Seeking His Love

Seeking His Love
Series: Bayside Treasures, Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Love Inspired
Publication Year: October 2010

Since losing his wife and child, widower Cam McKenna has tried to avoid children. But when he must temporarily care for his niece, Cam opens his home. With no idea how to relate to a fourteen-year-old girl, he seeks the advice of the new Christian Youth theater director. He's touched when Rachel Clark gives his niece a scholarship—and teaches him a thing or two about teens…and love. But why is Rachel so secretive about her past? The truth threatens their fragile relationship yet promises to bring them closer to each other—and the Lord— than either dreamed possible.

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Book Description:

False accusations by a former student haunt Rachel Clark, the new director of the Northcoast Christian Youth Theater. Seeking to make a fresh start in Fairhaven, she rents space for her group from an artists’ cooperative led by handsome frame shop owner Cameron McKenna. To keep his financially strapped co-op afloat, Cam agrees to include Rachel’s program, but he’s not sure he can trust the beautiful director, especially when past secrets come to light. Then Cam must temporarily care for his fourteen-year-old niece, and he needs Rachel’s advice. Will he risk his heart and his future to help Rachel save the youth theater program and rebuild her reputation?

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“This book had my full attention from the first chapter and then I couldn’t put it down. Rachel Clark is a drama teacher looking to make a fresh start and from the moment she meets Cam McKenna there is tension and determination from them both. Cam lost his wife and son in a car accident years ago and continues to blame himself for their deaths. Even though he has recovered from the devastation he is fierce and overly protective of his business. He has no intention of allowing Rachel, the new Christian Youth theater director, to take over the auditorium with kids and young adults to carry out their summer drama program. The more he intends to stay away from her the more he ends up getting to know her. Then his niece is sent to stay the summer with him and Rachel steps in to help. Once a friendship starts between them, they develop respect and understanding for one another that turns into trust.

Can Rachel really outrun her past with this new opportunity or will she be forced to confront the very circumstance that caused her to resign and relocate? Will Cam be able to find his faith again after dealing with such a tragic loss? And what about Melanie, the woman who has a crush on Cam and continues to challenge Rachel?

I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end and I cried my heart out at the end. One of my favorite scenes in this story is when Cam bravely goes back to church after turning his back on God and the message that morning is about the prodigal son, so appropriate! He is so moved by it that it completely changes his outlook and deepens his walk with God once again. I would have thought this wasn’t possible in reality, but I have witnessed this happening in church a lot this year. There are so many broken people riddled with guilt and bitterness and one visit to church gives God the chance to reach out to comfort and love them on the spot as they need to be. I was able to connect with the characters in this story as if I was there with them and the romance was not forced or unrealistic. I also loved the themes of forgiveness and redemption; they were illustrated so well by Turansky that I was completely moved more than once in the story. Lately there are so many stories of teachers, both men and women, who are found guilty of having sexual encounters with their students. It’s both sad and disgusting. What we don’t hear about is that there are several teachers who are dedicated, professional, trustworthy leaders who work hard and often go unrecognized. I believe this story gives a great example of these sorts of teachers with Rachel and her commitment to let her students shine. I highly recommend Seeking His Love to anyone wanting an easy read, with a big dose of God’s love, and a cast of characters that feel like friends.”

— By Kara Grant, November 2011

“I am primarily a historical romance reader, but its contemporary authors like Carrie Turansky who go a long way in changing my mind. Talk about a love-at-first-read novel that has everything romance readers want—an engaging heroine with something to hide, a handsome hero hardened by his past, and a cast of characters so real they could be plucked from our own lives. In a refreshing story of faith, hope and unexpected love, Ms. Turansky captures readers with flesh-and-blood characters and a well-woven plot that both touch the heart and stir the soul, lingering there well beyond the last page.”

— Julie Lessman, author of A Passion Most Pure and A Hope Undaunted

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Seeking His love takes place in Fairhaven, the unique historic section of Bellingham, Washington. It is located in the far northwest corner of the state on Bellingham Bay, which is part of Puget Sound. Fairhaven is about 90 miles north of Seattle and 50 miles south of the Canadian border, near the beautiful San Juan Islands. Ferries to Victoria, British Columbia, the San Juan Islands, and Alaska depart from Fairhaven each week. The community takes pride in its history, and the Old Fairhaven Association sponsors several events each year to promote Fairhaven as a community while preserving its historic character.

I included many Fairhaven businesses, events, and sites in the story: The Taylor Dock, South Bay Trail, Fairhaven Village Green, Village Books, The Colophon Café, Katie’s Cupcakes, The WPA Bridge over Whatcom Falls, The Ski to Sea Race and Fairhaven Festival. Of course, some of the settings and businesses are fictional, such as the The Northcoast Christian Youth Theater and the Fairhaven Art Center and Cooperative, but that type of group would definitely feel at home in Fairhaven.

I enjoyed researching Fairhaven! I hope if you are in the NW you will stop in and visit our friends there. Find out what’s happening in Fairhaven!


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