Hi Friends, A Joyful Christmas releases September 1, and it’s available for pre-order now.  To celebrate the upcoming release I’m giving away one paperback copy to a US or Canadian reading friend who leaves a comment on this blog post. Read on for the details.

A Joyful Christmas Giveaway!A Christmas Collection to Warm the Heart

Grab a warm cup of tea and watch as romance is kindled and joy is restored to broken lives during six bygone era Christmas celebrations, including my Civil War novella A Shelter in the Storm

The daughter of a wealthy Tennessee doctor, Rachel Thornton begins nursing James Galloway, a wounded artist-war correspondent. As James recovers, their hearts draw closer together. Having already lost one sweetheart to the war, Rachel is hesitant to reveal her feelings for James, who insists on returning to the front lines. Would she be safer in the arms of another man? This novella was previously published in A Blue and Gray Christmas and also as an individual novella titled Waiting For His Return. If you haven’t read it yet, or if you’d like to order a copy as a gift for a friend, just visit this page for links to your favorite retailer.

The Six Novellas Included in this Collection:

A Christmas Castle by Cynthia Hickey
Married by proxy in Missouri, Annie Morgan sets off for Tombstone, Arizona, to join her new husband as a cattle rancher. But too soon she finds herself a widow with an unexpected daughter and butting heads with her handsome neighbor.
A Star in the Night by Liz Johnson
Wounded within Confederate territory, Union officer Jedediah Harrington finds refuge at the tiny cabin of Cora Sinclair and her grandfather. Still haunted by what she saw as a battlefield hospital volunteer, Cora finds that only Jed can understand. But, though she longs to give him her heart, the risks to both of them are too great.
An Irish Bride for Christmas by Vickie McDonough
When Jackson Lancaster’s brother and wife die, he takes his three-year-old niece home. But a meddling busy-body makes the judge give her custody “because an unmarried man shouldn’t raise a little girl.” Now Jackson has until Christmas to find a bride or lose his niece forever. Larkin Doyle is grateful her employer took in the orphan and believes Jackson abandoned his niece. When her heart says otherwise, will romance blossom? 
Under His Wings by Liz Tolsma
Adie O’Connell, orphaned and left alone in a dangerous Wisconsin logging camp, seeks the stability she once knew when both her parents lived. Despite the compassion and friendship offered by Noah “Preacher Man” Mitchell, she refuses to consider marriage to a man always drifting from one job to another for God.
A Shelter in the Storm by Carrie Turansky
The daughter of a wealthy Tennessee doctor, Rachel Thornton begins nursing James Galloway, a wounded artist-war correspondent. As James recovers, their hearts draw closer together. Having already lost one sweetheart to the war, Rachel is hesitant to reveal her feelings for James, who insists on returning to the front lines. Would she be safer in the arms of another man?
Christmas Service by Erica Vetsch
Beth Sorensen has been put in charge of the Christmas pageant at the little log church, and this year she wants something different. But she didn’t count on a Minnesota blizzard paralyzing the whole town. Can the blacksmith teach this preacher’s daughter about what it means to serve one another in love through the storm?

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To enter the giveaway please tell me one of your favorite Christmas memories in a comment on this blog post. I’ll choose a winner on September 1,after 9:00 pm ET. This giveaway is open to US and Canadian reading friends.  I’ll notify the winners by email. Good luck!

Until Next Time ~ Happy Reading!

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  1. Erin Palko
    Erin Palko says:

    This compilation looks like wonderful read this holiday season. I’d love to read your Civil War novella. I live in a town rich in Civil War history so I always enjoy reading about that time period. (Fredericksburg, Va)

  2. Danielle Hammelef
    Danielle Hammelef says:

    I enjoy Christmas stories because it’s my favorite holiday. And historical fiction is quickly becoming one of my favorite genres.

    • Danielle Hammelef
      Danielle Hammelef says:

      Forgot to add my favorite memory of Christmas before hitting send: we took my kids to visit Santa at our local greenhouse one year. Santa was dressed in historical green suit and knew my daughters’ names without asking. It felt magical.

  3. Peggy Clayton
    Peggy Clayton says:

    One of the few favorite Christmas memories is when my grandmother picked me up for the 1st Christmas I got to have with her from the foster home. I was 7 at the time. So excited we got to her door and she opened it and wow everything was red and white. A beautiful tree, two Santa heads one on each side of the couch. Under the tree were professionally wrapped presents and I just started crying. It was just like the window at the Macys we went to where you got to see santa but it was her house. She just loved Christmas and when I was 16 I finally got to live with her as the foster home closed one day we went to school came home and was greeted right away that they were closed. I went to the pool shed called my grandma and she drove the 1 1/2 hrs to come and get my foster sister and me. She ended up finishing high school although she was never nice to me only my grandma she was jealous and never dropped that which is too bad. She left to live with her sister. Although my grandma always loved to decorate every Christmas like that it made her house like a wonderland I was 57 when she passed she was 101 when she tripped in the school yard a yard she had walked at least 2 times a day to get to McDonalds. I miss her so much but am blessed as I got to spend a lot of time with her even when I had my kids she watched my daughter full time so Yvonne got a lot of time with her also.

  4. Michelle Garrity
    Michelle Garrity says:

    This sounds like such a fun read! My favorite Christmas memory was when we didn’t have any family visiting us in CA that year, so we went to the Sequoia’s and rented a small cabin. I can still see the inside and remember my mom making pancakes from a carton. It snowed that year as well which made it extra special!

  5. Amy Renaud
    Amy Renaud says:

    This Christmas collection of novellas sounds amazing!

    My favorite Christmas memory is from 2010 when my husband proposed to me at a Christmas concert in an old Cathedral. It was just a few days before Christmas. Then we travelled to spend The holiday with his family in beautiful Quebec.

  6. Susan
    Susan says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories was my sister and dad got new housecoats and my mom and I did not. We have silly pictures of my mom and I being sad because we did not get new housecoats.

  7. Bev Lewis
    Bev Lewis says:

    I’m looking forward to reading this collection! Christmas is a perfect time to read novellas, since there seems to be so much going on and there’s less time to spend reading. One of my favorite memories of Christmas is the time we spend putting together our Christmas village under the tree each year. We loved moving the people and animals around, making sure they were placed in the exactly right location.

  8. Sarah Snider
    Sarah Snider says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is going to Oglebay Park in Wheeling, West Virginia for their annual Festival of Lights display. They have all kinds of elaborate figures and scenes along the route that you drive through once the sun sets. We also used to go into the main building for the laser light show.

  9. Debra Branigan
    Debra Branigan says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is when I spent several days with my grandparents and all 10 of their grandchildren (siblings and cousins). We had an absolute blast. My grandparents were a lot of fun.

  10. Suzanne Sellner
    Suzanne Sellner says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is visiting with my cousins in Charlotte, NC. Since we lived in Richmond, VA, we only saw them once or twice a year. There were three of us daughters and two male and one female cousin–so six of us. In addition to the big holiday meal, we would play games, watch movies, etc.

    I’m really looking forward to reading your newest books!

  11. Audra
    Audra says:

    I am not sure it is my favorite Christmas memory.. but it is a very memorable and possibly pivotal memory. When I was about 5 my bro & sis (elder by 5 & 7 years) decided to sneak down in the wee hours of the night to claim and ravage their ‘stockings’ so of course I went too. The next morning was such a great disappointment with the empty ravaged stockings. After that I always wanted to wait as long as possible before checking the contents of my stocking. The Christmas Stocking was the highlight of my Christmas day. Needless to say 70 some years later I still feel the same way. But, a Christmas stocking one must fill themselves… well it just isn’t the same. I wish I had someone to fill my stocking once again. I know it isn’t going to happen and I am thankful I have my memories.

  12. Perrianne Askew
    Perrianne Askew says:

    The Christmas my Grandfather was recovering from surgery for a brain tumor he actually got to spend Christmas at our house (the first and only time). We always went to their house, so this was a real treat! He had surgery in a specialty hospital about a hour from our home and their house was four hours away. Even though he was recovering from surgery, he was very happy to be in our home and we were so happy to have him there.

  13. Dana Michael
    Dana Michael says:

    My favorite memories of Christmas was spending the night at my grandmother’s home in Mississippi. She had a feather bed mattress and I slept with a ton of blankets on me because there was no heat in that room. I slept like a baby even if I was anticipating Santa Clause. Oh, and if it happened to be raining, I really slept like a champ because she had a tin roof.

  14. Julie B
    Julie B says:

    One of my favorite memories is when I wanted a cher doll. I loved her long hair and pink heels. My parents weren’t favorable to the idea. I didn’t realize why at the time. However, I was surprised Christmas morning when santa left me a cher doll.

  15. Debbi
    Debbi says:

    Favorite Christmas memory…My daughter & cousins would excitedly wait on the top of the stairs each Christmas morning. When we were ready, they would run down and join us to read the Christmas story. Afterwards, we would enjoy watching as the kids opened gifts which change dramatically throughout the years. Family, growing children, and of memories focused around God’s greatest gift; Jesus!

  16. Christina Chastain
    Christina Chastain says:

    One of my most memorable Christmas memories was the year that sounds sad, but shows the amazing grace of God and how He uses His people. I had been diagnosed the January prior that December. With medical bills and traveling to and from different hospitals we were broke. The 4 kids were understanding with the fact that we barely had money to eat. My son said that they just wanted me to feel better. Later that week I got a phone call from our Women’s Club asking if it would be okay if they could provide Christmas gifts for our kids. I just started crying. My kids excitedly made lists. Then my church gifted us with a Christmas meal. Then the children’s school teachers had done a collection of household goods that we needed. On Christmas morning we had every gift the kids had asked for, food on the table and in the fridge and I actually felt well enough to come out to the living room. Then my son looked at me and said, I prayed that God would help us and he did. I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love given to us by our community. It wasn’t the material items, it was knowing we were loved and thought about. It was a Christmas to remember.

  17. Keren Herrera
    Keren Herrera says:

    The Christmas memory that is always on my mind is when we were younger going to Christmas service and participating in plays and reciting poems. And gathering afterwards to participate in a fellowship dinner at church. But then heading home and decorating the Christmas tree while drinking homemade chocolate with cinnamon. And then placing our Christmas presents from church under the tree and being able to pick one gift to open that night which would be Christmas eve. The BEST Christmas memories, that will never fade away. Thank you Carrie for this chance to your Christmas story. Blessings Always.

  18. Trixi
    Trixi says:

    My favorite memories of Christmas are those spent with our grand-girl! Seeing the joy of opening presents and the anticipation for the season reflected in her eyes makes it all new in my heart! Of course she knows the true meaning of Christmas and I love sharing that truth with her. 🙂 She’s the delight of our lives!

    Thank you for the giveaway chance Carrie. Christmas novella sets like this are always a treat to read!

  19. Connie Porter Saunders
    Connie Porter Saunders says:

    I’m so looking forward to this collection. One of my favorite memories occurred the Christmas of my 3rd grade. I asked for a doll and I usually got a tea set, new pajamas and house shoes, and a stocking, but under the tree there was also the most beautiful tin schoolhouse with all if the accessories! Resin figurines of a teacher, students, desks, and even a blackboard were included and I played with that set for many years. It was so special because my Daddy saw it in our local hardware store and thought that I would like it! Thanks for allowing me to take this walk down memory lane.

  20. Monica
    Monica says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories as child was my family piling into the car and driving around the neighborhood looking at everyone’s Christmas lights and decorations. There was one street near our house with a median that was always fully decorated. I remember a few families that would decorate their whole yards.

    I am looking forward to reading this book. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  21. Bonnie H
    Bonnie H says:

    I loved the Christmas memories of when our children were young, and their excitement was contagious. Christmas programs, church services, visiting grandparents, singing carols and celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus is what Christmas is all about!

  22. Linda Palmer
    Linda Palmer says:

    My favorite Christmas memory with my kids was the year we got adopted by a family through a social service agency. I had very little money for Christmas, and I’d have to start planning for it in September, to try and save for it.
    Having all the wonderful gifts was a dream come true!

  23. Wendy Newcomb
    Wendy Newcomb says:

    My favorite memory was the year we surprised our entire family on Christmas Eve by showing up on the doorstep where our kids & grandkids were all together celebrating. There was crying, grandkids running out in the snow with no shoes, one of our daughters couldn’t even finish eating lol.

    We had Santa sacks ready for each family and just about got caught so we sped out of the driveway and came back around, our son was waiting as our grandson had said someone had been in the driveway and tore off when he was bringing the trash out. When we pulled in the second time our son surprised us by walking up to the window, we had gotten a new truck so they did not recognize it, I rolled the window down, his eyes got HUGE and he about took off running to tell the others. I stopped him and told him to take the Santa sacks in and tell them someone had left them.

    As they were going through the sacks and trying to figure out who would do that for them, my daughter-in-law came to the homemade beef jerky and the secret was out and the excitement began. It was the BEST!!!!

    wfnren at aol dot com

  24. Adrienne Everitt
    Adrienne Everitt says:

    Some of my favorite Christmas memories are of my family’s annual Christmas Eve party with my extended family on my mom’s side. I loved the chance to be with many aunts, uncles, and cousins. We ate yummy food (and I got the honor of helping one aunt arrange her awesome cookie tray) and sang carols and talked and laughed. I haven’t been to the annual party for over 10 years now (I live 2000 miles away now), but I hope to make it back sometime soon!

  25. Sandy Arnold
    Sandy Arnold says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is of the oak round table top used as a base for our tree which was surrounded by the train and little town (houses, church, skating rink with skaters, carolers, trees) my dad and I would set up each Christmas. I don’t have too many memories of my childhood as I was born later in life, much older sisters and a mom with heart issues, but this memory always brings a smile ?
    And I love Christmas stories-especially His!

  26. Shannon Capelle
    Shannon Capelle says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was this last year after having my cervical cancer surgery and being able to be with my husband and our 4 kids and being just so grateful to be here with them. We baked cookies while listening to christmas music and wrapped presents and had a beautiful christmas eve dinner and then christmas day and dinner with our families. I always host every year but dont have time to just enjoy but i did this last one I soaked it all in and appreciated it more than ever. My husband and our four kids surprised me with a sapphire journey necklace that made me ugly cry a long time.

  27. Patrice Doten
    Patrice Doten says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is from my junior or senior year of high school, when I had a party at my house and made all my friends come caroling with me (they knew nothing about that part in advance – I surprised them ?). We had so much fun.

  28. Joyce Reavis
    Joyce Reavis says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is waiting on my Grandpa to get back from cutting our tree. He had to go out in the woods and get the tree that he’d been watching all year. Then we could decorate it and the whole house smelled like a Christmas tree.

  29. Tashia M Jennings
    Tashia M Jennings says:

    Though every Christmas with my three incredible children is truly special and memorable, one of my favorite Christmas memory growing up was when my mother was still alive. One particular Christmas she borrowed the town’s Santa suit. She had my older sister put it on. She came rushing in the bedroom that I shared with my three younger brothers. She was excited but encouraged us to be very quiet. There was noises on the roof above our heads. She insisted on us to follow her quietly. She topped at the door to the living room cracking it just enough to look in. I will never forget the looks on my brothers’ faces. The joy and excitement, for before us was Santa placing gifts under our tree.

  30. Linda May
    Linda May says:

    My favorite memory of Christmas was when I was growing up and me and my sister and our parents would take the train from Chicago to East Chicago, Indiana to spend Christmas with my grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins.

  31. Betsy Tieperman
    Betsy Tieperman says:

    Looks like a lovely collection of stories! Many fond Christmas memories, but choosing and decorating the tree has to be one of them.

  32. Lila Diller
    Lila Diller says:

    I love Christmas romances! One of my favorite Christmas memories was the first Christmas I spent away from home, because all of my family traveled to Kansas to see their extended family, most of whom I’d never met before. One aunt and uncle spoiled us terribly as all their children were grown up.

  33. Alicia Haney
    Alicia Haney says:

    When my siblings were young and all living at home with my parents, my mom would tell us a little after Thanksgiving to draw our foot on a piece of cardboard because she was going to go talk to Santa Claus, well, there were 6 of us kiddos so we would draw our foot on a piece of cardboard, well come Christmas morning, we would all have brand new shoes or boots , clothes , toys and a stocking from Santa. Beautiful Precious memories that will live in my heart forever.

  34. Margaret Wurth
    Margaret Wurth says:

    My favorite memory is of me waking up before any of my sisters and going downstairs to see the tree lights on and all the presents that Santa brought

  35. Robin in NC
    Robin in NC says:

    All my Christmases as a child were magical. Even though we didn’t have lots of money, we all got new PJ’s on Christmas Eve. We’d open presents Christmas morning, my Grandparents would come for Christmas lunch, it was wonderful.

  36. Donna Patterson
    Donna Patterson says:

    I love reading Christmas stories any time of the year! My favorite Christmas memory is of helping my grandparents and parents with all the preparations leading up to Christmas Day. I grew up in a huge three-story home and my Polish grandparents lived with us. We would take a break from the preparations to attend midnight mass. All of my aunts, uncles and cousins would come to our home to celebrate Christmas Day! After dinner, Santa would make his appearance with gifts for everyone. I always get a bit choked up when I think of childhood Christmases because our family is so spread out now across the U.S.A. and some even living in Canada and Europe.

    • Marsha Burns
      Marsha Burns says:

      When i was 8. I got the only walking doll i ever had.I 68 now but remember it like it was just last week.

  37. Becky D
    Becky D says:

    Christmas was different every year, but a couple things stayed the same:
    -making homemade Christmas, sugar cookies & fudge for teachers & friends
    -having dinner with family.
    I loved baking with my mom…and still do!! Thanks for sharing about this great collection! ??

  38. Natalya Lakhno
    Natalya Lakhno says:

    We are laughing at this memory now but it was actually scary to get lost in the woods with four kiddos while looking for a Christmas Tree. Since then, we are buying our tree pre-cut LOL

  39. Jennifer C.
    Jennifer C. says:

    I lived within a mile from both sets of grandparents growing up. Our big Christmas get together on one side was always Christmas Eve night. As a kid this was easily the most exciting night of the year. We would eat the same thing every year which consisted of an array of chocolates, deli meats and cheese, punch, and after our hayless-hay ride to see lights we would have hot chocolate. We would open gifts right after the Christmas story was read in Luke. Once all the gifts were opened all us cousins would play outside in the dark (tag, hide-and-seek, stretch) until it was time for to go look at Christmas lights.

    Now a great Christmas memory that included a prank… leading up to Christmas the women in my family get together and dip loads of items in chocolate. One year a friend was coming along so I dipped a couple veggies in chocolate. Knowing he couldn’t resist the different shapes and yummy chocolate I positioned a dipped green onion where I thought he would find it. Sure enough he grabbed the onion and took a bite. The look on his face had several of us rolling with laughter. Initially it was gross, but being a guest he tried to be a good sport until he realized it was a prank.

  40. Cheryl Hart
    Cheryl Hart says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories was my mother’s last Christmas, in 1981. I knew it would be her last, and though it was difficult, we had some deep talks and made some wonderful memories.

  41. Theresa norris
    Theresa norris says:

    Sounds like a wonderful book with a beautiful cover. My favorite memory is when it snowed on Christmas a rare event.

  42. Jeannie
    Jeannie says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is when I took my autistic child to see Santa. He gazed into Santa’s eyes for a moment then touched the bearded cheek and whispered, “Oh Santa,” with wonderment. It brought tears to everyone’s eyes, even Santa. I will never forget that magical moment.

  43. Emma
    Emma says:

    my favorite Christmas memory is my daughter first Christmas.I am putting this book on my to be read list of books.

  44. Jane Squires
    Jane Squires says:

    I have lots of Christmas memories. Every ornament on my tree is a memory. Now my granddaughters decorate for me as I cannot do it.

  45. Betty Chambers
    Betty Chambers says:

    I look forward to reading more about Garth and Grace! The memory that popped into my mind was taking my mom home following Wednesday night Bible study and watching my two young boys (ages 2 and 3 1/2) watch as my mom turned on the Christmas tree lights. Their eyes it up and the look of amazement was one I will not forget. It was the same look I experienced in that same living room 20 years prior. Mama always made Christmas special. My boys are now 45 and 43

  46. Joan
    Joan says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is: I was visiting my Grandmother and I put my letter to Santa Claus in the newspaper’s mailbox. To my surprise my letter was printed.

  47. Danielle McDonald
    Danielle McDonald says:

    My favorite Christmas memories were when the whole family went for the weekend up to big bear and we had no electronics or tv so we spent actually quality time as a family. we even went outside in the forest and found items to make a Christmas tree.

  48. Marion
    Marion says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is : When my twin sister and I received our Ginny dolls with a wardrobe full of clothes and a few pieces of furniture.

    • Paula Shreckhise
      Paula Shreckhise says:

      I loved Ginny dolls. Much better than Barbie! I have a Ginny Doll given to me by my friend Ginny years later. I still have to make her some clothes!

  49. Marilyn
    Marilyn says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is: When i received a pair of indoor skates and ballet slippers along with a skating skirt and a ballerina doll.

  50. Trudy
    Trudy says:

    These sound great!! One of my favorite Christmas memories was the year I received my own set of keys to my parents car. I was the only one of my siblings to ever have my own set of keys to a car of theirs!

  51. Paula Shreckhise
    Paula Shreckhise says:

    My memory is of my own childhood. My sisters and I would dress up as Mary Joseph and. Shepherd and act out the nativity. I guess Mother or Daddy read from the Gospel.

  52. Terressa
    Terressa says:

    One of my favorite memories is when we were new in our neighborhood and my kids were younger I wanted them to know the true meaning of the season and we did a 12 days of Christmas for a newly moved in neighbor. My kids loved dropping off the gift and trying not to get caught. It’s a favorite family memory that started a fun new tradition.

  53. Deena Adams
    Deena Adams says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories was traveling with my husband and three children from Virginia to Tennessee to spend Christmas with my parents, grandma, brother and his family. My step-dad promised to hang the Christmas tree upside down from the ceiling if we came and he kept his word. Traveling home for Christmas is rare, and we had a wonderful and blessed time with our family. It’s a Christmas my kids will never forget.

  54. Norma (Davis) Cook
    Norma (Davis) Cook says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is the time my brother and his family were home from Papua New Guinea for an extended furlough. Their children had not really been exposed to the tradition of Santa Clause, but my brother and his wife had no objection to letting them experience a Canadian Christmas. We had bought our own family an early gift of a new TV, so I took the box and attached it to the wagon I borrowed from the neighbor’s kids. Then I went shopping at the thrift store and found a tiny red velour pant suit with white trim for 2-year-old Michelle. Her brother, Jordan, age 4, became a reindeer dressed in a homemade costume with Dollar Store antlers. Their older cousin, Bradley, agreed to wear the elf costume I made for him. On Christmas Day, we all gathered at the home where my brother’s family was staying. After a delicious meal, my husband brought in the “sleigh” while everyone closed their eyes. I took the kids in the family room and helped them get ready. Then much to the surprise of the grown-ups, Santa Michelle and Bradley the Elf arrived that Christmas Day, with Jordan the little reindeer pulling a shiny red sleigh. We got lots of pictures and it was certainly a Christmas to remember.

  55. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    When I was in high school, the majority of my mom’s side of the family was home for Christmas this particular year. A couple who had been friends with my grandparents for years, and often attended family events, was having a rough time. The husband was very ill with cancer. A bunch of us were out playing in the snow (this included ages 4-40) and someone said “You know what we should do? Walk down to Bob’s and sing a couple of Christmas carols.” So we did. When Bob saw us and heard us, he burst into tears. He thanked us over and over again for visiting. That was his last Christmas. I am thankful we had the ability to brighten his Christmas.

  56. Dezi A
    Dezi A says:

    When I was young, my mom dropped my siblings and I off to see The Nutcracker with my grandma. It was such a fun night! Not to mention extra memorable because my mom dropped us off at the wrong place and we had to walk in the snow to find my grandma! ?

  57. Sunnie
    Sunnie says:

    I remember growing up in Minnesota and on Christmas Eve, my dad would take me out on the sled and we would sled down what I remember as a big hill near our house. In the meantime, because we were German and celebrated on Christmas Eve, my mom, AKA Santa, would prepare the gifts, tree, etc. Now that I am grown, I went to see this hill after many years away, and that hill was more just a slope, haha. But I still think about those adventures just with my dad. Miss him…

  58. Kathlee Burnop
    Kathlee Burnop says:

    Seeing the Christmas lights, especially when I was a child, seeing them in the windows of the department stores downtown in Austin.

  59. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    This isn’t necessarily my favorite Christmas memory but we had to have ALL the dishes from our fancy Christmas meal washed and put away before we could open presents. If only we’d had TWO sinks…

  60. Melissa Andres
    Melissa Andres says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories was the year I received a Barbie as a gift. I was about 7 or 8 and I desperately wanted the Holiday Barbie that year. She was beautiful! But my family didn’t have a lot of money, so my mom sowed me a dress that look just like it! I loved that Barbie!!

  61. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    Live a good Christmas story (or 6!!)! One of my favorite Christmas memories is Christmas Eve at my grandmother’s house with all the cousins. We would reenact the nativity and sing carols!

  62. Debbie C.
    Debbie C. says:

    My favorite Christmas memory as a child was when me and my brothers were standing at the top of the stairs clowning around on Christmas Eve instead of off to bed as our mother kept telling us before Santa saw us and decided to leave us coal instead of presents. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and mom answered it. It was Santa, you could tell by the Hohoho and the black boots at the bottom of the stairs with mom’s slippers. Santa said he heard naughty children playing upstairs instead of sleeping. We sounded like a herd of elephants scurrying back to our beds. Since my room was closest to the stairs I tiptoed back to the top of the stairs and I could have sworn I heard mommy kissing Santa Claus and seen his black boots facing her slippers toe to toe.

  63. Beth
    Beth says:

    One of my favorite memories of Christmas is looking at lights on Christmas Eve before coming home to open gifts. Also, decorating our tree in our first home together was very special for my husband and I both.

  64. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Christmas books are some of my favorite books to read! My favorite Christmas memory was a few years back when we spent Christmas in Tennessee in the Smoky Mountains. Everything was so beautifully decorated and it was snowing.

  65. Connie
    Connie says:

    Probably one of my favorite memories,is the year I wanted a Dream Kitchen,for my Barbies. I wanted it so much. Santa brought one,and I was thrilled. All of the little dishes, flatware, glasses were held down with a putty like material. My grandma,sat on the floor,and used a little knife,cleaned off all of the putty. I even have pictures. Very special memory!! I still have it, provided many hours of fun,for me and later my daughters.

  66. Holly Bleggi
    Holly Bleggi says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was being able to go to Disneyworld and see my grandparents who lived in Florida. We didn’t get to see them often because we lived on the other side of the country. What made this so special was being able to be with my grandma since she past away a few years later. It was nice to have those memories with her.

  67. Vicki Nave
    Vicki Nave says:

    We always had Mary, Joseph, a donkey, and an angel travel from the back of the house to the nativity. They would arrive Christmas eve and after the children were in bed, I’d place baby Jesus. One Christmas morning, my middle daughter who was 4 or 5 came out and was so excited that baby Jesus was in the manger she all but forgot about checking her stocking or the tree for presents!

  68. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories was when my older brother and I were little children. My mother would allow us to set up a grand little city under the tree, with a round mirror for a frozen pond, and a bag of fine “snowflakes” to spread around the city. I can still remember the fragrance of the pine tree as we would have a lot of fun setting up each house, lamppost, ice skater, and little snow flocked evergreens in the tiny city. Even though my brother passed away July 22nd, I am so blessed and grateful that we had so many years of good times. Happy memories are precious. Jesus has greatly blessed me.
    Romans 10:8-13

  69. She S
    She S says:

    The best Christmas memories our childhood memories. All of my cousins and grandparents for 2 days! Playing games and eating food and chatting and gift-giving and singing Christmas carols and the fabulous Christmas decorations at my grandma’s house. Although all holidays were spent this way when I was a child, Christmas was always the best. Those Christmases are heart-warming memories, especially now that we are all adults and so very busy ~ lucky if we see each other once a year. The love of my family and the memories we’ve made are always my favorites.

  70. Megan
    Megan says:

    This novella set looks great, thank you for the chance to win a copy! One of my favorite Christmas memories is when I was little and came out on Christmas morning and found a kitchen player all set up. It was so cool and magical.

  71. Winnie Thomas
    Winnie Thomas says:

    This Christmas book looks and sounds delightful, Carrie! Thanks for the opportunity to win. I remember my mom making Swiss cookies every Christmas. Her parents were both from Switzerland, and the recipes were handed down from their families. We also have a Swiss bread recipe that we all love.

  72. Pam K.
    Pam K. says:

    A Christmas memory from when I was a child is Dad reading the story from Luke in the Bible on Christmas Eve.
    This Christmas novella collection looks like one I’d really enjoy. Thanks for the giveaway.

  73. Susan Heim
    Susan Heim says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is my first Christmas as a mother. I now have 4 sons, but with my firstborn, he was due on November 30, so I thought he’d be more of a Thanksgiving baby. Unfortunately, he just wasn’t ready yet! They finally induced me on December 12 and he weighed almost 10 pounds! So, I had a two-week-old, not-so-little baby as my Christmas surprise that year!

  74. Janice Moore
    Janice Moore says:

    These stories sound very appealing! My favorite Christmas memory is when, after years of infertility, having my daughter the first Christmas she was with us! The answer to prayer was by adoption. This was the first time I felt a deeper identification with Mary, mother of Jesus, with a precious child.

  75. Alondra
    Alondra says:

    I’m glad to finally get an update about the sequel to “No Ocean too Wide.” I’m only sorry it won’t release until next May! It was a great story and I want to know what happens with the characters and if they ever found Grace since the records of who adopted her were lost in a fire. As for my favourite Christmas memory, I would say my first Christmas with my husband. We didn’t have much money but he got me a very special gift which I still have 35 years later. I’ll always treasure it.

  76. Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds
    Lelia (Lucy) Reynolds says:

    My favorite Christmas memories are my mom making snow ice cream, popping popcorn, and singing carols as a family after Christmas Eve candle light service.
    Thank you for the chance. Blessings

  77. Paty Hinojosa Gómez
    Paty Hinojosa Gómez says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is a beautiful tradition our grandparents taught us. On Christmas Eve, we gather after dinner (with uncles, aunts and cousins) and sing carols to the Baby Jesus. The smallest kid in the family brings the Baby Jesus in a basket settled over candy pieces. Every family member gets to kiss the Baby Jesus and take a candy from the basket. One of the candies has a small paper that says “I’m staying with you”. So the person (adult or children) that gets that paper keeps the image of the Baby Jesus. It’s a small and sweet figurine. It’s an honor to get to keep him so you can put it somewhere you can see him frequently and adore him and kiss him. We’ve kept this tradition and are passing it along to our families!
    The Christmas book looks awesome!
    Thanks for the chance!!

  78. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories was placing our 8 day old daughter under our Christmas tree- a precious gift to our family!

  79. Shelia Hall
    Shelia Hall says:

    My favorite Christmas memories is when I was 3 years old, I was spending the night with my grandparents and my cousin had one of his buddies dress up as Santa and come visit and give me a present from him

  80. Hope
    Hope says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for all the incredible books you give out! I live in Thailand, where it is very hot, and there is never any snow for Christmas! However, my family and I for Christmas go to hospitals and pass out gifts to the sick kids there. It is such a blessing to see their happy faces?

  81. Anne L. Rightler
    Anne L. Rightler says:

    I can’t think of a specific favorite memory but I do love celebrating the birth of Christ with all of my family gathered.

  82. Sophie
    Sophie says:

    I am looking forward to reading this book. I always love reading Christmas novels a few months before the holidays!

  83. Vivian Furbay
    Vivian Furbay says:

    I had many great Christmases when a kid and when my children were younger. Now we go to my daughter Michelle’s home and share a potluck meal and exchange gifts. It is a real good time as my niece comes with her family and it’s the only time of the year that i usually get to see her and her family.

    JOY E TUCKER says:

    I love christmas my favorite memories is where’s my dad after my mom passed he came to live with me and Christmas morning we would have some tea or coffee and and Christmas cake on a tray in front of the Christmas tree and open a present another wonderful memory is when my mom was alive when I well when I was a child I really wanted a Barbie but it was too expensive for our welfare family so she bought very much cheaper doll and made all kinds of clothes for this doll she was a wonderful sewer including fur collar on coat beautiful stuff.

  85. Debra Guyette
    Debra Guyette says:

    One of my favorite memories is going to see the trees at Disney and my grandson picks out an ornament for our tree. I am also crocheting some ornaments.

  86. Christy Maurer
    Christy Maurer says:

    I have many happy Christmas memories. One of them is when my kids were little and they got stuffed dogs that they still have. They were so happy because they’d asked for them from Toys R Us. (My kids are 22 & 25 now!)

  87. Caryl Kane
    Caryl Kane says:

    Christmas 2007 was my most memorable. I was living in Colorado Springs at the time, so it was my first white Christmas. I’m a native Texan. My part of Texas rarely sees snow.

  88. Maria Mast
    Maria Mast says:

    I don’t know if it’s my favorite Christmas memory, but one year we flew to Ohio and surprised my Grandma for Christmas! I love the family get togethers that are involved with Christmas!! ?

  89. Faith Creech
    Faith Creech says:

    Favorite Christmas memories are always with family. Too many to share! Thanks so much for the chance to win! Love reading Christmas books!

  90. Sylvia Hodges
    Sylvia Hodges says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is the Christmas Eve party we host every year. It’s always so much fun; we do a white elephant gift exchange, have Chinese food for dinner, and make great memories with friends. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  91. Lori Byrd
    Lori Byrd says:

    I love Christmas stories. I host Christmas Eve with our whole family and it brings me such joy.

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