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Welcome to the second annual British Blooms and Books Giveaway! This week, we’re celebrating the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show and some lovely historical novels set in England. After enjoying this post, please visit each of the other five authors’ blogs (links provided below) and, after a bit of reading fun, follow one simple instruction and leave a comment on each blog. You’ll be entered to win a fabulous, British Blooms and Books prize. (US winners only, please, due to shipping the petit fours.) Enjoy, and thank you for stopping by!

Touring the Gardens at Cragside ~ Morningside Manor

Cragside House and Gardens are the inspiration for the setting of Shine Like the Dawn, my latest English historical romance. When I first researched the story I was fascinated by the photos I saw of the beautiful gardens surrounding Cragside House. And when I read the story behind them, I was even more eager to include those amazing gardens in my story.


Cragside house was built on a rocky moor area with few trees, but William Armstrong, the original developer and owner of Cragside decided to create a lush woodland garden around his home with three lakes, miles of carriage drives, bridges, and beautiful rock gardens. 

Rhododendrons and azaleas flourish there and make a sunning display each spring. I hope you enjoy these photos and video tour. Viewing them will add to your enjoyment when you read Shine Like the Dawn!

To enter the giveaway, Please sign up for my newsletter in the box on the upper right hand column of my blog post (if you’re already signed up, just let me know in the comments). Then, comment below and tell me one of your favorite flowers, and you’ll be entered in the drawing to win the grand prize! Thanks to broadoak2006 for this beautiful video tour of Cragside!   

Devine Delights Tea Hats Treats

Giveaway Rules: One grand prize winner who comments on each of the six authors’ blogs and agrees to the one boldfaced condition posted at the end of each post will win a signed copy of each of the books plus delivery of six English hat petit fours to enjoy while you read! Name will be drawn via random.org

Please visit these other fabulous authors of historical novels set in England to see what flowers mean to them and their heroines.

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Until Next Time . . . Happy Reading!



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  1. Linda Hutchins
    Linda Hutchins says:

    I am subscribed to your newsletter. The flowers in this post are gorgeous! I love all kinds of flowers, but lilacs remind me of the house where I grew up. I planted 3 bushes where I live now and love their fragrance!

  2. Pam K.
    Pam K. says:

    I signed up for your newsletter. Thanks for sharing the video of this stunning property. The colors and textures of the plants are lovely. I was happy to see a photo of an iris; they are one of my very favorite flowers.

  3. Stephani Fannin
    Stephani Fannin says:

    Those pictures of the gardens are beautiful and make me really anxious to read your book! My favorite flower would be a purple orchid–even if I do struggle keeping them alive lol. Thank you for participating in this giveaway! I just signed up for your newsletter.

  4. Penny J.
    Penny J. says:

    I just signed up for your newsletter. One of my favorite flowers are the beautiful white Easter Lilies. I love them, and had them in my wedding bouquet.

  5. Sandra Murphy
    Sandra Murphy says:

    Signed up for the newsletter and look forward to your posts. My favorite flower, hands down … the peony. The books above look lovely.

  6. Mary Lynch
    Mary Lynch says:

    Your video was so beautiful…i will watch it many times. And I would love to read your books just as much. Flowers in stories…love them so much. Thank you for the video!

  7. Karen
    Karen says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your book.
    I am already signed up to receive your newsletter via email.
    My favorite flower is the daffodil, partly because of their fragrance, partly because yellow is my favorite color and partly because they are one of the earliest sign of Spring’s arrival.

  8. Gretchen Bauder
    Gretchen Bauder says:

    Oh to choose only one flower! I love Gerber daisies for a bouquet and dwarf irises that are deep purple for a garden ? however, I love both the beauty and smell of cherry blossom trees! I love your books and eagerly await the chance to read them!

  9. Mimi
    Mimi says:

    My favorite flower is probably the peony. Mine have already bloomed for the season sadly. Your video was beautiful! I would adore seeing that in person. I’m already one of your subscribers.

  10. Jen Waugh
    Jen Waugh says:

    I’ve already signed up for your newsletter! I love your writing, and the book covers are always beautiful. My favorite flower are Carnations no matter what the colors are!

  11. Sandra Burson
    Sandra Burson says:

    My favorite flower since I was a child is snapdragons, to me they look like people talking, when you squeeze them. 🙂

  12. Michelle Fidler
    Michelle Fidler says:

    I like the pictures in your post. I’ve always liked zinnias and any colorful flowers.

  13. Ashley Hinz
    Ashley Hinz says:

    Melanie Dickerson’s blog post is one that won’t let me comment. I’m not sure why.

    Already subscribed.

  14. Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H. says:

    I am already a newsletter subscriber and my favorite flowers are lilies and roses.

  15. Martha T.
    Martha T. says:

    I like a lot of flowers,so,it’s hard to pick just one. Daisies and roses are among my most favorite!

  16. Erika
    Erika says:

    I really enjoyed the video. What a beautiful place. I love many different types of flowers. It is hard to pick only one. I think roses would be at the top.

  17. Mary Kay Moody
    Mary Kay Moody says:

    Hi Carrie, what a lovely tour. One of the best photos I’ve ever seen of the Monkey Puzzle Tree! Hard to pick just one flower ~ perhaps peonies, they are so lush. Love roses and azaleas and lilacs and miss them.

    I am signed up for your newsletter. Thanks for this British Blooms & Books Giveaway.
    Blessings, Mary Kay

  18. Brittany H
    Brittany H says:

    I’m not big on flowers, but I do like gerbera daisies.
    I signed up for the newsletter.

  19. Mary W
    Mary W says:

    I am already a subscriber of your newsletter and it’s a good thing I am! This is how I found out about this giveaway. Thankfully! I love these types of books and read every day when I go to bed for the night.

    My favorite flower is a daisy. Perhaps they’re just a humble flower but they always remind me of happiness and sunshine.

    Many thanks for your part in this beautiful giveaway!

  20. Phyllis Horn
    Phyllis Horn says:

    I’m a subscriber already. I love peonies so much!! Just wish they lasted a little longer. I would love to read your book “Shine like the Dawn” the cover is gorgeous!!!

  21. Suzanne Sellner
    Suzanne Sellner says:

    I loved the video and subscribed to your newsletter. My favorite flowers are flowering magnolias, and several years ago my husband gave me a flowering magnolia tree with the beautiful pink blossoms that herald the onset of spring in Houston, TX. We’ve had 4-5 magnolias with the waxy leaves and gorgeous white blossoms in our back for about the last 40 years and love those too.

  22. Rebecca Tellez
    Rebecca Tellez says:

    Loved Shine Like the Dawn and really enjoyed the video. Already a subscriber to your newsletter. Choosing a favorite flower is hard but peonies and lilacs and roses.

  23. Donna B
    Donna B says:

    I signed up for your newsletter. My favorite flowers are roses and tulips. I’m looking forward to reading these great books!

  24. Jennifer Torres
    Jennifer Torres says:

    I signed up for your newsletter. 🙂
    My favorite flower is a Gardenia. Not only are they beautiful but their fragrance is amazing too!

  25. Anne Payne
    Anne Payne says:

    I love all kinds of flowers! I suppose my favorite is a Carnation because they last so long in a bouquet. I’ve never grown them though. As to that, I would say Roses. I’m not usually one to cut them and bring them in because they don’t last long that way. Yellow and pink are my fav colors. This year, I have some beautiful yellow Petunias I potted, along with some that have a variegated purple-like bloom but it’s a smaller variety. Gerbera Daisies are a fav too. I love the scent of Lilacs, Lavender, and Gardenia! I like them all!!! 🙂

  26. Kathryn Voss
    Kathryn Voss says:

    I already subscribe! My favorite flower is the daffodil. They are so happy looking after the long winter.

  27. Valerie Stoj
    Valerie Stoj says:

    The video was stunning – a brief trip to another part of the world. It’s easy to see how many artists and writers have been inspired by the beautiful English countryside.
    I signed up for your newsletter. Thank you for participating in this generous giveaway.

  28. Susan Mather Barone
    Susan Mather Barone says:

    My favorite flower is the daisy and thankfully I have no problem growing those. I think they’ve taken over the yard thanks to our lovely squirrels digging around.

  29. Emily Miller
    Emily Miller says:

    Just signed up for your newsletter. My favorite flowers are roses and wildflowers. 🙂

  30. Leona Olson
    Leona Olson says:

    What a video. Loved it. I love peonies and lilacs that we have in Minnesota. I am from West Texas and did not have them there. I subscribed to your newsletter.

  31. Laura Reisnel
    Laura Reisnel says:

    Amazing video! Thank you! My favorite flower? Feels like choosing a favorite child! I named my daughter Lillian Rose… see the favorites there? LOL
    But all time favorite would be the sunflower
    Very excited to read this book!

  32. Melissa Lake
    Melissa Lake says:

    I’m already signed up for your newsletter. My favorite flower is hard-I love so many! I’ve always liked lilacs and also daisies.

  33. Susan
    Susan says:

    Thank you for participating in this contest. My favorite flowers are daisies and lilies.

  34. Ruby Edwards
    Ruby Edwards says:

    Enjoyed the video and the music.
    A favorite flower, that is a difficult choice. At this time of year I always enjoy honeysuckle. Not a showy flower, but I do love the fragrance. Lilacs are another favorite for the scent. I love roses for their delicate petals and the variety of colors.

  35. Dianna
    Dianna says:

    I love to garden, and flowers are my summer pleasure. I love all of them, from zinnias to hydrangeas to petunias.

    Also, signed up for your newsletter!

  36. Bethany
    Bethany says:

    I subscribe to your newsletters and Iris are a current fav. (then peony, then rose, you understand… 🙂 )

  37. Lucy Reynolds
    Lucy Reynolds says:

    I love my flower gardens. One of my favorite flowers are wild violets. I already receive your newsletter. Blessings

  38. Tami
    Tami says:

    I’m on your mailing list.
    My favorite flower is pink lilies.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  39. Laurie
    Laurie says:

    I love flowers. My grandmother always had a variety growing, especially lilac’s and irises. Subscribed to your newsletter.

  40. Grace M. Morris
    Grace M. Morris says:

    Your book looks cool. Favorite flower…. I love flowers picking a favorite is so hard! I like snapdragons. I subscribed to your newsletter.

  41. Candy
    Candy says:

    I’ve already been on your newsletter list. My favorite flowers are freesias. They smell so good!

  42. Karen
    Karen says:

    Hi Carrie! I received your email in regards to this contest thus morning. ? My favorite flower is the Gardenia. It had a beautiful scent.

  43. Catherine Lemanski
    Catherine Lemanski says:

    I have always love peonies and look forward to early spring when they bloom. I am a subscriber of your newsletter.

  44. Crystal Balzer
    Crystal Balzer says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! I am already a subscriber. My favorite flower is the lily, specifically the stargazer lily!

  45. laura mccullough
    laura mccullough says:

    Flowers are gorgeous reminders of God’s creativity, and I love them all. Anything red or orange or yellow – gerbera daisies are lovely. And I love peonies!

  46. CutePolarBear
    CutePolarBear says:

    I’m subscribed to your newsletter and I would love to enter! I really enjoy reading historical fiction. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!


    • CutePolarBear
      CutePolarBear says:

      Also, my favorite flowers may be yellow dandelions. They are so pretty, and it takes no work on my part to watch them grow!

  47. Juanita Decuir
    Juanita Decuir says:

    I hope I made the giveaway on time, had difficulties posting, proving I am not a robot and recovering webpage that I gave up until something told me to try again, so, here I am, gave my e-mail to all the authors participating and Commented…hoping all was posted…thanks for the chance!…blessings to ALL.

  48. Mary E. Massey
    Mary E. Massey says:

    I’m excited to see a new author that I will be trying/reading books from! Julie Classen told me to come here !

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