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Hi Friends,

It’s time to celebrate the release of The Daughter of Highland Hall, Book Two in the Edwardian Brides Series!

The official launch date is October 7th, but we’ll be celebrating all month with special events, and we’ll be giving away five prize packages right here on my blog. Keep reading and make plans to celebrate with us!

Paris in a Cup Tea PartyCalifornia Book Launch: Downton Abbey Inspired ~ Book Signing Luncheon Tea at Paris in a Cup in Orange, CA, on Saturday, October 18th, 10:30 am. I’ll be sharing about my visit to Highclere Castle where Downton Abbey is filmed and tell the story behind my new book. Paris in a Cup is lovely, and the food is awesome! This is event is almost sold out, but give them a call and see if there is still room for you to attend.

The Daughter of Highland Hall Giveaways:  We’re offering five Edwardian Prize Packages, and we’re giving the first one away on Launch Day, Oct. 7th. But you can continue to enter all month. The other four prize packages will be given away on October 10, 17, 24, and 31! Check back each Friday to see if you are a winner.

Book Launch Giveaway

October 7th Prize Package “Tyntesfield Treasures” includes items I brought back from my last trip to England. Tyntesfiled is the beautiful estate that is the inspiration for Highland Hall. This package includes: Tyntesfiled tea towel, Tyntesfield mug, Tyntesfield Chapel stained glass sun catcher, Vintage Tea Time Recipes Cookbook, and a signed copy of The Daughter of Highland Hall.

*****Congratulations to Mikaela! She is the winner of the first Prize Package. She left this comment: I love reading historical fiction because it gives me the chance to “live” in another time. “The Governess of Highland Hall” is one of my absolute favorite books and I cannot wait to get my hands on “Daughter of Highland Hall.” Mikaela, be watching for my email. I’ll need your mailing address! : )

October 10th Prize Package includes a Downton Abbey 2015 Calendar, An Edwardian style necklace from Belle on a Budget, A lovelyEnglish bone china tea cup, and a copy of The Daughter of Highland Hall.

******Congratulations to Sally S. from Happy Valley, Oregon. She is the winner of this prize package!

October 17th Prize Package includes a canister of Downton Abbey Tea, London Clock Tower necklace, a lovely English bone china tea cup, and a copy of The Daughter of Highland Hall.

********Congratulations to Sara Kate! She is the winner of this prize package!

October 24th Prize Package includes a Downton Abbey Puzzle, An antique key beaded pendant from Belle on a Budget, a lovely tea cup, and a copy of The Daughter of Highland Hall.
********Congratulation wo Kathleen E. Belongia! She is the winner of the 4th prize package!
October 31 Prize Package includes A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey hard cover book, Set of four Downton Abbey Coasters, an lovely English bone china teacup, and a copy of The Daughter of Highland Hall.
*******Congratulations to Brenda P., from Mobile, Alabama who is the winner of the final Prize Package!

A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey


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286 thoughts on “Daughter of Highland Hall ~ Book Launch Giveaways

    • Hi Virginia, yes, it’s wonderful to be carried away to another time and place! That’s why I try to do a lot of research, so my stories will ring true and you will feel like you’ve been to 1912 England. Happy Reading!

  1. One of the things that I love about reading historical novels, particularly ones set in early England is the interaction of the characters among the constraints of society, especially the strong willed women. I can only imagine how I (also somewhat strong willed) would deal with men and society at that time.

    • Hi Loraine, if you like strong-willed women, then I think you’ll enjoy meeting Kate Ramsey in The Daughter of Highland Hall! : )

  2. I love reading historical’s because they take you to another place and time that you can’t ever go to besides reading about it.

  3. I really enjoyed the Governess of Highland Hall & so looking forward to reading this one.. wishing you much success in you new book launch 🙂

  4. I’ve loved historical fiction for many years because it takes me to wonderful places and time periods that are so exciting. In addition, every time I read a historical novel, I always feel as though I’ve learned something new. Never stop learning!

  5. I love the old times and the more gentler times! I love the clothes and hairstyles too! Can’t wait to read your new book,so excited!

  6. I love the clothes! (Although, in real life, there’s NO WAY you could convince me to change that many times in a day 😉 ). I also love the courtesy, the language, the subtle humor and the houses (although, once again, there’s NO WAY I’d want to clean one 😉 ). I reread all of Jane Austen’s books about once every two years.

  7. I’ve never been to England and I love to read about the country because I can visit in my mind! Love historical fiction because I can go all over the country in heart & mind!

  8. I love the clothes the women wore, I can’t imagine wearing that many layers myself though. I just think they are pretty.

    Also, I like reading historical fiction and what life was like back then.


  9. I have always loved History. I especially like reading stories set during this period. It seems like the men were Gentlemen and the women were Ladies. There were manners and codes of conduct people followed.

    • ooops. I forgot to comment as requested. I do so enjoy historical fiction. I love the clothing and tea time, the etiquette and understanding the struggles women faced. I especially love when the gentleman have kind, genteel ways, yet their strength still shines through. I am so thankful for CHRISTIAN authors of great historical fiction.

  10. While this is a time period, I generally consider to modern for my tastes, I really loved William and Julia’s story and can’t wait to read the second book.

  11. Reading historical fiction transports me to a time and place that I will never get to experience otherwise. Thank you for writing these wonderful books!

  12. I love reading historical fiction for several reasons: the clothing, chivalry as the norm, the occasional strong-willed woman in a time of submissive women, and “seeing” different places and time periods and life prior to all of our technological advancements of the present day. Most of all, I love history! I love learning about another place and time period through historical fiction.

  13. I love reading historical fiction because I can “travel” back to the different times and customs without leaving home. I like to learn about all of differences of dress, customs, etc.

  14. I love historical romance of all genres. And I love watching Downton Abbey, so I have a good feeling these books will be quite enjoyable reads! And congratulations on book #2!

  15. Historical Fiction: I love how it transports me back to a time of a when folks lived with some form of ediquite and moral standard. I love that so many of the authors I read show forth God’s love in the lives of those of the past. It brings me real joy in knowing how they dealt with something in life.

  16. Carrie, so excited for you!!! Happy Release Month! Lovely cover. Thank you for the giveaway!


  17. I love reading historical fiction because I can learn about another place and time period .I am looking forward to readingThe Daughter of Highland Hall. .Thank you for the opportunity to win.I enjoy reading your books.

  18. I enjoy going back in time and seeing how they lived. It’s always interesting to see how things have changed, usually for the better but sometimes for the worse. I would love the chance to visit Edwardian England thru your book!

  19. I have come to LOVE historical novels and the places and times they take you to. Since I’ve discovered them I can’t stop reading them!! Thank you so much for the giveaway!!!

  20. Historical fiction is my very favorite genre. I appreciate the research the authors do to place their characters within the happenings/events of the time period. So much more than we might have learned in school. What fun giveaways! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  21. Wow, what an amazing giveaway, I love reading Historical Fiction!!! I love the old days and I wish they still did some of the things they had back then!!! I would choose the number 2 prize package if I win!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!!

  22. I have always loved the clothing, especially the beautiful gowns, the hairstyles, romance of the age, the etiquette, and the music! If well done, the novel or movie will always have me sighing with pleasure 🙂

  23. Fiction in general are my favorite. Downton Abbey is great also and so much history and interesting life is learned so England is great. Love all kinds of culturally different fiction.

  24. I have always loved this type of book ever since I discovered Victoria Holt in high school. Then when I got to go to England it just made me love these stories even more!!

  25. I love Historical Fiction because I enjoy hearing about how people lived in other eras, also love learning bits of history while being entertained via reading Historical Fiction.

  26. I love historical fiction because it takes me back to a more simple time. It’s relaxing to read. I love everything about historical books! It has always been and will always most likely be my favorite. 🙂

  27. I like historical fiction, mostly because the woman isn’t an idiot acting like she’s incomplete without a man.

  28. I love anything historical because I am a genealogist. It helps to know about the time setting and culture of the times and how they experienced life back then. I am sure it wasn’t easy.

  29. Hi Carrie! I plan to donate a set of the Highland Hall books for a door prize at our church Christmas Tea. What fun it would be to enlarge the prize with one of these giveaway packages!

  30. Carrie, I can hardly wait to read Daughter of Highland Hall. I so wish I lived near one of the locations for the book launch party. I hope you have a great time. I look forward to the pictures I’m sure you will share. God bless!!

  31. I love living “vicariously” through the characters and trying to imagine what life was like back then. Imagination stretches you and historical fiction gives you the chance to ‘make new friends’ with the characters and their lives/times.

  32. I love the escape, the education I receive and how they are so much more cultured than we are 🙂 And they get to dress up, which I’m sure wasn’t fun for them!

  33. History is my favorite subject, so Historical fiction is a fun way for me to learn about it! It is probably my favorite genre (Right next to fantasy. Ya I know nothing alike!)

  34. I have always loved historical books because I get to travel back into another time period. For a little while I get to be in the world of fancy dresses and lovely things such as that. Even though they also have struggles it’s fun to read through it.

  35. I really enjoy reading historical fiction. I like the simpler times, but were they really simpler??? I can’t imagine doing with out a lot of the modern conveniences, let alone just thinking about fixing a meal or doing laundry in historical times… Thank you for the giveaways, good luck with your new book!

  36. I loveI lvoI love reading about their clothing, the way they meet prospective husbands, and their stylish homes! Their lifestyle is so different from what we experience now. The communication, transportation, and the way food is prepared – so many things are interesting to see and read about.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway, Carrie!

  37. Ever since I was a kid and watched cowboy shows with my dad, I have loved western history. I guess it’s just natural that I enjoy writing about that time period.

    This looks like a fun contest, Carrie. I hope your local book launches go well. I wish I lived close enough to come.

  38. Historical fiction just takes me to places that I would only hope to visit. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win your generous giveaway.

  39. I love reading historical fiction because it gives me the chance to “live” in another time. “The Governess of Highland Hall” is one of my absolute favorite books and I cannot wait to get my hands on “Daughter of Highland Hall.”

  40. I love to read historical fiction for several reasons: it’s a great way to learn more about history if the time period has been well-researched, it often takes me back to a more elegant time period with beautiful gowns and wonderful old buildings, and in settings I can only visit through books. I have a feeling it’s much more fun to read about these times than to have actually lived then. When I was a teen, I read a lot of Victoria Holt romantic historical suspense, so I’ve had a soft spot for England ever since.

  41. I enjoy contemporary and historical fiction with good character interactions and humor. I’m hoping I’ll see my name on the winners list one Friday this month 🙂

  42. I like historical books because you get to learn about and experience a different era. I’m thankful to be born in the 20th century but it’s fun to go back in books!

  43. I love reading history and when you get to read about history in story form that makes it all the the better! Mostly it’s curiosity that draws me to hear how people lived and survived. Thanks Carrie for this great opportunity and blessings to you! Jenny
    jennydtipton at gmail dot com

  44. Thank-you for hosting this giveaway. The Daughter of Highland Hall looks lovely!
    What I love most about historical fiction is gaining a better understanding of the mindsets of the people who lived then. 🙂

  45. I love all the clothes and beautiful homes/mansions. I love those years but the thing I love the most is I don’t have to live then to enjoy it. I wouldn’t have been a good servant and I never could have sat still that long! : ) Thank you for the wonderful info and pics and the gifts you are giving away . . . really special! Can’t wait to read it.

  46. I read historical fiction because I love history and I secretly long to while away my days wondering what it would be like to be mistress of a large estate and grounds!;)

  47. I love well-researched books that teach me about a different era. I especially love when I’m so swept into a story and characters that I feel like I’m there with them. (I have The Governess of Highland Hall in my TBR stack and can’t wait to get to it. I think it will be right up my alley!)

  48. I like reading historical fiction because there has to be some real history in it. I love history, and have spent many hours (on accident!) reading history books when I should have been working.

  49. AHHHH! Yay! I’m so excited about this book (I actually have it on pre-order, but a signed copy would be fabulous to have!!!!!). I enjoy historical because it’s wonderful… The elegance, the history, the beauty you can almost touch. There’s something whimsical and yet real about reading of people in another era, dealing with issues that we might be facing. Plus I love teacups and a well-written Duke. 😉

  50. You must have had a lot of fun putting these amazing prize packages together. They are so lovely!
    Even if I am not one of the lucky winners I know I will still very much enjoy reading Daughter Of Highland Hall. Congrats on the release!


    • I love Historical Fiction because it gives a story to history. I love history on its own, even those boring dates, but stories make it so much more fun.

  51. Hi Carrie! Congratulations on this new book…I can’t wait to read it! Best wishes for great success to a wonderful author and even wonderful-er person.
    Send my greetings to Scott, too.

  52. Oops…I was supposed to say something about historical fiction…
    Well-researched and well-written historical fiction is such a clear window through which to see and appreciate the past. While homeschooling my kids I relied on it to help them develop a love for history they wouldn’t have had by reading dry textbooks. It’s still my favorite genre because it has a deeper meaning than “just” fiction.

  53. I love historical books due to the historical details and the chance to catch a glimpse of what was like in by gone era’s.
    I’m looking forward to reading your newest book!

  54. I love reading about historical fiction/English historical fiction, because it is very exciting and eye-opening about learning about a time period so much different from your own. It feels foreign to you, but so wonderful (at times!) and very engaging and easy to grab your (the reader’s) attention. Also, I am of an English/Scottish/Irish heritage so I enjoy learning about quirks, etc that my family may have had (regional food/festivals/quirks/etc). Thank you very much for this giveaway opportunity!

  55. I love being transformed into a totally different person and a totally different time when I read historical fiction. Lives so different from my own!

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

  56. Historical fiction brings history to life by immersing the reader in the customs, fashion, and architecture of the period. I find that it also exposes me to people, places, and events that were not covered in during my school years.
    It’s intriguing and worth my time because it allows me to discover new worlds. I enjoy retreating into good historical fiction!!

  57. I love reading historical novels because they take me to an era so much different from our modern society with the different customs in English society

  58. I just love the time period, it was such an innocent time for women, and they were vulnerable in many ways. reading these historical fiction books, just lets me relax and join the character’s lives for a while.

  59. Historicals which are set in England have always been my favorite since they are fascinating and give me insight into the culture, society, mores and lifestyle. the characters and their relationships, dilemmas and failures and successes.

  60. I am reading Brideshead Revisited and also started Outlander. I would love to win one of these prizes. Thanks for this opportunity!

  61. I would rather read historical romances than modern day books. I especially like books set overseas, like Scotland, Ireland and England. I can’t wait till Downton Abbey starts up again in January, love that show.

  62. I find books on historical England fascinating. I am currently searching one of my ancestors – so far we’re back into the early 1500’s in England. I’m looking forward to learning more!

  63. I have always enjoyed studying history-almost majored in it; as a child,I loved reading historical novels and that has carried over to today!! I love to get ‘transported’ back in time via books!! What better way to ‘learn’ customs,language,culture,than through a good novel!! Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these great gifts!!!

  64. I’ve enjoyed historicals since reading the American Girl books in elementary school. I think it’s a combination of learning about a different time period and the often more … refined or respectful way more people approached romantic relationships (not always, but many did). And I’m kind of an Anglophobe, so anything British …. just let me imagine those awesome British accents in my head … 😉

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    The Artist Librarian

  65. I love reading historical fiction. It’s nice to visit other times and to learn how they lived. I’m excited to read about the Edwardian period.

  66. Thank you for a chance to win! I love reading historical fiction because I can be taken back in time and to different places while learning a little history. I am also fond of the dresses they wore during that time period. ~ Blessings ~

  67. I have always loved history – except memorizing the dates…lol – so I love historical fiction. I visited England many years ago, and would love to visit again. Any story featuring England, castles, etc. makes my to be read list!

  68. I really do enjoy historical fiction — it’s fun to add imagination to events that we know about ‘broadly’ but not intimately. Speculation is always interesting!! I love the time period of tea and gowns and dressing for dinner, so these books are just downright enjoyable!! (And, just so y’all know, the 10th is my birthday and what a fabulous way to celebrate!!) LOL! Congrats on the new book launch!! 🙂

  69. Since I didn’t live in that era, reading Historical novels gives me a chance to “go there” and live thru t he characters in the book.

  70. I love English historical fiction! I feel like I was born in the wrong era (and country). I am fascinated by the way people lived their lives, how they dressed, how they talked…it is all so interesting to me. I can’t get enough Jane Austen and am thoroughly hooked on Downton Abbey.

  71. I love reading about the past and how it used to be, especially in Europe. While I think a lot of it is romantic, I have to admit I am glad I didn’t live back then. I would however, love to take a few days trip there just to soak up the atmosphere and experience first hand how they acted and to see it in all of it’s glory.

    Books about that era excite me because I love finding out how history unfolded there and how it relates to us here in the U.S.

  72. I love reading historical fiction because it makes me feel like I am living during that time period, and I can imagine what it may have been like for my ancestors

  73. I love historical fiction because I love living history, and reading a story set in the past not only makes me feel like I’m learning something, but it sticks with me better than just reading facts in a history book. And I’m a sucker for a good romance, too. 🙂

  74. I love reading Historical novels set in England…..such a refined era……so different from life today! It’s fun to try to imagine living in that time and place as you read the stories…can’t wait to read Daughter of Highland Hall!

  75. I just love the sofistication of that entire era. The aristocrats, the Ton. I love the whole “coming out” when you reached a certain age too. It’s a very different life than what we know and an enjoyment to read. Can’t wait to read your latest, The Daughter of Highland Hall! Thank you for such generous prizes!

  76. The best thing about historical fiction is finishing the novel, then going on an internet search to learn more about the time period, and the facts in the story. I love learning new things!

  77. I discovered The Governess of Highland Hall when I just happened to pick it up on a whim in a bookstore while looking around in the Christian fiction section. I knew I would love it after reading the description, and was proven correct! This book is a combination of all of my favorite things: my faith, Christian romance, the British, and the early 1900’s time period! I was beyond thrilled to find out that it was part of a series, and the new book is out right in time for my birthday! Thank you for reminding me how much I still love to read, despite graduate school stealing my joy for a couple of years!

  78. I love historical novels because they transport me to a time I can’t have personal knowledge of. I love it when an author makes the time and people come alive! Thank you for the opportunity in this giveaway. =)

  79. I like reading historical fiction because it carries me back to a time period that I never have been before.

  80. I love reading! Especially historical romance. I love to get carried away, living every waking moment in the character. Most times I am even inspired by the characters I am reading. I wonder as to how I would react if this were me. I truly become that person. Thank you for a chance to win you book. God Bless

  81. The thing I love the most about reading historical fiction is being able to be transported to another time and place and experience the way people used to live, with all their elegant manners, fancy dinners and beautiful homes. 🙂

  82. Mikala was reading your book before as we were leaving the bookstore.She loves it.I just might get to read it when she’s done as she’s promised a fried of ours she could read it.I’d love to win your next package as I love all the things you are giving away.I’m a book nut.Would rather read than watch TV.

  83. I enjoy reading historical novels because I love the mannerisms, history and just being able to feel transported to another time and place.

    Thanks for the prizes, beautiful cover!


  84. I love reading about the customs, the clothing, hairstyles, the food, and just the people in general. It all makes for a great read.

  85. I love to read about history, it’s the story of my ancestors lives after all!!

    I’m both baffled and astonished at how people managed to live and love a midst all the restrictions and constraints lol!! 🙂

    I would not last long that’s for sure – I think I would probably have ended up as a pirate or something equally as rebellious 🙂

  86. I love to read Historical fiction. Especially the books in England! I do a lot of research for genealogy and these types of books depict some of the same life my ancestors lived. Its fun to imagine that lifestyle.

  87. I love your book covers and love seeing your pictures from your book parties. I would love to attend but live so far away so I will pretend that I am there. Congratulations on the book. I enjoy period history so much. Can’t wait for Down Town Abby to start back up also. Love you Blogs.

  88. Historical Fiction is my favorite! I especially enjoy learning something new about a time period, event or place. I also love the chivalry!

  89. I love reading historical fiction because it gives me an idea of what society was like in different time periods and in different parts of the world.

  90. I think the thing I like most is that people were for the most part moral. And the clothes were amazing. I love the dresses!

  91. Reading historical works brings the past to light. It is like being able to step back in time and “be there”.
    Love it!

  92. Reading historical fiction lets me travel back in time and see all these amazing time periods that I’d never get to see otherwise!

  93. Love this series of books and looking forward to the book launch party this Saturday at Paris in a Cup. I will be meeting up with you Carrie and meeting other people who truly enjoy your writing…the common thread.

  94. Through this contest I was just introduced to “The Daughter of Highland Hall” series. I am so excited as I am going to look for book 1 and red it ASAP. I so enjoy reading historical novels. They bring me to a time I wish I had been born in.

  95. I love historical fiction because it lets me “time travel” to another era and get a glimpse of that time period.

  96. I love historical fiction because even though the characters go through difficulties times just seem simpler. I also love the fashion, they dressed like ladies. All in all it’s a pleasant escape from the everyday stresses. Thanks for the opportunity to win. The cover of The Daughter of Highland Hall is enticing and looks like a great read!

  97. I LOVE historical fiction because of the non fiction things I learn. I never liked history in school and I’ve begun to think it’s because of the way the books were written. I have learned SO much about history just by reading and reviewing GREAT and entertaining stories. As far as loving English set historical fiction I’ve always loved and been interested in Europe especially England! I’ve always wanted to go there and I find the setting and countryside that I’ve read about and seen portrayed amazing! 🙂 And there’s just something about the time and the way people lived I just find it all very intriguing. So I really don’t have much of an answer I just love it! LOL!

    Blessings, Amada (pronounced: a.m.a.th.a)

  98. I like historical novels for the glimpse into the past. I know much research goes into each novel to keep the work as close to accurate as possible, and I love and appreciate that. Set in England, I enjoy novels that include the Queen’s English in the speaking. This one looks love and I look forward to reading it!

  99. Historical fiction is my favorite genre. I especially love stories set in England, Ireland, Scotland as I have always wanted to visit the UK. I just love the descriptions of the homes, clothes, and customs.

  100. These prize packages look awesome. I love to read historical romances because you get to take a peek at what life was like back then. You can imagine the story and be transported back in time. It’s always nice to leave all your problems behind and immerse yourself in the characters lives.

  101. I have always been a huge fan of historical fiction, beginning in 2nd-grade when my teacher turned me on to a series of historical novels for children about famous people from the 1700s and 1800s. And then when I was 11 or so, I read “Gone with the Wind,” and became hooked on the genre. My favorite works are stories of Tudor England, but I love all historical subjects.

  102. I the old fashioned days!!!! Wow I love to win a prize, your books always awesome, I’m sorry to say I haven’t read any of them yet but I would love the chance to!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway and God Bless you!!!
    I love Christian fiction like, Christian Romance, Historical fiction, Mystery and maybe some others!

  103. I love historical novels because they bring me back to that time and place….so romantic, so interesting, so intriguing!! Can’t wait to read!

  104. My mom got me hooked on books when I was in my teens, I absolutely love reading!! Especially historical romances!! Thank you to all the great writers for sharing your stories with me! You have made my dreams better!

  105. Carrie, these have been amazing giveaways! Thank you for your book and the opportunity to promote it.

    Love the necklace in this giveaway. Would definitely give the book to a friend … since I already have one. The teacup would be a lovely addition to my collection. 🙂

  106. I love reading historical fiction like this. You can get swept away and enter another time. It is really interesting to see the differing social etiquette and attitudes, yet the people have the same feelings and desires as we have today. Still, they have to conform to the society in which they live. And it is fun to see how they deal with the expectations and frustrations they experience.

  107. I love reading historical fiction. I always feel like I am transported back in time. I actually have a bachelor’s degree in history and currently taking classes to pursue an MLS in Library Science.

  108. I love Jane Austen, so novels that are based in England always draw me in. I have not read any of your novels, but after doing the scavenger hunt I am really excited to do so. The gift prizes your giving away are beautiful! Especially the tea cup, since drinking tea for me is an every day thing. 🙂

  109. I love that they give more of history that what a person may have learned in history books. I feel it gives us more to look at. Almost like you are there but still being in the present.

    Great giveaway. Hope I’m the lucky winner.

  110. Historical fiction is my favorite to read becuase I love
    learning more about that era and the ways and traditions
    of that time. It is a step back in fime and escape to a different time in our history. This book, Daughter of Highland Hall looks wonderful. Looking forward to reading this series.

  111. I just found you and your books on Novel Crossing. I will have to purchase your first book in this series and read it. Christian historical fiction is my favorite genre.

  112. I love to escape to the past in the pages of a book. I especially love to read books set in England, Ireland, and Scotland. I just love those places. That and my ancestry is English on my fathers side and Scottish on my Mother’s.

  113. I can’t say enough about the daughter of Highland Hall. After reading . the first book I couldn’t wait for this book. I would rate them a 10 each if I could. I can hardly wait for book 3. As I read I get drawn into them like I’m leaving there. When I find them in the store I’m going to buy up , copies of both books for Christmas gifts.

  114. Wonderful gift baskets! Congrats, Carrie – looking forward to reading your book just as soon as I’m done reading one I said I’d review. It will help the wait until Jan. 4th. hahahahahaha!!!

  115. I have loved reading historical fiction every since I was a young girl reading Little House on the Prairie. It’s such a different way of life than what we live today and I have always been drawn to their dress and mannerisms, especially the regency elite.

  116. Congrats to your book and YAY for the wonderful giveaway! You are sure very generous with the prizes!

    As for what I love about reading historical fiction, especially stories set in England – well, it´s the feeling. British culture is like no else, with the gallantry, dry humour, weather, hunting seasons, ballrooms, dandys, gentlemans, lovely heroines – utterly romantic but not too sweet, witty but not arrogant, friendly but not obsessive. Like an old friend!

  117. I think my favorite thing about reading historical fiction is getting to “experience” what life was like in other time periods. 🙂
    Can’t WAIT to read Daughter of Highland Hall!

  118. After reading your blog, I am so looking forward to finding a copy of your new book and having a chance to read it. I love reading books that take me back in time!

  119. I am glad to find another author of historical fiction. I have enjoyed reading these types of books and have been working on writing one. But it hasnt been easy. I was also glad to connect with you on Pinterest.

  120. Although I know the historical time periods weren’t as nice as I like to pretend, I really enjoy the stories set in the various time periods because I’ve always enjoyed thinking of the nicer points of the time. Also I just love history.

  121. I love good historical fiction, especially Christian. I have not actually read any of this series, but I’m looking forward to getting my hands on them!

  122. I enjoy historical fiction because it gives a glimpse of a time and place we will never see. The history of England is fascinating to me because my husband’s family came from England.

  123. I like historicals but I am glad to live in the present and in USA. I would hate to wear the heavy dresses and corsets. Have to be proper all the time and marry who your parents dictate.

  124. My favorite part about historical fiction is the accuracy in it. I have learned so many interesting things about different time periods. Things I have learned about while reading have inspired me to do my own research online to find out more. Sometimes I actually feel transported to the setting of the book I am reading. That is the mark of an excellent author to be able to do that to their readers.

  125. What I love about reading historical fiction is that it takes you to another world. You can escape from the troubles of today for a brief time.

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