Cathy Gohlke and I at ACFW

Hi Friends,  It’s my birthday today, and I thought it would be fun to celebrate with you! Keep reading for a special giveaway.

I recently returned from a wonderful week in Dallas, TX, where I took part in two special events:  CRAVE HIM – a readers’ and authors’ gathering, and ACFW – the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Annual Conference. Both were wonderful times of connecting and encouragement. Here are some photos from those events.

Lunch with reading and writing friends at CRAVE HIM 2017. Left to right: Brittany, Elizabeth L., Carrie, Staci, Staci’s daughter Gretchen, Cathy, Elizabeth E.

One of the workshops at ACFW focused on branding – learning ways to connect with readers by understanding what they expect when they read one of your books. One way to gain insight is to read reviews or ask readers what words or phrases come to mind when they think of you and your books. So, I thought I’d ask you, my blog readers, that question. And to add a little fun and motivation to get you thinking, I’m offering a giveaway to those who comment and answer this question:

What words or phrases come to mind when you think of me and my books? What feelings do my books evoke? What promise do I offer and fulfill to you, my readers? 

Dressing up like our characters at the ACFW Genre Dinner.

You have until midnight Pacific time 9/28 to answer and leave your comment. Tomorrow morning I’ll randomly choose one winner and contact them via email. As a prize, they can choose a copy of any of my books. Paperback or eBook for a US winner and eBook if the winner lives outside the US. 

I love my readers! Thank you for your kind reviews, faithful support, and constant encouragement!

****UPDATE: Congratulations to Alyssa Clark Tillett who is the winner of this giveaway!




23 replies
  1. Joan Arning
    Joan Arning says:

    I think historical Christian but I know you’ve also written contemporary books. I expect love and hope in your books!

  2. Gloria Delk
    Gloria Delk says:

    I think Hope and Love are main things I think of in your books, Carrie, all wrapped up in true Christianity. There is also Elegance there. Thank you for writing!

  3. Linda Rutherford
    Linda Rutherford says:

    I think of magnificent country estates with huge rooms and ladies with beautiful gowns. I love that she describes these faraway lands that I will never get to see except through her words. It’s also educational to learn about the different classes of people in those days. I have enjoyed every book that you’ve written. Thank you.

  4. Leah Conkright
    Leah Conkright says:

    I think of love, hope, but most of all endurance. Because the characters are faced with hard trials. They lean on God and endure till the end. We could all learn something from the characters and apply it to our lives today!

  5. Alyssa
    Alyssa says:

    Excitement, page turner, hope, and love are the words that come to mind. I love your books and had to share them with my family (they loved them too!).

  6. Ann Ellison
    Ann Ellison says:

    I haven’t had the opportunity to read any of your books yet, but I do look forward to reading one and I would expect to find inspiration and hope.

  7. Jennifer Hibdon
    Jennifer Hibdon says:

    Happy Birthday, Carrie!!! When I see one of your books, I think classy, elegant settings with wonderful characters I could be friends with. Thanx for celebrating with us!!!!

  8. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House
    Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House says:

    “It’s certainly not the way we’ve always done things at Highland.”

    Love the reliance on the Lord! Carrie’s characters seek Truth and apply it in their lives. Sometimes a silent countenance speaks volumes that could not be said with words. Love her works! I have read and reviewed all of the Edwardian Brides series, and Shine Like the Dawn.

    The one word I would choose is Change. Nothing can stay the same in the illumination of love and care into disparity, a gap waiting for a better way.

  9. Stephanie Cox
    Stephanie Cox says:

    When I think of your books, I think of romance, inspiration and faith. Your books are the BEST Christian fiction I have read and I can’t wait for more! Your books always promise a good story with great, relatable characters and I know whenever I start one it’s going to be good.

  10. Terressa T.
    Terressa T. says:

    Your books always bring a smile to my face. I know that I am going to meet some amazing characters full of trials, love, and, devotion to God. I always finish your books feeling like I can conquer any trial placed in my path.

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