Waiting for His Return

Stand Alone Novella

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Releases November 7, 2017

The daughter of a wealthy Tennessee doctor falls in love with an injured artist-correspondent on assignment to cover the battles near Union occupied Nashville.

The year is 1864 and the Civil War is raging on. British born James Galloway, a “special artist” for Harper’s Weekly, travels with the Union troops, sketching battle scenes to bring war news home to those in the North. It’s dangerous work, but he is committed to the Union cause. When he is captured along with the troops, he  spends several months in a prison camp. Finally, he escapes and travels north, hoping to reach the Union lines, but a bushwhacker attacks him, steals his horse, and leaves him for dead at the side of the road.

Rachel Thornton, a kind-hearted doctor’s daughter takes James into their to home and nurses him while he recovers. Her feelings for James grow, but she has already lost one man she loves in the war. How can she give James her heart, when she know he may be another casualty.