Wedded Bliss?
Genre: Contemporary Romance Novella Collection
Tags: Inspirational Romance, Princeton
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publication Year: November 2005
ASIN: 1593106327
ISBN: 9781593106324

Four-in-one Contemporary Inspirational Romance Collection
Includes Carrie’s novella: “Wherever Love Takes Us”
** Second Place ACFW Genesis Award **

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About the Book

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Book Description

As four couples approach their 25th wedding anniversaries it appears romance has been lost along the way. Will these couples find new common ground on which to build a bright new future? Carrie’s novella “Wherever Love Takes Us” is included in this four-in-one collection. Matt and Tessa Malone struggle to recover financially and rebuild trust after a business failure. Then Matt inherits property in Oregon and wants to move the family there and make a fresh start. Tessa can’t imagine giving up the cozy teashop she co-owns with her sister or leaving her friends and family in Princeton. Whose dream will they follow, and how much will it cost their family?

Ten Tips For Wedded Bliss

Matt and Tessa Malone learned several important lessons about building a stronger marriage in novella “Wherever Love Takes Us.” Here are ten tips that can help any marriage grow stronger.

1. Make a list of all the things you appreciate about your mate. Especially consider good character qualities they demonstrate as well as positive things they do.

2. Share that list with your mate in a creative way. You may want to verbally thank your mate for one item on your list each day, send a card, or leave a love note.

3. Make a list of happy times you have shared with your mate. Think back and remember fun things you did when you were dating or earlier in your marriage. Use this “Happy Memories” list for the next activity.

4. Think of a creative way to recreate one of those experiences. What could you do to bring back more fun and romance in your marriage?

5. Become a student of your mate. What are their favorite foods, movies, colors, vacation spots, sports, clothes, and leisure activities?

6. Plan a fun time together centered around one of your mate’s favorite activities. Purpose to make it a great experience for both of you by taking care of the details and having a positive attitude.

7. Look for practical ways to encourage and support your mate. What jobs around the house does your mate usually do? Purpose to pitch in and help them with “their jobs.” Do it with a great attitude because you want to help and because you love them. You could also join your mate and work together on one of their jobs.

8. Praise your mate in public. Look for opportunities to tell others positive things about your mate. If you can do it in front of your mate, that’s even better. But even if they are not there, it builds a good habit in your life of speaking about them in a loving and honoring way.

9. Thank your mate each day for ways that they show love toward you. Appreciation goes a long way to building good patterns in relationships.

10. Touch your mate in gentle, caring, and non-sexual ways each day. This can increase closeness and build a stronger bond.

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