Diann HuntHi Friends,

Today I want to join several other authors and honor our friend and fellow author, Diann Hunt, who has gone on to heaven after a very long and brave fight against ovarian cancer.

Be Sweet

Diann was the author of many inspirational novels that are heartwarming, humorus, and faith-filled . . . just like Dianne. She was a wife, mother, grandmother, and dear friend who had a gift of encouragement that she used to lift others up even when she was suffering. Her faith remained strong and her commitment to love others shone through everything she said and did. She was a great example to us all. Her trust in God did not fail, and He walked with her all the way home. You can read more about Diann’s life and writing at her website.

Colleen Coble, Denise Huter, Diann Hunt, Kristin Billerbeck

Author friends: Colleen Coble, Denise Huter, Diann Hunt, Kristin Billerbeck

Diann lived her life on earth well. She loved others deeply, and she loved the Lord.  We know today she is healed and strong again and enjoying all the delights of heaven. But her family and friends miss her. Would you say a prayer for them today?

Secretly SmittenHave you read any of Diann’s wonderful books? I wanted to encourage you to visit Diann’s Amazon Page and learn more about the novels and devotionals she has written. Purchasing one or more copies is one way you could bless Diann’s family. Thanks!

Bittersweet Surrender

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  1. Ane Mulligan
    Ane Mulligan says:

    Diann was a shining example for us all to follow, Carrie. I know we all miss her horribly. Still, every time I hear someone laugh out loud, I’ll think of her. 🙂

    • Carrie Turansky
      Carrie Turansky says:

      Hi Ane, I’ve been reading all the blogs, and each one is so touching. Diann was so special to so many of us. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Rebecca DeMarino
    Rebecca DeMarino says:

    Carrie, thank you for sharing. Diann will be missed so much! I will keep her family and friends in my prayers. What a tribute her friends have shared today, and what a legacy she has left all of us!

    • Carrie Turansky
      Carrie Turansky says:

      Hi Rebecca, thanks for stopping by. I agree, Diann will be missed by all those who loved and admired her. Blessings,

  3. Terri Gillespie
    Terri Gillespie says:

    Carrie, what a dear tribute to a friend. I love this quote by Albert Schweitzer and as I read everything people had written about Diann, thought it fit her character: In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.
    We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.
    Diann was a rekindler and will be missed.

  4. Carolyn Boyles
    Carolyn Boyles says:

    I never had the honor of meeting her, but in the photos she looks like she was a wonderful person. There is a kindness in her eyes that is so rare to see these days. I will look into her novels as my way to preserve her memory.

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