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My name is Carrie Turansky and I write historical and contemporary  novels and novellas set in the US and England. I’m excited to tell you about my novella, Shelter in the Storm, one of six historical holiday novellas included in A Joyful Christmas.

When North and South went to war in 1861, a small legion of men in civilian clothes went with them. Instead of weapons they carried pencils and pads of paper, and instead of setting out to take Richmond or Washington, their goal was to capture on paper the look of the war. They were the battlefield artists, the men who brought home to the people behind the lines the scenes of battle that were deciding the fate of the nation.

One of the most famous was Alfred R. Waud, the man Harper’s Weekly Illustrated Newspaper called “Our Special Artist.”

Portraits of the great generals, scenes in camp and field, the look of battle –all came from Waud’s pencil. Along with his drawings he often sent firsthand accounts of what he had seen, acting as an informal reporter as well as an artist. People of the Union literally saw the Civil War through his eyes.”

Alfred Waud went to great lengths to travel with the troops in order to bring the news of the war home. He was dedicated to the Union cause, and I wanted the hero in Shelter in the Storm to reflect many of those same qualities — faithfulness, courage, and dedication. A Joyful Christmas is an inspiring and romantic holiday collection sure to lift your spirit. Here are some samples of Waud’s artwork.

Here are the Stop #3 Basics:

You can order A Joyful Christmas online at Amazon, Christianbook.com, Barnes & Noble or visit your local bookstore.

Clue to Write Down: of COVID

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But wait!  Before you go, I’m giving away an eBook copy of  Moonlight Over Manhattan, a heartwarming contemporary romance.  To enter fill out the Rafflecopter form below. The winner will be chosen by random and notified on October 20 by email. Hope you enjoy the hunt!

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157 replies
  1. Angelica
    Angelica says:

    I am so excited to read some of these books in the Scavenger Hunt. During this interesting year of COVID teaching I definitely need something to help me relax.

  2. Suzanne Sellner
    Suzanne Sellner says:

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading during this COVID shutdown/slowdown. I just finished reading The Cedar Key by Stephenia McGee and am listening to A Mosaic of Wings by Kimberly Duffy.

  3. Tashia M Jennings
    Tashia M Jennings says:

    I have been reading various Christmas books, getting ready for the holiday season thanks to Hallmark channel playing Christmas movies.

  4. Rebecca White
    Rebecca White says:

    I did not leave a book I had enjoyed recently so one I have enjoyed is Empowered by God by Linda Evans Shepherd- I usually read fiction but this one is nonfiction. It shows the power of praying the armor of God over ourselves and our loved ones.

  5. Stacy Davis
    Stacy Davis says:

    I don’t believe I have ever read anything that you have written, but I especially love historical fiction set in England. My most recent read was a Dorothy Eden classic “Death is a Red Rose.”

  6. Debora Wilder
    Debora Wilder says:

    I loved reading about the battlefield artists. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for the chance to win an ebook copy of Moonlight Over Manhattan.

  7. Patricia Barraclough
    Patricia Barraclough says:

    I recently read BEACHSIDE BEGINNINGS by Sheila Roberts. It is not Christian fiction fiction, but a very good read. Three women are at critical points in their lives where change is needed. The support we give one another is as important as the courage it takes to face the realities of life and what needs to be done.

  8. Bekah
    Bekah says:

    I’m currently reading the Carolina Coast series by T.I. Lowe and have been enjoying it! Very interested in your novella! I love history and historical fiction, but had not heard of the traveling artists during the Civil War.

  9. Nancy Shaw
    Nancy Shaw says:

    Last nght I read the fantastic book- The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson. What a fantastic book, I am in awe of such a wonderful story of the pack horse riding librarians following their route giving out books to the mountain people of Kentucky!

  10. Rosalyn
    Rosalyn says:

    I’d love to read this, thanks for doing a lovely giveaway! A good book I read recently – The Love Note by Joanna Davidson Politano
    rosalyn at allofakindmom at gmail dot com

  11. Phyllis
    Phyllis says:

    I have been enjoying your Highland Hall books and still need to read Penny’s book. I have really loved them! I also have a copy of Moonlight Over Manhattan and look forward to reading it! Thank you for using your God given talent to bless us readers. May you be blessed! ❤️

  12. Robyn Conners
    Robyn Conners says:

    I love historical fiction! Two non Christian books I just read, but were VERY good were The Song of the Jade Lily by Kristy Manning and Big Lies in a Small Town by Diane Chanberlain. Thank you for the giveaway! This new book sounds super interesting! I am look forward to reading it.

  13. Melinda M
    Melinda M says:

    I read Lean On Me by Pat Simmons. It is about three sisters being caregivers to their Aunt who has the beginnings of Dementia

  14. Priscila Perales
    Priscila Perales says:

    Wow, so fascinating! Thanks for sharing a bit more about your book 🙂 A book I’ve enjoyed recently was the A Hopeful Christmas anthology.

  15. Crystal Guyer
    Crystal Guyer says:

    I’ve been re-reading the entire Lilian Jackson Braun “The Cat Who…” series. I have all but the last one and have dropped the hint to my children for Christmas. She was a lovely lady who could write the most wonderful mysteries without ever having to throw in sex or profanity!

  16. Ashley K.
    Ashley K. says:

    So interesting! I will look forward to reading A Joyful Christmas. I recently finished, Freedom’s Ring by Heidi Chiavaroli and, The Curiosity Keeper by Sarah E. Ladd….both good books!

  17. Lorraine Boyd
    Lorraine Boyd says:

    Both books mentioned here sound wonderful. I am currently reading, Mexican Gothic for an online book club. I am reading outside my usual authors and picks. The silver lining to covid is all the zoom conferences and contests online. I know some contests were online pre-covid. I have come across many authors that are new to me.

  18. Susanna Hamilton
    Susanna Hamilton says:

    Thank you for sharing that information about the battlefield artists in the Civil War. I have always been really interested in the American Civil War and I love learning something new about it. Your novella sounds fascinating and I am now adding “A Joyful Christmas” to my Christmas list!

  19. Tish
    Tish says:

    I love Christmas stories and I always have a marathon of reading Christmas Books starting November 1 I will add this one to my list

  20. Ashley E Fluke
    Ashley E Fluke says:

    I recently enjoyed Kellyn Roth’s short story “Baby Mine”. I am distantly related to another artist, Peter F. Rothermel, who painted a famous piece of the battle of Gettysburg. 🙂 Would enjoy reading your book!

  21. Karis
    Karis says:

    This post reminds me of how much I love a good historical fiction book! I’m currently reading “Straight On Till Morning” and enjoying it so far!

  22. Deena Adams
    Deena Adams says:

    I recently read Rachel Hauck’s book, “The Writing Desk.” I loved following the writing journey of the two main characters set in a dual timeline. Thanks for the opportunity to win your Christmas book, Carrie!

  23. Faith Marshall
    Faith Marshall says:

    I am reading The Atonement Child and loving it. The writing and setup are brilliant, making everything play out so well, and I adore the symbolism!

  24. Robyn
    Robyn says:

    I recently read No ocean too wide, by Carrie Turansky. It was terrific and I’m not sure how I can wait until next year for part two. Her characters are so real and I feel like they are talking to me right beside me. I feel for them, I cry with them and cheer for them too. Such a great story.
    I’ve just completed The Number of Love by Roseanna M white. What a creative writing style and how her character Margot a code breaker thinks is numbers is brilliant and riveting.

  25. Robyn
    Robyn says:

    Thank you by the way Carrie for directing me to this fun game, it’s my first time doing the scavenger hunt.
    Love and blessings

  26. Rebekah Kasperson
    Rebekah Kasperson says:

    One of my favorite books that I have read recently is A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes. I love reading Christian books.

  27. Linda Palmer
    Linda Palmer says:

    Your book sounds interesting. I love historical novels set in the Civil War era. I just finished reading Watercolors by Lorna Seilstad.

  28. Jeanine Kowalewski
    Jeanine Kowalewski says:

    I’ve read several good books recently including Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale and Jaime Jo Wright’s The House on Foster Hill.

  29. Caroline
    Caroline says:

    I just finished a book from Pepper Basham’s Mitchell’s Crossroads, and am finishing the Dangerous Deceptions set of 8 books.

  30. Teresa S Mathews
    Teresa S Mathews says:

    Carrie I’m reading Lori Benton’s Mountain Laurel. A Joyful Christmas looks amazing. I love all that beautiful snow, something we rarely see in good ole South Carolina. Our Christmases can be a nice balmy 80 degrees. I’m hoping for one a tad cooler this year.

  31. Vickie Jameson
    Vickie Jameson says:

    Loving this scavenger hunt! First one I’ve done. Just finished a book called Kristallnacht. Very sad look into our past. Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Michelle Fidler
    Michelle Fidler says:

    I’m reading Murder on Trinity Place by Victoria Thompson. It’s set in 1900 in New York City. There are 23 books in this historical mystery series.

  33. Lisa Hudson
    Lisa Hudson says:

    I’ve read a little about the Civil War battlefield artists. Can you even imagine how perilous that must have been? I always enjoy your novels so much! Your characters are unforgettable!

  34. Sharon Sparks
    Sharon Sparks says:

    Carrie, I just finished your The Governess of Highland Hall (Edwardian Brides #1), and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I’m so anxious to read the entire series!

  35. Corianna Meyers
    Corianna Meyers says:

    I’m reading a series right now called Out of Time by Nadine Brandes. It’s my third time going through it. I forgot how gripping her writing is.

  36. Becky A Burkert
    Becky A Burkert says:

    I’m working through Jennifer Delamere’s London Beginnings series – just about done with book 2 – The Heart’s Appeal


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