A Big Apple Christmas

Love Unites Four couples During the Christmas Season in New York City

Includes Carrie’s novella: Moonlight and Mistletoe

** Second Place ACFW Carol Award **

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About the Book

This collection of four heartwarming inspirational romance novellas captures the sights and sounds of Christmas in New York City. In Moonlight and Mistletoe by Carrie Turansky, Christmas plans are set askew when a schedule-bound professional organizer meets a free-spirited children’s poet. In Shopping For Love by Gail Sattler, holiday bustle is the means two tourists try to use to get lost in the crowds. In Where the Love Light Gleams by Lynette Sowell, Christmas at Rockefeller Center puts a widow’s dreams on center stage. In the Gifts from the Magi by Vasthi Reyes Acosta, Latino childhood sweethearts are reunited. Romance is in the air from Fifth Avenue to Chinatown, but can faith bring the love home?

Moonlight and Mistletoe by Carrie Turansky

Professional organizer Sarah Montgomery is hired to organize her elderly neighbor’s cluttered apartment by Justin Latimer, her neighbor’s grandson. Sarah believes free-spirited Justin is a lazy, unemployed poet who is taking advantage of his grandmother’s generosity. Though attracted to him, she guards her heart against her growing feelings. As Sarah and Justin work together to help his grandmother and enjoy Christmas events in NYC, romantic sparks fly. When Sarah discovers Justin is really a respected author of children’s poetry books, she must decide if she will continue to hide behind her protective wall or open her heart and embrace love.

Shopping For Love by Gail Sattler

Emily Jones has good reason for wanting to get lost in the busy crowd in the shopping districts of New York City. But when Bryan Evans knocks her off her feet, literally, her heart is knocked even more off balance. When Christmas comes, will she go back home to life as normal, or will there always be a piece of her heart in the Big Apple?

Where The Love Light Gleams by Lynette Sowell

After losing her husband of thirty years, Gwynn Michaud wonders if it is time to move on. When the spruce tree in her New Hampshire front yard is chosen to adorn New York’s Rockefeller Center, her grown children surprise her with a trip to the Big Apple to see the tree lighting. Her host, Theophilus Stellakis, enjoys his ordered life and clockwork schedule as a professor in Manhattan. When his daughter falls ill, Gwynn stays to help through Christmas. As the two spend more time together, their hearts are set on a collision course. Will this Christmas bring change for both of them?

Gifts from the Magi by Vasthi Reyes Acosta

Cecilia Montes, a busy Latina grad student, buries herself under piles of work to keep her loneliness away. Then Elias Perez, a childhood friend, returns to New York to be youth pastor at her church. She remembers him as a sickly, asthmatic boy, so she is surprised to discover Elias is now a strong, vibrant man of God. As Cecilia and Elias tour the city, enjoying Christmas break with youth from their church, their friendship is renewed and romance blossoms. But only when Cecilia learns to trust the Lord in new and deeper ways is she ready to receive the gifts of the Magi and Elias’s love.

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