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Surrendered Hearts, by Carrie Turansky

Surrendered Hearts, by Carrie Turansky

Hi Friends,

Today I wanted to say thank you to all my reading friends who take time to post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, and other websites. I appreciate your feedback, and I believe it helps other readers decide if they might enjoy the book. I’m convinced positive reviews can really help boost book sales., so keep them coming!

I recently lowered the price of Surrendered Hearts to free for a few days on Amazon, and it was downloaded by 35,000 more readers. It’s exciting to think of so many people having an opportunity to read that story of healing and redemption. Offering a novel free like that helps me connect with new readers. And I hope some of those who enjoy it will want to read my other novels. It also brings in a new wave of reviews. Surrendered Hearts now has over 80 reviews, and most of those are 4 and 5 stars. That’s so encouraging!

Surrendered Hearts is set in beautiful Vermont

Surrendered Hearts is set in beautiful Vermont

Thanks very much! Here are a few of the most recent reviews For Surrendered Hearts:

“This book, along with its author, deserve more than five stars but that is the limit on here. Those who have lost their faith or believe they never had it, just need to open their minds, hearts and mouth to God and give Him the chance to prove His love for them . . . Every scar we have can never beat the ones Jesus bore for our sins and Jennifer just had to take a leap to faith and God let her know that He is ALWAYS with us.” From June

“Everything is described so vividly, I could clearly visualise it. The combination of a small town, reclaiming faith and love is truly amazing. I loved reading this.” From Rissiepit

“I downloaded this book when it was free on Kindle, and it was the best download I have made this year! I could really feel God’s influence in this heart warming story which I devoured in a couple of days. I loved Jenn’s transformation not only on a spiritual level but also dealing with the scars she had from the gas fire. As a “new to me” author, Carrie has won me over with her story and very believable characters. I plan on reading more of her books.” Kate

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