a heartfelt happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Trisha Robertson

    Happy Valentine’s Day!! Thank you ladies for offering this wonderful giveaway!

    • Carrie Turansky

      Thanks, Trisha! So nice to see you hear. Thank you for all you do to spread the word about our books!

  2. Suzanne Sellner

    These are such quality books and authors! Thank you for writing the excellent books that you do!

    • Laura Frantz

      Carrie, You did such a beautiful job with this! I’m thrilled & thankful for you & our reading friends. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

  3. Joan Kurth

    Happy Valentine’s Day! What a giveaway! Great reading by beloved authors.

    • Wanda Lombardo

      These books so interesting. I’d love to add them to my library.

  4. Betty Chambers

    What a nice giveaway! I have some other these already, but how nice it would be to gift them to someone else. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Shirley

    Oh my! All my favorites!

  6. Julie Daunis

    Wow! These are some of my favorite authors and some new ones I can’t wait to read! I love this giveaway! Happy Valentine’s to all!

  7. Donna Haffenden

    Historic novels are such a neat way to “know” history. I am in awe of all the research that goes into these novels and the way that the characters and events are fleshed out. We need to know these stories because so many of the people who lived them are no longer with us to answer the questions. All of these books are on my “to be read list”. Thank you Authors!

  8. Rochelle Deinert

    These books are all on my TBR list (except one, which I have already read). I would love to read them all! Thank you!

  9. Sonja

    These books look fantastic.

    • Angie Pool

      What some great books!! Thnx for the giveaway!!

  10. Grace

    Amazing giveaway 💗 you are all some of my favorite authors!
    Happy Valentines Day ladies! Hope your all shown so much ‘LOVE’

  11. Teresa Brumfield

    What an amazing giveaway! Thank you all for sharing your gift of writing. Happy Valentines Day!

  12. Wanda Lombardo

    These books so interesting. I’d love to add them to my library.

  13. Julie

    Thanks for offering this beautiful collection of books.

  14. Heidi Morrell

    Thanks so much for the opportunity and privilege to enter your giveaway! I’d love to read everyone of your books! (If I win, I’m going to gift one of my own handcrafted ornaments to my next customer!)

  15. pat bopp

    love reading Laura Frantz books, just finishing the newest good

  16. Susan Flanders Carr

    Ladies, you’ve outdone yourselves! What an awesome selection. Someone is going to be very lucky. Happy Valentines Dat everyone!

  17. Melanie Koch

    Thank you for the chance to win these books. I have enjoyed other books you have recommended so I’m sure these are great reads. Of course, I know your book is fantastic, I’ve read it!

  18. Mary Kay Moody

    Such wonderful writers and generous ladies! Thanks for this opportunity!
    Happy Valentine’s Day.

  19. Mary Lou Cross

    I love historical novels. I have read a few of your books and am very excited to know you all are my kind of authors. It gives me more books to look for. Thank you for doing this all together.

  20. Marilyn Miller

    It is so nice to have not only good books but ones that you can trust to be wholesome! There will be a special place in heaven for each of you for all the joy you have brought many hearts. Thank you so much for this opportunity

  21. Rhonda Whitcomb

    Good evening ladies! Thank you so much for this offer! Thank you for all your time you put in your books to help us to travel to new territories and experience new things all from the comfort of our home. May the Lord continue blessing you on your journeys each day.

  22. Pam K.

    I’ve read a couple of these but still want to read the other four. Thanks for the great giveaway. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  23. Cyndi Karlovich

    Thank you so much for this fabulous giveaway! So many wonderful books written by such talented authors.

  24. Loraine

    Thanks for offering this wonderful give away from a group of my favorite authors!

    Loraine Ertelt
    Moderator – Christian Fiction Readers @ Goodreads

  25. Tracy Wirick

    Thank you so much for holding this wonderful giveaway! You are new authors to me and your books look really good!

  26. Jan

    Thank you for this opportunity. I have enjoyed reading books from most of these authors and I’ve devoured them. Such excellent writing!

  27. Jan Johnson

    thank you so much for this opportunity. I have read most of these authors and they are truly inspirational, must reads.

  28. Ruth

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. I enjoy inspirational historical fiction.

  29. Marissa Yip-Young

    Awesome giveaway.

  30. Phyllis

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I have read a few of these and have all the rest in my TBR! They are all just beautiful! ❤️

  31. Barbara Raymond

    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

  32. Marie Waters

    I love book contests although I have never won one. I did win an item from one of my favorite author’s years ago and have been mentioned twice in a couple of books. I have been a book lover since I was a child. My mom said I would memorize my books when I wasn’t old enough to read and then read them back to myself. I can never have to many books.

  33. Rebecca Davie

    What a precious group of authors. Thank you! Blessings on your projects. 💛

  34. Brenda L Core

    Appreciate all of you taking the time to put together this awesome giveaway.

  35. Lisa

    Thanks for sharing this opportunity to read new (to me) authors.
    Happy Valentine’s Day.

  36. Sandy Arnold

    A sweet treat of the best kind, except for chocolate!

  37. Deanne Patterson

    I love historical novels for what I can learn from them, They fascinate me.
    Happy Valentines Day and Thank you for the wonderful giveaway chance,

  38. Jean

    Happy Valentines Day! What a sweet way to encourage a positive day by motivating us to read more. I know I need to read more so this encourages me to get back to reading! Thanks! Hope your day is blessed and full of happiness!

  39. Sherry Brown

    All your books look wonderful!! Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you for your wonderful giveaway!!!

  40. Laura W

    Thank you for an exiting, LOVEly giveaway ❤️ of books from some of my favorite authors!
    💖Happy Valentine’s Day💖

  41. Angela Patrick

    Happy Valentines weekend!!
    This is such a great idea.
    These titles all sound like fantastic reading.

  42. Brenda Walters

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  43. Caryl Kane

    Happy Valentine’s Weekend!

    Ladies, Thank you for this fabulous contest! Each of you are phenomenal!

    Blessings and (((HUGS))))

  44. Cheryl

    Thanks for inviting me to enter your Valentine’s giveaway.
    Have a blessed Valentine’s day

  45. Lana Burton

    Thank y’all so much for this fantastic giveaway! I would be so thrilled to win this compilation of books from several authors of whom I’ve never met or read before!! That’s always so exciting! Y’all are very blessed and very generous with your blessings!! ♥️

  46. Linda

    Happy Valentine’s day to all of you wonderful authors.

  47. Cindy in GA

    Even the titles are sweet! Thanks for the opportunity to win this set of books, and thank you for sharing your talents!

  48. Mary Miller

    I am so happy to know about these books! I am an avid reader and I love knowing there are other wonderful books to read once I finish the one I am reading.
    Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

  49. Mary

    Pick Me! Pick Me! …Hehe…I’ve got lots of reading to do! Happy Valentines Day!

  50. Elisabeth Harkins

    I do not do facebook. I am disabled by dialysis treatments M W F every week so I have many hours to read. So far my favorite author is Laura Frantz. I have all of her books and read them over and over. It is fun to be introduced to new authors. Now I can get new books for my library. Many thanks for running this challenge!

  51. Nyala Edwards

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Thank you for giving us a chance to win these wonderful inspirational books! Have a blessed day!

  52. Cindi Altman

    Such an amazing group of authors!
    This is a spectacular giveaway.
    Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to win your most recent releases.

  53. Shannon Kraus

    A giveaway of books from some of my favorite authors- how fantastic!
    Thank you for doing this!

  54. Theresa Richmond

    I love your books! I’m glad you never ask for a favorite as it wouldn’t be possible I love love to read and you ladies are among my favorite authors!



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