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Today I invited author Sharlene MacLaren to tell us about her new release, Gift of Grace, which is book 3 in the Tennessee Dreams Series. Sharlene is a talented author and good friend. I hope you’ll visit her website and find out more about her books.

9112886Here’s a brief description of the story:

 Grace Fontaine must bid farewell to her beloved Boston to care for her dying great aunt in the fair little town of Paris, Tennessee. There is nothing holding her in Boston anyway, especially since the death of her fiancé, Jess Quinn, some two years prior when the ship he’d been aboard went down and all reports came back – “No survivors”. Upon her arrival in Paris, Grace quickly meets and falls in love with one of Paris’s charming lawyers, Conrad Hall, who wastes no time in proposing marriage. With his promise to love, care for, and protect her, how can Grace possibly say no? Of course, she knows nothing of his devious plan to inherit her aunt’s abundant wealth – his sole reason for wanting to marry her. Mere weeks before the wedding, a most shocking set of circumstances arises, which could very well put a wrench in the wedding plans. Jess Quinn is very much alive and his arrival in Paris to reclaim his fiancée is proof positive.

Sharleen MacLarenThanks for sharing this good news with us, Sharlene! And thanks for writing stories that inspire and delight your readers!

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