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WW1 PilotHi Friends,

I never thought I’d write a novel set during wartime. I had no desire to make my characters face the hardships and losses that would surely come their way. But when I traveled to England on a research trip I was intrigued by what I learned about life on the home front. So I decided to set A Refuge at Highland Hall in 1915 and take The Ramsey and Foster families  into the “Great War.”

As I got into the research I was fascinated with WW1 aviation. I even took a university online course to learn more about it. I decided to make the hero,  Alex Goodwin, a brave British pilot who would chase German Zeppelin across the front lines in France and Belgium. Aviation was in its infancy, and many of the early planes looked like stick and paper models. I couldn’t believe they actually flew them on wartime missions! The plane below is an Morane Saulnier, the type Alex flies in A Refuge at Highland Hall.

Alex's Plane

It took great courage and daring to train as a pilot. Their life expectancy was only 6 weeks. Some lived through the war, but many perished defending their country. There were two main divisions of the military flying missions for Britain: the Royal Air Force and the Royal Naval Air Service. Alex flies for the RNAS.

WW1 Aviation Poster

I was deeply touched when I read the biography of Rex Warnford, a young British pilot, and I used him as the inspiration for Alex. Rex was the first British pilot to successfully drop his bombs on a German Zeppelin and knock it out of the sky.

German Zeppelin

WW 1 Pilot with bomb

This was an amazing feat, since he only had six bombs, and the Zeppelin crew had a gunner guarding their airship on top at the rear. Rex’s mission was so thrilling I included much of it in Refuge. I think some readers will think the events are too fantastic — it couldn’t have happened that way . . . but it’s all based on Rex’s story and news accounts of his amazing mission.

Rex Warnford

Rex Warnford

Imperial War Museum, London; (c) IWM (Imperial War Museums); Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

WW1 Pilot dressed to fly

It’s a thrilling story, and I hope readers will feel like they are climbing into the cockpit with Alex as he flies through the sky with great courage, determined to protect those he loves. One of those on his mind is Penny Ramsey, the heroine of the story. She and Alex exchange several letters, and when Alex needs a friend, Penny remains faithful.

Refuge Audo book

Refuge Audio Book Cover

A Refuge at Highland hall

Refuge Trade Paper and eBook Cover

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The Edwardian Brides Series

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I know some readers like to wait until a series is complete to start reading…so now is the time to enjoy the Edwardian Brides Series! Start with The Governess of Highland Hall, then The Daughter of Highland Hall, and finally A Refuge at Highland Hall. Each story stands alone with a unique hero and heroine, but the family and setting at Highland Hall continue on in each book. They are set in England in 1911 – 1915, the same time period as the first two seasons of Downton Abbey. Check out the reviews online at Goodreads, Amazon, and Christianbooks (dot) com, and then pick up a copy at your favorite bookstore or order one online. All three are available as paperbacks, eBooks, and audio books.

Highland Hall Series

If you’d like to know more about each book, check these links:

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A Refuge at Highland Hall

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Refuge at Highland Hall Release Day!

Refuge Cover HatHi Friends,

It’s Release Day for A Refuge at Highland Hall, and I wanted to let you know about some of the special sales and giveaways that are going on this week!

If you’re just getting started with the series, the ebook version of The Governess of Highland Hall is on sale for $4.99. Book 2 is The Daughter of Highland Hall. Visit my website for links to your favorite bookseller.

Refuge at Highland Hall

Paperback and ebook

Refuge Audo book

Audio Book

Refuge  at Highland Hall is available in paperback, ebook, and audio. All three can be ordered online and should be showing up on bookstore shelves today or very soon. I hope you’ll order your copy in your favorite format and enjoy this third and final book in the Edwardian Brides Series. For links to booksellers, visit my website.

Early reviews are rolling in for A Refuge at Highland Hall, and I’m very grateful for them! It seems many readers have grown to love the Ramsey and Foster families as much as I have, and they enjoyed finding out how each character overcomes the trials and challenges of World War 1. Whether it’s on the home front in England or in the skies over the front line in France and Belgium, I hope you’ll be captivated by the exciting conclusion to the series.


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Book Launch Giveaway!


Hi Friends,  A Refuge at Highland Hall releases October 20th, and we’re celebrating with an awesome book launch giveaway for my wonderful readers!

Set in England in 1915, A Refuge at Highland Hall is the third and final book in the Edwardian Brides series. The story stands alone, but the Ramsey family and Highland Hall setting continue through the series. Here’s what award-winning author Melanie Dobson has to say:

“In A Refuge at Highland Hall, master storyteller Carrie Turansky weaves together another beautifully written tale of courage, hope, and love. Her story swept me back to the streets of London and then on to France during the conflict of World War I. I love reading historical fiction, and it was a joy to learn so much about this era through the endearing Ramsey family. A Refuge at Highland Hall is a powerful conclusion to the Edwardian Brides series!”

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TeapotMemory Fram
Tea at Downton Abbey

Downton Tea
Downton Apron

Lace tablecloth

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black hat

black gloves

Lavender sachet



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