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The Daughter of Highland Hall by Carrie TuranskyOnly 12 more days until the release of The Daughter of Highland Hall! On October 7th you should be able to download an eBook copy, purchase a paperback at your local bookstore or online, or listen to the audio book. To pre-order your copy, just click on the cover on the right.

One of the first steps in creating the story is developing the characters. I like to find historical photos as well as modern photos to help me picture them and imagine what they might do or say.

Here are some of the chacters you’ll meet in this new book. If you read The Governess of Highland Hall, then you’ll remember Katherine (Kate) Ramsey, the eighteen-year-old niece of Sir William Ramsey, the master of Highland Hall. She is beautiful but strong-willed, and she was quite a challenge for her governess. In The Daughter of Highland Hall Kate steps forward as the heroine, a young debutante who goes to London for her first season with the goal of finding a suitable husband, perferably one who is wealthy and titled. Kate has a lot to learn about what’s most important in life and relationships! When I first start planning a new book I like to find historical photos as well as modern photo for my characters. Here are a few I found for this book.

94fbb3068f392c25d0559f0c46c65ae5Kate Ramsey

The hero is also a character you met briefly in The Governess of Highland Hall, Jonathan Foster, brother of Julia, the Governess. Jon is a medical student, who is nearing the end of his training and poised to choose his path for the future. His strong faith and commitment to his family and serving those in need make a marked impression on Kate.

Jonathan FosterJonathan Foster


You’ll also meet Dr. Alfred Pittsford, director of the Daystar Clinic helping the poor in London’s East End; Lady Louisa Gatewood, Kate’s overbearing aunt, who is insistent on controling Kate’s choices and future. Some of your favorite members of the staff – Lydia Chambers, Kate’s lady’s maid, Ann, the nursery maid, and Mr. Lawrence, the Butler keep their roles. William and Julia return in this book, as well as William’s troublesome brother, David Ramsey. I hope you enjoy them all!

Check back on Tuesday September 30th for more info about the book launch giveaways!

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Ann and Lydia, the maids

Ann and Lydia

Doctor Alfred Pittsford

Dr. Alfred Pittsford

Lady Louisa Gatewood

Lady Louisa Gatewood

David Ramsey

David Ramsey

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    • Carrie Turansky
      Carrie Turansky says:

      Thanks Sam! : ) I am at a writers conference in St. Louis this weekend. It’s fun sharing the book with my friends here. We were able to bring a few books into the conference bookstore.

  1. Cathy Gohlke
    Cathy Gohlke says:

    The Daughter of Highland Hall is an absolutely fabulous book–wonderful characters and detailed setting, and spiritually uplifting story! I know it will bless everyone who reads it!

  2. Vandana Rampersad
    Vandana Rampersad says:

    I love the way they talk in most historical romance books, I love the way they dress and that they are as innocent as they make themselves out to be well at least in many. I also just like reading about different time periods and see what is was like in that time frame!

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