Surrendered Hearts, by Carrie Turansky

Surrendered Hearts, by Carrie Turansky

Hi Friends,

Have you read a good book lately? Did you share that info with anyone? Friends recommending books to friends is one of the key ways readers discover new authors and books. Creating a buzz through word-of-mouth promotion is every author’s dream. So next time you enjoy a book . . . please spread the word!

Here are several ways you can get that word out online:


1) Put the author’s books on your to-be-read shelf

2) Become a fan of the author

3) If you’ve read the book, give it a favorable 4 or 5 star rating

4) If you loved the book, add it to your “favorites” shelf

5) Add the book to any other applicable shelves

6) Recommend it to your goodreads friends

7) Once you have 50 books on your shelves, you gain “librarian” status. With this you can go into author pages and improve them with pictures, videos, links, etc…


1) Like the book’s page on amazon

2) If available in kindle and print, like both

3) Agree with their tags. These are usually under the reviews. With one simple click, you can help their books show up better on the search engines.

4) Click on favorable reviews to say they were helpful

5) Report unfavorable reviews as not helpful and perhaps leave a refuting comment if you’ve read the book

6) If you have read the book, even a one sentence review with a favorable 4 or 5 star rating will also give their book a boost on search engines.

 Other Places to post Reviews:

1) Christian book distributors:



4) Facebook

5) NovelCrossing


1) Mention that you’ve heard great things about the book

2) Mention that you’re reading the book

3) When you finish, you could post a brief review

4) Recommend to readers who like…


1) Have the author as a guest blogger

2) Post a favorable review of the book

3) Do an interview with the author

And on the subject of writing reviews…this can be tricky. If you can’t give the book at least four stars, the courtesy rule among friends and colleagues is to just not post a review. There are plenty of strangers out there to give negative reviews, so don’t worry about that. As my mother always said, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

When you write a review, focus on the aspect of the book that you liked the most. I can usually find a character or story element that I loved. It’s okay to briefly mention the negative as long as you also include the positive.

Thanks to my author friend Dina Sleiman for her contribution to this article! For info on Dina’s books:

So how about you . . . What’s the main way you learn about new books? Do you read reviews when you are considering buying a book? What’s one book you’ve read lately that you would recommend to your friends?

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  1. Nannette and The Sweetheart
    Nannette and The Sweetheart says:

    Thank you Carrie for the book! I just opened my email and saw the surprise! Went and downloaded to my Kindle!! Can’t wait to get started. Headed over to my Goodreads to add it to my list which shows up on my blog as well. Blessings to you friend. ♥

    • Carrie Turansky
      Carrie Turansky says:

      Hi Nannette, so glad you were able to download Surrendered Hearts. I hope you enjoy it! Blessings and Happy Reading!

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