Hi Friends, This month I’m giving away one set of The Bradford Sisters Romance Series which includes True to You, Falling For You, and Sweet on You by Becky Wade. These contemporary romances are fun family stories that will really touch your heart. True to You won the Christy Award last year in the contemporary romance category and was also named the Christy Award Book of the Year. I’ve enjoy all three and I think you will too! To enter the giveaway just leave a comment below telling me one of the books you enjoyed reading this summer. This giveaway is open to those living in the US. The winner will be randomly chosen on Friday, August 9th after 9:00 pm ET.  To learn more about this series I hope you’ll visit Becky’s website

I appreciate my reading friends! Thank you for your emails, encouraging comments on social media, and book reviews!

Until Next Time, Happy Reading!


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    • Donna Irvin
      Donna Irvin says:

      I loved my Bible Study, Hidden Joy in A Dark Corner by Wendy Blight, and Summer Girls by Mary Alice Monroe (audiobook).

  1. Linda Romer
    Linda Romer says:

    I just finished The Alamo Bride, Book #7 in the Daughters of the Mayflower series by Kathleen Y’Barbo. I love this series and this one was one of my favorites. Thank you

  2. Jennifer K
    Jennifer K says:

    Nice Giveaway! I have read so many good books this summer. I can’t pick so I will go with most recent good one….The Yellow Lantern by Angie Dicken.

  3. Deanne Patterson
    Deanne Patterson says:

    I just finished reading , Where Dandelions Bloom. I love civil war fiction and it was amazing and written with compassion.
    I continue to pray for you as you heal and regain strength that you may get back to writing.

  4. Winnie Thomas
    Winnie Thomas says:

    What a great giveaway! It’s hard to choose just one book. There have been so many I’ve enjoyed this summer. No Ocean Too Wide was fantastic! I also loved Until the Mountains Fall by Conni Cossette, My Dearest Dietrich by Amanda Barratt, Just One Kiss by Courtney Walsh, A Reluctant Bride by Jody Hedlund, and several others. It’s been a banner summer for great books!

  5. Lynda E.
    Lynda E. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! One book I really enjoyed over the summer was Midnight on the River Grey by Abigail Wilson.

  6. Lori Smanski
    Lori Smanski says:

    What a sweet give a way. Thank you. I have read several good books this summer but the one that really stands out is The Accidental Guardian by Mary Connealy book 1 high sierra sweethearts series. Hope the rest of your summer is wonderful.

  7. Bonnie H
    Bonnie H says:

    I just read No Ocean Too wide, and loved learning more about the British Home Children I had just finished. The Medallion and both were hard to put down!

  8. PeggyAnn Smith
    PeggyAnn Smith says:

    If You Recommend these Books then I know that they will be excellent reads and I would love to win
    this Give-Away. Thank You!!

  9. Danielle Hammelef
    Danielle Hammelef says:

    I finished Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune this summer and enjoyed the Chinese culture, foods, family, and friendships inside. Becky Wade is an author I’ve been wanting to read for too long, so thanks for the chance!

  10. Sarah Anderson
    Sarah Anderson says:

    I have enjoyed reading the Inn at Rose Harbor Series, Carol Moncado’s books, If I Run Series and Giant George.

  11. Sherrie Johnson
    Sherrie Johnson says:

    I have enjoyed reading a new to me authero, Mesu Andrews, this summer. I really enjoyed LOVE’S SACRED SONG. Thanks so much for this great give away, would love to read Becky Wade.

  12. Erika Luther
    Erika Luther says:

    Hello Carrie,
    Thank you for the chance to enter a fun contest. I’m currently reading “Ladies of Intrigue” that was kindly sent to me by Michelle Griep.

  13. Lisa Dammann
    Lisa Dammann says:

    I read “No Ocean Too Wide” this summer and I absolutely loved it! It had a great mix of action and romance. I also love that you put Christianity into your books! Thank you!

    • Donna Irvin
      Donna Irvin says:

      I already commented, but I did get the audiobook No Ocean to Wide vy the lovely Carrie Turansky on Audible free trial.
      Take advantage of the free book!
      I love audiobooks, they opened up a whole new world to me when I started listening….
      Try It!

  14. Judi Imperato
    Judi Imperato says:

    Hi Carrie, I just finished reading “The Songbird And The Spy” by J’nell Ciesielski, it was a really good book. Thank you for the giveaway!

  15. Melissa Andres
    Melissa Andres says:

    Oh my goodness! What a great giveaway! One of my favorite reads of the summer was Where Dandelions Bloom by Tara Johnson. It’s a fantastic Civil War era story that I couldn’t put down. If you haven’t read it, you should give it a try!!

  16. Holly Bleggi
    Holly Bleggi says:

    So many good ones! I read “A Reluctant Bride” by Jody Hedlund and thought it was a really interesting story.

  17. Crystal
    Crystal says:

    Hi Carrie, thanks for this giveaway. Since I’m fairly new I’ve not yet read any Becky Wade Books. However, they all look like great reads. I would love to win one set of Becky Wade Books read and review them. OH
    I Hope I win.
    Thanks Again Carrie,

  18. Sarah Snider
    Sarah Snider says:

    Hi, Carrie! This summer I’ve read many great books, one of which was “Until the Mountains Fall” by Connilyn Cossette. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  19. Jane Squires
    Jane Squires says:

    I have not read any of your books yet. Dana Mentink is an author I’ve read several books by. Act of Valor is one.

  20. Karen Rumba
    Karen Rumba says:

    Carrie, thank you for this contest! I’ve read several this summer but the two that stand out are No Ocean Too Wide and When the Mountains Sing.

  21. Sherri G
    Sherri G says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I’ve read several good books this summer. I’ll mention two of my favorites. Just One Kiss by Courtney Walsh and One Thing I Know by Kara Isaac.

  22. Liz Colman
    Liz Colman says:

    I loved “A flower in bloom” by Siri Mitchell, it was funny and very informative regarding plants! It was just a good read and the characters were very well thought out!

  23. Tashia M Jennings
    Tashia M Jennings says:

    I have read and enjoyed so many incredible books this summer. On being the series, The Kingdom of Sky and Shadows by Lidiya Foxglove. Thank you for this truly remarkable chance.

  24. Perrianne Askew
    Perrianne Askew says:

    I found an awesome new author who is actually a local one for me, Abigail Wilson. I have read In the Shadow of Croft Towers and loved the regency feel of it. I then picked up her newest, Midnight on the River Grey. I devoured that one as well. I highly recommend both of these! Thank you for doing the giveaway.

  25. Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds
    Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds says:

    It’s a no brainer that I loved No Ocean Too Wide. Also My Dearest Dietrich, Until The Mountains Fall.

  26. Pam Kellogg
    Pam Kellogg says:

    I’ve read a lot of books this summer and enjoyed them all. Yesterday I finished reading Like a Flower in Bloom by Siri Mitchell. There is a strong dose of humor in it which I found delightful. I’ve been wanting to read Sweet on You. Thanks for this giveaway and the chance to win it.

  27. Alicia Haney
    Alicia Haney says:

    Hi, your books sound like very good reads! The covers are Beautiful! I would love to read any of these books. Thank you so very much for the chance. God Bless you.

  28. Suzanne Sellner
    Suzanne Sellner says:

    This summer I really enjoyed reading No Ocean Too Wide by Carrie Turansky. It was fabulous, and I’m really excited that she is writing a sequel that will continue the story to learn about the two remaining children sent to Canada as British Home Children and waiting to be reunited with the rest of their family.

  29. Cheryl Hart
    Cheryl Hart says:

    Whose Waves These Are, by Amanda Dykes.
    Such beautiful and unforgettable storytelling.
    Highly recommended!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  30. Mallori
    Mallori says:

    I recently read both books one and two of Liz Johnson’s “Prince Edward Island Dreams” and loved them! My introduction to her books did not disappoint.

  31. Keren H Lyles
    Keren H Lyles says:

    Oh my I have two books that I really loved. No Ocean Too Wide by you. And The Healing Jar by Wanda Brunstetter. Thank you for this giveaway.

  32. Connie Scruggs
    Connie Scruggs says:

    Hi, Carrie, I hope you are gaining your strength back and feeling better.
    My favorite books I read this summer were Son’s of Blackbird Mountain and Daughter’s of Northern Shores by Joann Bischof. I really loved the characters. I felt like part of the family.
    Thank you for offering the giveaway!

  33. Terressa T
    Terressa T says:

    I’ve enjoyed quite a few books this summer; Underestimating Miss Cecilia by Carolyn Miller, Yours Truly, Thomas by Rachel Fordham, Love in Disguise by Anneka Walker, and A Proper Scandal by Esther Hatch just to name a few. What a generous giveaway! Tha k you for the chance to win.

  34. Rebekah Miller
    Rebekah Miller says:

    I have just recently finished “More Than Words Can Say” by Karen Witemyre. It was a very sweet and delightful story!

  35. Emma
    Emma says:

    Hi Carrie! Thank you for the giveaway! I really enjoyed The Brides of the Big Valley by Wanda E. Brunstetter,Jean Brunstetter, and Richelle Brunstetter. and The Wish by Patricia Davids
    (The Amish of Cedar Grove)
    by Patricia Davids and
    The Amish Spinster’s Courtship by Emma Miller /

  36. Brenda Murphree
    Brenda Murphree says:

    I have read several great reads this summer.
    Until The Mountains Fall by Connilyn Cossette
    As The Light Fades by Catherine West
    Unwritten by Charles Martin
    Mercy in a Red Cloak by Carrie Fancett Pagels
    A few more too but I’ll stop. Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  37. Courtney N.
    Courtney N. says:

    I loved your very own Across The Blue. I was riveted. I never read anything having to do with aviation before, and I loved the time period. I also enjoyed the main characters very much. The only bad thing about it was that it ended! You truly have become one of my favorite writers!

  38. Connie Fischer
    Connie Fischer says:

    Hi, Carrie!

    I’m so thankful to know that you have finished your chemo treatments and so all will be right with the world.

    NO OCEAN TOO WIDE was a spectacular story that not only fascinated me, but educated me as well. How sad to think that so many parents lost control over their children’s lives. My review was posted in numerous places, including on my dear friend’s blog, “Unwrapping Romance,” owned by author Amy Valentini who writes historical novels. She was also very intrigued by your book and wants to read it for herself.

    Thank you for this great giveaway. I’ve always wanted to read and review Becky Wade’s novels and hope I will be the one to do so.

    Take care!

  39. Sally McCombs
    Sally McCombs says:

    The best book I read this summer was The King’s Mercy by Lori Benton. Despite being half Scottish and having visited Culloden, I had no idea that so many Jacobites ended up in North Carolina! I’ve since learned that Flora MacDonald (of Bonnie Prince Charlie fame) also lived in North Carolina for a time!

  40. Lori D Weller
    Lori D Weller says:

    I have read so many good books this summer. Your book,Yours Truly,Thomas, and Where Dandelions Bloom would have to be a few of my favorites

  41. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    I really enjoyed No Ocean Too Wide…… but the latest read of mine was The Express Bride by Kimberly Woodhouse, an interesting story of the Pony Express.

  42. Janice Moore
    Janice Moore says:

    I really enjoyed reading “Formula of Deception” by Carrie Parks. Thanks for encouraging me to read these 3 Becky Wade books and for the giveaway.
    I am sorry you are having to go through chemo and am praying or you now.

  43. Gretchen Jeske
    Gretchen Jeske says:

    Thanks for offering this giveaway! I love Becky Wade’s books! My favorite read from this summer is Now And Then And Always by Melissa Tagg.

  44. Bev A Knudsen
    Bev A Knudsen says:

    I think The Medallion by Cathy Gohlke was my favorite but there were oodles of great books released in July.

  45. Jeanne C
    Jeanne C says:

    Thank you for the sweet giveaway! Becky Wade is such a wonderful author. Your book No Ocean Too Wide was amazing, looking forward to the rest of the series! I’ve read some pretty amazing books this summer. I would add Amanda Dykes Whose Waves These Are. Congratulations on the well deserved Carol Award nomination for Across the Blue!

  46. Cindy Butler
    Cindy Butler says:

    I was lucky to receive an ARC of The Golden Hour by Beatriz Williams and thoroughly enjoyed it at the beach ! Thanks for offering this giveaway. I have found many new authors that i adore by entering giveaways.

  47. Virginia Campbell
    Virginia Campbell says:

    Hi, Carrie! Best Wishes for all releases and thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway! If you are a fan of Regency Romance, and you enjoy “second-chance” love stories, then you will find “A Bride for Lord Albany”, a delightful novella from author Angelina Jameson, to be just your cup of tea.

  48. Jamie Onderisin
    Jamie Onderisin says:

    I have had some amazing books this summer, my favorite has been Things You Save In A Fire.
    Thank you so much the chance!

  49. Carmen
    Carmen says:

    Thanks for having a giveaway! Probably my favorite book to read this summer was Karen Witemeyer’s More Than Words Can Say. It was sweet and fun, and I love that the heroine was portrayed as a curvy, more full figured woman instead of a petite size two type woman. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a size two, but for most of us that’s not something to which we can easily relate. It was a nice change of pace.

  50. Gail Hollingsworth
    Gail Hollingsworth says:

    Fragments of Fear by Carrie Stuart Parks. She’s an actual forensic artist which makes her stories that much more exciting.

  51. Dalyn
    Dalyn says:

    I’m so glad you’re recovering well. I’m looking forward to your newest book, it’s in the stack! I’ve read Randy Ingermanson’s craft books this summer as well as several fiction books. I really enjoyed the Becky Wade novels I read.

  52. Jennifer Bretsch
    Jennifer Bretsch says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! I have read many great books this summer, mostly fiction, but the book I just finished stands out as a favorite. “Quiet Strength” by football coaching legend Tony Dungy was an amazing read and very inspirational.

  53. Erin H.
    Erin H. says:

    Oh, I’ve wanted to read these books! I loved the prequel novella. Anyway, one of the books I’ve enjoyed this summer was The Noble Guardian by Michelle Griep.

  54. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    This giveaway sounds great! I’ve read one book by Becky Wade and really enjoyed it.
    One book that I’ve read this Summer that really stands out is an older book, The Auschwitz Escape
    by Joel C. Rosenberg. To say I enjoyed it seems to make it sound all “light and lovely”. All the horrors of Auschwitz and the Holocaust is something that can just rip your heart apart. But it was very well written and the story was touching and one I won’t forget anytime soon. So some books by Becky Wade will be very enjoyable to read! Thanks for the opportunity!

  55. Amanda Geaney
    Amanda Geaney says:

    This year I’ve blown my goodreads reading challenge out of the water (91/75)! One of my favorite summer reads was Sold Into Freedom by novelist Carole Towriss. I obtained my copy through my library’s Hoopla app. Both the voice performance and the storyline were wonderful.

    Confession Time: I started reading a Christmas novella in July. I enjoyed Kristi Ann Hunter’s portion of The Christmas Heirloom Collection. (She was a new-to-me author.)

  56. Samantha Young
    Samantha Young says:

    I enjoyed Dee Henderson’s novella “Betrayed” this summer, as well as “Sweet on You” by Becky Wade. Thanks for the dntry!

  57. Candi F
    Candi F says:

    Hi Carrie, I really enjoyed reading “Room of Marvels” by James Bryan Smith. Such a powerful story and read. Keep a tissue handy and be prepared to chat with others about the book, it’s a definite book to share!

  58. Janet Estridge
    Janet Estridge says:

    I’m reading the Guideposts series called, “Secrets of Wayfarers Inn”.
    There are only 5 books out and I can’t wait until book #6 is published.
    Thanks for entering me in your giveaway.

  59. Charlotte S
    Charlotte S says:

    I have read very little this summer due to a lot of renovation projects. The two most impactful books I have read include: your book NO OCEAN TOO WIDE and THE MEDALLION by Cathy Gohlke. I appreciate the research both authors have done to include real truths in a fictional book!!! Love both authors!!!

  60. Trudy C
    Trudy C says:

    Wow, I’ve read so many books this summer! However, I’m going to say it’s either the Chapel Cove series that I’ve read, tied with Driftwood Bay, since I can’t list all of the books I’ve read!!

  61. peggy clayton
    peggy clayton says:

    Hi Carrie one of the books that I have really enjoyed this summer is A Fire Sparkling by Julianna Maclean she is such a good writer and all of her books have been my fav also The road she left behind by Christin Noldi thos was another wonderful one. I could go on and on about books I read in the last month but those are 2 that really got my gut . Have a good rest of the summer!

  62. Ronya Ervin
    Ronya Ervin says:

    I adore this series!! Sweet On You being one of the books I’ve enjoyed recently. I also have loved Now and Then and Always by Melissa Tagg, More Than Words Can Say by Karen Witemeyer, Storm Rising by Ronie Kendig, Knox and Tate by Susan May Warren and The Killing Tide by Dani Pettrey!!

  63. Aimee
    Aimee says:

    I have read several books that I loved this summer
    Karen Witemeyer’s More Than Meets the Eye and More Than Words Can Say, your Governess of Highland Hall, and I just started your Seeking His Love and Sarah Monzon’s the Issac Project.

  64. Becky eldredge
    Becky eldredge says:

    I have read several books this summer! So far my favorite was “Eat, Pray, Love” and the “Crazy Rich Asians” series .

  65. Maria Mast
    Maria Mast says:

    I have your book sitting in my TBR pile! ? I read a couple of the Daughters of the Mayflower series this summer. Those have been enjoyable! ? And Mary Connealy’s Kincaid brothers series. She’s always good for a good read! ??

  66. Becky D.
    Becky D. says:

    Just discovered Connilyn Cossette & read her “Cities of Refuge” books 1 & 2. Soooo good!! I forgot how much I enjoy reading Biblical fiction. ?

    SARAH TAYLOR says:


    TAMMY HUDSON says:

    I would have to say Bette Lee Crosby’s Emily, Gone has been my favorite this summer although I have read a lot of great ones. I am glad you are doing better. Thanks for the chance


  69. Abby Breuklander
    Abby Breuklander says:

    Hi Carrie!
    My favorite book so far this summer has been The Killing Tide by Dani Pettrey, it’s soooo good!!

  70. Faith Creech
    Faith Creech says:

    One of my favorite reads this summer has been tThe Chateau Of Secrets by Melanie Dobson. A very good book! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  71. Andrea B. Brooks
    Andrea B. Brooks says:

    I do quite a bit of reading during the summer, because I participate in the Adult Summer Reading program through my local public library. Sometimes, I have a hard time choosing just one book.
    Since I have to choose just one, I would have to say, “The Tinderbox” by Beverly Lewis. I believe I have read some of Becky wade’s books.

  72. Roxanne C.
    Roxanne C. says:

    I enjoyed the first two books in Sarah Sundin’s series Sunrise at Normandy, “The Sea Before Us” and “The Sky Above Us.”

  73. Joni
    Joni says:

    So many books have made a strong impression this summer. Not all have been new but all were memorable for all the right reasons. ‘The Edge of Mercy’ by Heidi Chiavaroli, ‘A Match Made in Texas: A Novella Collection’, ‘Tiny Dancer’ by Patricia Hickman, ‘The Captive Heart’ by Michelle Griep, ‘Whispers in the Reading Room’ by Shelley Gray, and ‘Before the Rain Falls’ by Camille Di Maio,

  74. Kym
    Kym says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite read so far this summer has been the newest in Anna Lee Huber’s Lady Darby series, An Artless Demise.

  75. Emily McClure
    Emily McClure says:

    I’ve just enjoyed being able to read in general!! It has been a busy and hectic year so reading time isn’t as much as I’d like for it to be. I am currently reading A Portrait of Emily Price by Katherine Rhea and I enjoy the Italy settings in it.
    Praying for you ♡

  76. Tina Turpin
    Tina Turpin says:

    Honestly, it was yours! No Ocean Too Wide. The story was intense and I had no idea about child emigration! I am always entertained AND educated by your stories. ♥️

  77. Tina Rice
    Tina Rice says:

    Good morning Carrie!
    Thank you for the giveaway.

    I have read several books this summer that I enjoyed, here are a few of them:
    Your book, No Ocean Too Wide
    The Number of Love by Roseanna White
    Understanding Miss Cecilia by Carolyn Miller
    Mercy in a Red Cloak by Carrie Fancett Pagels

    blessings, Tina

  78. Kathy Johnson
    Kathy Johnson says:

    My favorite book so far this summer has been Tamara Alexander’s With This Pledge. SO good! Thanks for the give away!

  79. Micaela Horn
    Micaela Horn says:

    One of my favorite books that I have read this summer is I’ve Got You’re Number by Sophie Kinsella. I am a sucker for contemporary romance and anything by Sophie Kinsella fits in that category.

  80. Janis Rich
    Janis Rich says:

    I just finished Dollface and Park Avenue Summer by Renee Rosen and now I’m reading her White Collar Girl. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  81. April Kidwell
    April Kidwell says:

    I can’t choose just one. I loved Wooing Cadie McCaffrey by Bethany Turner, but I also really enjoyed The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond by Jaime Jo Wright. Two very different books, both by exceptional authors.

  82. Beth Tanner
    Beth Tanner says:

    This summer I read “The Lost Castle” by Kristy Cambron!!!! It was one of the BEST books I have ever read! The perfect cross of historical fiction, romance and the added bonus of faith in there too. Definitely would recommend to anyone! Also, thank you for the opportunity for this give away! I’ve loved Becky Wade since I first read “My Stubborn Heart”! 😀

  83. Nicole Fry
    Nicole Fry says:

    I would love to win these books! They look great!! I have read Kate Stradlings “Kingdom of Ruses” Kate is a great new author I discovered this summer and it’s fun to read her books!

  84. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    My sister just introduced me to her books and I have read the first two in this series! So excited to read the newest one!

  85. Hannah Jackson
    Hannah Jackson says:

    I love these books and would love to win them! I’m reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah for the second time currently and loving every second.

  86. Taryn
    Taryn says:

    I have read so many books this summer, it’s hard to pick a favorite. But More Than Words Can Say by Karen Witemeyer is definitely up there!

  87. Sherri Patrick
    Sherri Patrick says:

    I too have read a lot this summer but the one I loved the most and by the description of the book would not normally be something I would choose to read but on the recommendation of a friend I read Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens and I loved it.

  88. Patti Hansen
    Patti Hansen says:

    This summer I read Great Expectations by Dickens for the first time. I really enjoyed it. I also listened to an excellent audiobook reading version at the same time.

  89. Rachael Merritt
    Rachael Merritt says:

    I have read so many good books this summer. I guess Beth White’s A Rebel Heart is a good one to pick. Hard to choose one.

  90. Catrina Pomerleau
    Catrina Pomerleau says:

    I have been listening to The Year of Discovery series by M. L. Hamilton, narrated by Kelley Hazen, and it’s fantastic! I just finished July and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on August.

  91. Tiffany Hall
    Tiffany Hall says:

    I’ve read so many I enjoyed this summer, but one of my favorites, was Married to a Stranger by Laura V. Hilton.

  92. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    Thank you for the chance to win!
    My favorite read so far this summer is the book I am reading right now. I am only a couple chapters into Romanov by Nadine Brandes, and it is so good! The royal family has essentially been kidnapped and sent into exile and their Bolshevik captors are sending them somewhere unknown. It is a historical fantasy, so there will be some magical elements that have yet to show themselves. I believe the family’s Matryoshka doll will hold the key, but it has come up missing!

  93. Deanna Thompson
    Deanna Thompson says:

    Hard to find time to read this summer but did enjoy Karen Witemeyers, More Than Meets the Eye. Would love to read the books in this giveaway! Smiles!

  94. Melinda M
    Melinda M says:

    I enjoyed Dakota Child by Linda Ford. I am going back and reading the back-list of authors that I have found. enjoy your books as well.

  95. Hanne T
    Hanne T says:

    My favorite book from this summer has been A Thousand Perfect Notes by CG Drews (@paperfury on instagram). It was sad and made me cry, but it was also hopeful and sweet. <3

  96. Hope M
    Hope M says:

    I read Sweet on You, and it was the best book I’d read since…Falling for You. haha 😉 I especially loved the whole “best friends” aspect of the romance, I feel like it added more depth to the story!


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