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Each month this year I’m giving away two books to reading friends who are subscribers to my author email newsletter. To enter the giveaway please sign up for my email newsletter in the box on the right at the top, and then leave a comment below. If you are already a subscriber, just mention that in your comment.

This month I’m giving away The Lost Heiress by Rosanna White and Mist of Midnight by Sandra Byrd. Both are English historical novels that have been nominated for awards and include elements of mystery, romance, and inspiration. To learn more about these stories and their authors just click on the cover below.

The Lost HeiressMist of Midnight

Until next time . . . Happy Reading!


****Update: Congratulations to Debbie McC. who is the winner of the August Giveaway!

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  1. Joan Kurth
    Joan Kurth says:

    Both of these authors are new to me so it would be fun to read either or both of them. I will have to look up their names and see what I can find. Thank you for the chance.

  2. Susie McQueen
    Susie McQueen says:

    Subscriber for a couple years now … because I love your books and I’m so thankful we got to see Scotland together!! Bless you, Carrie!!

  3. elma Brooks
    elma Brooks says:

    Subscribed to your news letter,Thanks for the giveaway.
    would love to win one or both of these wonderful sounding books.

  4. Larri
    Larri says:

    Found you by way of Twitter, and so glad I did! I’m now a subscriber to your newsletter. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Happy Sunday!

  5. Beth
    Beth says:

    Beautiful choices this month! Thank you so much for hosting your monthly giveaways!
    The Lost Heiress is on my list to read within the next month.

  6. Rachel D
    Rachel D says:

    Great chooses this month! I am a subscriber….and I finished Governess of Highland Hall….ahhhh on love with it! I can’t wait to read the rest f the series now!

  7. Rebecca Tellez
    Rebecca Tellez says:

    What an amazing opportunity you give us with these giveaways. I am a subscriber because I love your books. Would like to win these to read and place in the new library at church.

  8. Leslie S. Lowe
    Leslie S. Lowe says:

    Hi Carrie! I love them both, but see myself as a writer closer to Sandra Byrd’s. I write in the same time era and like adding suspense and she did it so well in this one. I signed up to make sure I am signed up, but I may have been already. I am on Facebook more than email. Thank you and many blessings to you!

  9. Debbie Clatterbuck
    Debbie Clatterbuck says:

    I love books and both of these are on my TBR list. I also love giveaways. So much fun. I subscribed to your newsletter, though I think I’m already subscribed. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck everyone.

  10. Laura
    Laura says:

    Already a subscriber to your e-mails. I have been wanting to read The Lost Heiress, so I would love to win it and make that happen! I haven’t heard of the other one yet, so that is also being added to my future books to read list. Thanks for the recommendations Carrie!

  11. Alyssa Weinzapfel
    Alyssa Weinzapfel says:

    That bouquet of flowers in the newsletter is gorgeous! The cover reveal was also beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. Melissa Blossom
    Melissa Blossom says:

    Hope I win this giveaway. I look forward to adding these books to my reading list. Thank you for the opportunity. I love reading your monthly newsletter.

  13. Bhriv
    Bhriv says:

    I’m already a subscriber…I’ve heard that Roseanna White is a great author…haven’t read her as of yet, but look forward to sometime soon. Never heard of Sandra Byrd, but always up for a new to me author 🙂 Who can live w/out a book in hand 😉

  14. Melody Durant
    Melody Durant says:

    I love this time era for both these books! Thank you for the giveaway.

    I am already a subscriber.

    missionwife AT hotmail DOT com

  15. Suzanne Sellner
    Suzanne Sellner says:

    I’d never enjoyed studying history in school, but I LOVE reading historical fiction. I’d very much enjoy reading the two novels you’re giving away. Thanks so much!

  16. Shari Bradley
    Shari Bradley says:

    Hi Carrie! Just got your first email from the giveaway and love your cover and the beautiful flowers. Your title/cover/border picture for this blog is simply breathtaking. Oh, to be there and to see it in person! Looking forward to enjoying future emails and Facebook posts. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, your ravenous readers.

  17. Judi Imperato
    Judi Imperato says:

    Thank you Carrie for helping me with this, I so appreciate this opportunity to win these two books. I like to read the christian clean books. So thanks again for the helping hand.

  18. Linda Horin
    Linda Horin says:

    History, mystery, romance, and inspiration – what more could s reader ask for? The fact that these books are both set in England is a plus. I hope to visit England sometime and see in person many of the places I’ve read about. Now there’s an idea for a giveaway! Just kidding… Thanks for the opportunity to win these books! I am already a newsletter subscriber, and really enjoy your writing, Carrie.

  19. Amy Tyner
    Amy Tyner says:

    I love the cover!!! So beautiful and I’m sure the story will be the same! I already subscribe to the news letter.

  20. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    I’m already one of your subscribers. I love the cover of your newest book. I would love to win your giveaway as it would introduce me to two more authors. Thank you for such good books.

  21. Melissa Kaye Ortiz
    Melissa Kaye Ortiz says:

    I’m subscribed.

    I’m so excited about the Mist novel. Love the cover with the big black umbrella. Very mysterious. 🙂

  22. Virginia
    Virginia says:

    When I read your newsletter I knew I had to post a comment of this blog to enter for a chance to win these intriguing titles! Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. Gilda Weisskopf
    Gilda Weisskopf says:

    I am a new subscriber and am not familiar with these authors. But by the long list of replies, it appears that lots and lots of people are familiar with your books! I love historical fiction especially a series. Thanks for introducing me to new authors. I look forward reading Shine Like the Dawn and the giveaways, especially if I win (fat chance–too many entries.)

  24. SHARON H
    SHARON H says:

    I just got your newsletter with the cover reveal for your new book Shine Like The Dawn – it’s beautiful! And I’d love to win the 2 books for this month. The Lost Heiress is on my list of books I want to read. Thanks for giving us all a chance Carrie!

  25. Debbie Nitsche
    Debbie Nitsche says:

    Howdy! I’m already a subscriber. Would love to win these two books. LOVE the covers! Thank you for everything you do and write!

  26. Elise Boss
    Elise Boss says:

    I love have read The Lost Heiress and loved it!!! It may be one of my new favorite books. I have not read Mist of Midnight, but it sounds excellent! Thank you for the chance to win one of these books. I am signed up for your newsletter.

  27. Marilyn
    Marilyn says:

    This book looks so good and exciting. The cover is so inviting. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book.

  28. Mallori
    Mallori says:

    I have never read any of Roseanna’s books, but I have read Sandra Byrd’s young adult books and really enjoyed her writing. I look forward to reading both of these.

    I have already subscribed to your newsletter.

  29. lori meyer
    lori meyer says:

    I love Roseanna M White’s books I am so looking forward to reading this one! I have not read Sandra Byrd’s book, But It looks really good! I love this time Period, It is my favorite, actually!! Love the cover of your new book!!

  30. Cindy Woolard
    Cindy Woolard says:

    Both books look wonderful and the covers are beautiful.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

    Cindy W.
    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  31. Linda Dietz
    Linda Dietz says:

    I am “judging” these books by their covers and I “judge” them to be the kind of books I want to read! Thank you for the opportunity to win one! Your newest book, Carrie also looks like a book that will go on my “must read” list!

  32. Beth
    Beth says:

    Already subscribe!

    Your new cover is beautiful by the way – I love how striking the cover of her dress is!

    Thanks for the chance to win these titles!

  33. Pam Graber
    Pam Graber says:

    I have loved Sandra Byrd’s mysteries! The tone of her books reminds me of the Victoria Holt books I devoured in high school. Thanks for the opportunity to win these! I haven’t read Roseanna White – yet – but would enjoy the chance to do so.

  34. Denise :)
    Denise :) says:

    I’m a long-time fan and subscriber! Both of these books look yummy … but “Mist of Midnight” *looks* like it has more intrigue . . . and I do so love a good suspenseful romance! LOL! Thanks for offering, Carrie! 🙂

  35. Joy O.
    Joy O. says:

    I’ve subscribed. And thank you for the opportunity to win. I always enjoy your work Carrie. Can’t wait for the new book! Love the cover!

  36. Karen
    Karen says:

    I’m already subscribed. I’ve never had the chance to read any of Roseanna’s books, but I’ve heard that they’re wonderful! I just finished reading one of Sandra’s called Roses Have Thorns. Also an excellent read!

  37. Winnie Thomas
    Winnie Thomas says:

    I’m already a subscriber. Your new book sounds wonderful, and the cover is absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to read it!

  38. Tina Rice
    Tina Rice says:

    Hi Carrie! I already subscribe to your newsletter. The cover for Shine Like the Dawn is beautiful!

    I have and read The Lost Heiress but have not read Mist of Midnight.
    Blessings ,Tina

  39. Bonnie Roof
    Bonnie Roof says:

    Hi, Carrie!! I’m already a newsletter subscriber. The cover of your coming release is beautiful, as is the pic of your vase of flowers. You have quite a talent for flower arranging!! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity – so looking forward to meeting you in Nashville next week!!

  40. Joye I
    Joye I says:

    I am always looking for new authors to read and these two books sound really good. I have added their names to my list of to be read authors.

  41. jackie morris
    jackie morris says:

    love your book the cover are so classy just draws me in-I love sharing with my girlfriends so if I win they win also!!

  42. Andrea Byers
    Andrea Byers says:

    I’m already a subscriber.

    Love the opportunity to try new authors and Roseanne is one on my wish list, though either would be good. 🙂

  43. Charlotte
    Charlotte says:

    Keep on keeping on writing Christian historical fiction!!!! I LOVE your books!!!!!!!! I love your FB posts so much!! You keep us all informed about Downton Abbey and share your photos of England!!!!
    God bless you,

  44. Debora Wilder
    Debora Wilder says:

    Thank you for the chance to win these lovely books. I just recently signed up for your newsletter and the August one is the first I’ve received. It is beautiful.

  45. Victoria Watson
    Victoria Watson says:

    I love getting your newsletters! My sister loves your books and I like to keep up with the books/authors she loves most! 🙂 One day she might let me borrow them and I can read them for myself! HAHA.

  46. Dianne Casey
    Dianne Casey says:

    I’m already subscribed to your newsletter. Both these authors are new to me. I really enjoy historical fiction and would enjoy reading “Mist of Midnight” and “The Lost Heiress”.

  47. Bree NarnianWarHorse
    Bree NarnianWarHorse says:

    Ooo, more giveaways! I read The Lost Heiress earlier in the year and quite enjoyed it – I’ll have to add the other to my reading list. 😉

  48. Jasmine A.
    Jasmine A. says:

    I’m already a subscriber to your newsletter. Thanks for the great giveaway! I’ve really been wanting to try Sandra Byrd’s books.

    Blessings! Jasmine

  49. Janice Moore
    Janice Moore says:

    The Mist of Midnight sounds intriguing, and I greatly appreciate the chance to receive it here, as do so many others! I have T he Lost Heiress and will be reading it soon. i am now reading Without Warning, by Lynette Eason. It is helping take my mind of recovering from a root canal!

  50. Rachael K
    Rachael K says:

    Eek! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on The Lost Heiress! And I remember enjoying Mist of Midnight. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I’m a subscriber.

  51. Christian Palmer
    Christian Palmer says:

    Two books that I would love to read! I have not gotten the chance, though. The Lost Heiress is a book that I have been meaning to read…. I was just waiting until it went on sale and I had enough change to buy it. I have become a subscriber and I wanted to thank you for your amazing books and the great giveaway! Bless you!

  52. peggy clayton
    peggy clayton says:

    Hi..I am a happy subsciber and I love going to the Farmers Market as well always come away with something although we have a huge garden that is overtaken with weeds due to all the rain. My husband has to take care of the huge garden as I am disabled and in a scooter due to a nerve disease but never fear I have a raised garden. It has 2 tomato plants and several zuccini plants. although i had 1 zucchini plant that was doing great till we had rain and then heat then 3 others popped up 2 died and now 1 looks to be doing well big yellow flowers. My tomato does not have 1 on it so weird but my heirloom purple tomato has several green tomatoes. I also love to purchase the flowers at the market as they are ones I don’t have in my garden or along our driveway my husband does bring in flowers every once and awhile but a bunch of fresh ones from market are wonderful to have on my counter. I haven’t read either of the books i sure hope they are print if so I would love to read and then review them on a few sites. Take care and have a good rest of the summer!

  53. Vickie Jameson
    Vickie Jameson says:

    Hi, Carrie. Loved the beautiful bouquet you picked. Flowers always brighten my day, too. Thanks for the chance to win the books. I am a subscriber.

  54. Nancy Apisa
    Nancy Apisa says:

    Hi, Carrie. I love your beautiful flowers! It was wonderful meeting you last night. I am now a subscriber. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


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