Hi Friends, We authors love our readers, and we want to celebrate Valentine’s Week by sharing a little love with you! I’ve teamed up with the five authors pictured above for a fun giveaway. We all write English historical novels and are eager to share them with you! Let me tell you a little about these authors and their books and how to enter the giveaway.

Julie Klassen is the author of many award-winning novels set in England. She often likes to include a mystery as well as inspiration and romance in her stories. Julie has taken groups with her to England to visit some of the locations where her novels are set and share her love of England. Julie worked in publishing for sixteen years and now writes full-time from her home in Minnesota. She is giving away a copy of her latest novel, The Bridge to Belle Island.

Roseanna White is a talented author who also edits, designs book covers, and partners with her husband to run their own publishing company, WhiteFire Publishing. Her latest two series are set during WW One in England. She homeschools her two children and writes amazing historical novels. Roseanna is giving away a copy of her latest novel in the Code Breakers Series, On Wings of Devotion.

Susan Anne Mason writes Edwardian novels from her home in Ontario, Canada. Her latest stories in the Canadian Crossings Series are set in England and Canada. Susan and I both have an interest in British Home Children, and we have shared research and helped each other on our latest books. Susan will be giving away a copy of her latest novel, The Brightest of Dreams.


Carolyn Miller is a prolific author of Regency Romance from Australia. Her first English historical novel released in 2017 and she has released nine novels since then! I love the way Carolyn weaves such meaningful inspirational threads through her stories. Carolyn and I were roommates at the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in 2018, and we have been fast friends since. Carolyn is giving away a copy of her latest novel, Misleading Miss Verity

Sarah Ladd’s first Regency novel, The Heiress of Winterwood, released in 2013 and she has written eight more since then. Each series has a unique English setting and characters that capture your heart. Sarah lives in Indiana with her family and her spunky Golden Retriever. She will be giving away a copy of her novel that was just released, The Thief of Lanwyn Manor. 


Carrie Turansky, that’s me! I recently released my 20th novel last summer, No Ocean Too Wide, and I’m working on the sequel now. I loved traveling to England twice on research trips to learn more about the people, settings, and culture I want to include in my novels. I’m a Downton Abbey fan, and that’s what inspired me to start writing novels set in that era, beginning with The Governess of Highland Hall, book one in the Edwardian Brides Series. I’ll be giving away a copy of my latest release, No Ocean Too Wide.

The Be Our Valentine Giveaway runs February 10 – 15 and is open to US and International readers. One winner will receive all six novels pictured above. To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form below, and please share this giveaway with friends who enjoy reading English Historical Romance. Thanks so much! Remember you are loved. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until next time ~ happy reading,


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  1. Elizabeth Litton
    Elizabeth Litton says:

    Valentine’s Day can be every day just by showing love in acts of service, kind words, giving a hug, etc. Books and chocolate are an awesome way to share love on Valentine’s Day!

    I wish I had Instagram, but I don’t.

  2. Suzanne Sellner
    Suzanne Sellner says:

    I work part time at an after-school learning center. Most of the teachers there are retired public/private school teachers, and we love working with just one or a few students at a time. My partner and I are giving our students Valentine’s pencils with little heart erasers for Valentine’s Day. The students love having their own pencils and erasers to use at home, and they love the attention we give them. They are so cute!

  3. Judi Imperato
    Judi Imperato says:

    I would love to read these books, I love reading English historical novels, they are my favorite reads. Thank you for the opportunity to win them in this giveaway.

  4. Alicia Haney
    Alicia Haney says:

    Good Morning, I love to give little somethings to my husband, my now 2 grown children and their spouses, and to my 3 grandchildren. Thank you for the chance at this giveaway , that is so sweet of you all. I love all these authors , you alls books sound very good and the covers are Beautiful. May you all have a Very Happy Valentines Day! God Bless you all.

  5. Bonnie H
    Bonnie H says:

    Since my father died, I love making my Mom feel special on Valentine’s Day by giving her flowers, candy, and a special card. It means a lot to her, and to me.
    My husband and I celebrate together, and we send fun Valentines to our grandsons. ❤?

  6. Winnie Thomas
    Winnie Thomas says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! My husband and I usually go out to dinner the night before Valentine’s Day. We found out the hard way that it’s very crowded in our favorite restaurants if we go on Valentine’s Day. We’ve been married for 51 years and usually keep it low key.

  7. Connie Porter Saunders
    Connie Porter Saunders says:

    I still send Valentine’s Day cards by snail mail and I try to pick out people that don’t normally get much mail. I remember the days of stuffing valentines in the boxes at school and how exciting it was to get them!
    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway.

    • Angelique
      Angelique says:

      Showing love on Valentines Day, by spending time with loved ones. With the busy lives we have in today’s day and age, we have to make time to spend with the people we love. Life is too short.

  8. Perrianne Askew
    Perrianne Askew says:

    We keep Valentine’s Day pretty simple and avoid the madness of restaurants that day. We may get flowers or chocolate that day. We will usually eat out on the following weekend.

  9. Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds
    Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds says:

    I’m going to help our pastors wife clean the parsonage on Valentine’s Day as they retired and are moving. Showing love to His servants.

  10. Angie
    Angie says:

    The greatest thing to do is make Valentine goodies for widows and shut ins.Then visit with the widows and shut ins with my children.

  11. Patrice Doten
    Patrice Doten says:

    What a great lineup! Forget flowers, books are the ideal Valentine’s Day gift as far as I’m concerned. Though I definitely don’t turn my nose up at chocolate. ?

  12. Faith Creech
    Faith Creech says:

    We are teaching a class of Asians from Malaysia Baptist Seminary in Colorado over the holiday. We are showing them lots of love!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Teri DiVincenzo
    Teri DiVincenzo says:

    I belong to a penpal group and we often exchange valentines. It is so much fun to celebrate the love that we have found in friendship! My hubby is my valentine every day, so we don’t fuss too much, but always made it a point to celebrate in some small way.

  14. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    For me the best way to share the day with my husband would be a walk on the beach to just enjoy the water and each other.
    Thank you, Carrie, for introducing me to your fellow authors.

  15. Charlotte
    Charlotte says:

    We celebrate my husband’s birthday on Valentine’s Day with a DQ heart-shaped ice cream cake but eat out at a restaurant on another day when it’s less crowded ?

  16. Melissa Andres
    Melissa Andres says:

    I love to cook my husband a very special meal for Valentine’s Day. This year we’re going to be out of town though, so we’re going out!

  17. Linda McFarland
    Linda McFarland says:

    A fun way to celebrate is a special dinner at home with a special dessert. Also, leaving little notes or surprises in different places. Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  18. Sheila Moore
    Sheila Moore says:

    This is a wonderful gift! Thank you so much for your sharing and giving, kindnesses and encouragement! What a Blessing!

  19. Patti Bond
    Patti Bond says:

    My brother is a dialysis patient and I made a small donation to the American Kidney Foundation and he will get a Valentine Card from them

  20. Beth
    Beth says:

    can’t believe it is this friday … time flies … i’ll spend time with the hubby. my parents during the day. hoping for great weather. have a great week. thx for this chance. good luck all. ( ;

  21. MarshaJ
    MarshaJ says:

    We celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 15th, the day when Valentine’s chocolate and flowers are discounted. More bang for our buck! Lol!

  22. Trudy
    Trudy says:

    I’ll be taking my Mom out for Valentine’s Day, but we may be going a day early, since she has to have a procedure done for skin cancer Valentine’s Day.

  23. Faith Posten
    Faith Posten says:

    What an amazing list of great authors and wonderful sounding books as well. Although my favorite genre is contemporary suspense with romance, I also thoroughly enjoy historical novels as well. I have read after most of the afore mentioned authors and have greatly enjoyed their books. Thank you for this awesome opportunity. Right now, I’m unable to reopen a new Facebook account after being hacked, etc. But when I can I will get back to it.

  24. S.P.
    S.P. says:

    I love to hide cute Valentine cards around the house for my husband to find. And he always gets one from the pups. Thank you so much for doing this!

  25. Mimi
    Mimi says:

    Well, a fun way to show someone you love them would be by surprising them. My husband and I enjoy surprising each other! We’ve planned on making cannoli for the first time on Friday!

  26. Cheryl-Lynn Adams
    Cheryl-Lynn Adams says:

    So excited for this opportunity to win a great line up of books! For Valentines I like to get my kids Valentine’s themed balloons and candy hearts. My husband and I enjoy a night out but usually not on Valentine’s Day since restaurants are so busy!

  27. Linda Palmer
    Linda Palmer says:

    We try to do something out of the ordinary. This year we will be preparing frozen Chinese food. Sometimes we have a special dessert.

  28. Alondra
    Alondra says:

    I think we ladies have often made Valentine’s day all about us, what the man in our life can do for us, but we need to also do something for him. Since restaurants are bound to be very busy on February 14, why not make him a special dinner at home with all his favourites, of course including a special dessert. Then the next day or when it’s convenient he can take you out for a meal when the restaurants are not so busy. A lot of men really don’t like Valentine’s day, this is one way to get them to like it.

  29. Pam Kellogg
    Pam Kellogg says:

    I work as a special ed para at an elementary school so I bring valentines and candy for the classes I work with (five this year). It’s fun to see the excitement of the children and to see the valentines they give to me.
    Thanks for this great book giveaway. These are all authors whose books I enjoy reading.

  30. Maria Mast
    Maria Mast says:

    We don’t usually do much for Valentine’s, but this year I bought a special gift for each of my kiddos and will prolly add a small heart of chocolates to it yet! ?

  31. Kelly R
    Kelly R says:

    I don’t have a romantic Valentine, but I take time to focus extra on God’s unconditional and amazing love. I also love to bake something Valentine-y, and maybe watch a romantic comedy if I’m in the mood, haha.

  32. Ashley Fluke
    Ashley Fluke says:

    Spending time with loved ones, be it a spouse, boyfriend, parent, children, friend. I enjoy making Valentines with my kids and surprising my husband with either a special meal, a night out, or a homemade gift.

  33. anne rightler
    anne rightler says:

    My husband likes to send flowers to our girls (2 daughters and one daughterIL) and he sometimes brings me chocolate. I used to send little goody boxes to the grandkids but they have pretty much outgrown that or their parents have decided no candy! It’s fun to send a card to friends too.

  34. Misty
    Misty says:

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Have a great Valentines Day. My husband and I are celebrating 20 Years together at that time.

  35. Debbie Clatterbuck
    Debbie Clatterbuck says:

    Since I have no significant other, I spend Valentine’s Day with my youngest daughter who still lives with me. I can’t honestly think of how to make a fun Valentine’s Day except to tell my daughters how much I love them and my granddaughters as well.

  36. Rita Stella Galieh
    Rita Stella Galieh says:

    As a fulltime caregiver to my sweetheart who has cancer, I am thrilled he will be with me this year for Valentine’s Day. Not sure what to do that could be more special than just having him with me . . .

  37. Kathleen Denly
    Kathleen Denly says:

    It really depends on the couple involved, but one way is to plan a special evening together doing something you both enjoy but don’t always get to do. Whether that’s an afternoon hike, a fine dining experience, or a night at home while your kids stay the night elsewhere, if you both enjoy it and enjoy each other’s company, that’s a Valentine’s win in my book.

  38. Sabrina Templin
    Sabrina Templin says:

    I like sending cards to people with stickers on them, also! 😀 This year i joined in Gaelntine exchanges. They were sooo fun! 😀

  39. Nicole Drysdale
    Nicole Drysdale says:

    Thanks so much for such a fun giveaway. I’ve read some of these authors and others are new to me! Can’t wait to start reading!!
    I love our tradition of giving a book and a rose to each other and our kids.

  40. Tina Rice
    Tina Rice says:

    Great list of books! I have read half of the books listed and hope to read the others.
    We usually spend a quiet evening at home for Valentine’s Day.
    Blessings, Tina

  41. Rhoda
    Rhoda says:

    I’ve read four of these six books, and just put the other two in my Favorites list in Hoopla Digital (the collective borrow limit for my library has already been met today, so I have to wait until tomorrow to try again!)


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